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  1. Hey fishy, if this was your first mix , then you've had Plenty of time to re-record it and not make it sound like poop. No excuses man. Voices was released almost 4 years ago. That's plenty of time if you did this song before that. And Level 99, It doesn't matter how hard anyone works on anything, if the end product sucks. It sucks. And if the judges are inconsistent and do terrible judging work of what "is" and what "isn't" good enough. Then that's what it is. It's not the first time. The SAME standards for Rock tracks should be held the same as all the electronic songs and acoustic songs. There is 0 reason for the production quality to be this low on any of the rock songs i've heard on this album. Which is all of them. Especially this song considering who made it. So, personally, i'm just going to delete all of the rock songs and keep everything else because there is a HUGE discrepancy in quality between these.
  2. Hah, well I don't have a site, and I do post a lot about goings on about music on facebook so Xp

    Here's the link


  3. Couldn't agree more. Especially compared to Omnislash, which BLEW MY MIND when I first heard it. Now fishy is like , Really obvious programmed bass that doesn't sound as good as the Pgmd Bs in OS, and really cheap sounding guitars and drums. It's missing lush and full color in the song until 2:20. And then bottom end is out with the synths finally adding some nice flavor, which just freakin turns the tables around And production quality on "Game on" anything but the Gb synth is mediocre.
  4. Would my facebook count/work?

  5. Yes, but sadly I do not get on very often

  6. I am digging this a lot! I will admit I pretty much despise the Commodore64/NES/Famicom soundtrack. But I do very much like this remix of them a lot!
  7. Yikes man, I pretty much did the same and I still have the other HDD installed in this new PC as well. Why?, I don't know haha. At least I didn't have to worry about my external 1TB that had a ton of music related stuff on it. I could just plug it in
  8. Just so it's known, I am working on Finishing my last track. I've gotta plan out an overhaul on the production(for the 3rd time) , look at some other materials for references and then i'll clean it up. It would've been done by now but it's been a busy holiday season for me and I just built a new PC and i've been spending a lot of time re-installing my 250 GB+ worth of data from XP to 7(Over half of that is just VSTi/samples/Raw recorded files for songs) So, i'll do my best to get on that ASAP
  9. I listen to this often guys! Every track is great minus Sixto's (The reason being mostly because he dicked around with the harmony/melody structure too much, resulting in it being hard to enjoy the song very much) And it's very , VERY rare that in the nearly 10 years i've been listening to music from OCR that I've liked an album this much. A job well done gentlemen. I post a link to it on my facebook once in a while so people know about it! ~BONKERS from DoD
  10. Where is it < yarg i must are have an album!!!!
  11. Sorry I'm not aware of The private forums . Is it KNGI ?
  12. Ohai there guys. I have a Concept for my Track that I did a month or so ago. But i'm not going to be able to work on it much until I get a New Microphone and Midi Cable for my Keyboardz. Plus IRL situation isn't terribly great atm. So here is the small concept WIP of my Track which is going to be 80's Style Rock. Gated Reverb Drums and all Xp (Note however the quality of this WIP is very , very ,very,very very BAD) (I literally did it in less than 20 minutes) http://www.sendspace.com/file/un1v16 Expect awesome Vocal harmonies with Demonstray and lots'o'Chessy synth
  13. Ha, That's the Exact Song I was going to do for "DoD Rare Month" a few months ago but never got around to it lol. Of course I wanted to do it in a more heavy rock way. But Carb's Punk Is always welcome. I quite love all of his songs
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