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  1. There a lot of remixes for those games out there in the wild. Just not a lot here. Guilty Gear's soundtrack for example pretty much sounds perfect the way it is (at least IMO) and so that may deter some people from arranging it. Same with stuff like Soul Calibur/Blade, that stuff is primarily pretty much Orchestral heavy that makes it harder to arrange without it being overly conservative (Plus again personally, it's one of those soundtracks that just sounds so perfect the way it is that I don't feel inclined to try my hand at ruining the music by remixing it other than to just make a 1:1 better sounding version. Which would be preferrably live, but unlikely to happen and something that wouldn't pass at OCR if it was too 1:1) With Killer Instinct, i've seen a lot of remixes of music from this game over the years, I wouldn't really consider remixing because I was never really too fond of the game. (Plus it's being done for the new KI game. And well it's pretty hard to top that ha )Tekken - The older games (Pre-3) are certainly arrangement worthy. I haven't played them since the 90's so personally at least i've never really thought much about remixing them. Though it is something I will consider in the future King of Fighters, i've heard a lot of remixes of music from this series too over the years. I never really had much time to play a lot of this series, and i've never really been exposed to a ton of the music but after listening to a lot of it at a glance again. Pretty much everything Pre- KOF XI is very arrangable/remixable (I even just basically told a friend of mine to Remix a specific song from one of these and sub it here) Capcom vs.. - A lot of the earlier Cvs games simply had tunes from Capcom character's previous games. I never had the opportunity to ever really play any of the Capcom Vs SNK games back in the day except for SNK vs Capcom Chaos and only briefly. Listening to them now, they are certainly very remixable though SvC2 is borderline in that regard because it's already so good/complex sounding to begin with. Gundam Battle Assault, I loved this game back in the day. I haven't heard the soundtrack in nearly 10 years though. Listening to it now it's very great (Just as good if not better than Gundam Wing Endless Duel). But the quality is already very good to begin with. So that makes arranging it a lot more difficult based on what one would want to do with the tunes. Personally, I like to keep the original feeling as much as possible. But I mean, I could for example probably make a laid back jazz'y remix of this tune. But I feel that may be pushing it too far into overly liberal territory. Which is a difficult line to walk for someone like me at least. Some tunes though are very remixable due to the somewhat lower quality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4A1zjKRMh8 Dragon Ball Z budokai's sound quality and arrangement quality IMO are already perfect and there's not much will to arrange any of the tunes beyond a cover for me personally. Plus there's the whole Kenji Yamamoto Plagarism Controversy, don't know how that would or if it could affect the ability to remix his music. Because he did the majority of Dragon Ball Game music from the early 90's until the late 2000's. Cheers, my 2-cents that probably mean nothing. Hopefully if anything it will cause some to say "that's not unremixable to me!" and then do it or chime in with their own two cents. And to add irony, I did a Street Fighter Alpha remix last year that is still waiting to be posted hah....
  2. Oh my god. This did all the right things for me. I adore soundscapes soooooo muuuuchhh:oops:
  3. Just because women have had to deal with it in real life doesn't make it any less Ok with Video Games, that it's not OK to be upset about how men are portrayed. (Which is just as wildly varying as women. Yet people only focus on a few examples and only pick out the ones that are offensive rather than commending the ones that portray them the way they supposedly WANT to be portrayed) Saying that in itself sounds extremely sexist. And borderline apologist. Context or No Context. These are pieces of fiction and fantasy, NOT real life. And there is a VERY clear distinction between reality and fantasy/fiction/video games.
  4. I was thinking about getting the Rock Band drum kit just to use as a set of MIDI drums. How well does it work?
  6. For anyone who likes watching a piano roll
  7. Hah here's the old early version with too many bland chiptunes(And looking back on it he was totally right! They weren't different enough for the idea I originally was going for. Which was for it to evolve from sound chip to sound chip. Mind you this was over 3 years ago now when I had this idea ha) https://www.box.com/s/nkd6s8xkkejpulie49lx
  8. Awesome picture haha. Thank you guys. Also: DoD?!. Yeah I hope to get back to that maybe sometime. Someday.
  9. aha great timing guys. 2 days before my birthday. And almost 2 years since I finished it. I hope people can enjoy this song. If I could go back and change anything I would change nothing but that Osc A+B Sync lead. That was a terrible choice in hindsight haha:mrgreen: ALSO: Bonk's Adventure. I SHALL DOTH IT. Eventually. P.S. Here's a fun tip, at the non-tonic ending when the synths all kick in the chord progression/notes are another reference to Gurgu Volcano. I forgot to put that in my write up. Just try humming the melody to the chorus of that song. Duh duh dah dah Da De da De da do daaaaa d-d-daaaa.
  10. WHAT THE HELL?!. No David Hayter? PS3 and 360 ONLY? This game's graphics have too much potential to be brought down and held back by these systems.(If they made this a PS4 launch title it would be LITERALLY THE SYSTEM SELLER. Why hype up your engine all this much and then go "Lol PS3 and 360 only! even though we are running the game currently on PC! Derp!") And SERIOUSLY, it's WAY too early for Big Boss's voice to be changing to be similar to how it was in MGS4(A person's voice shouldn't change that drastically anyway), I hope when they introduce David(Solid Snake) again they dont' change his voice actor too.... Also Big Boss has a robotic hand before Metal Gear 1? At least that's not a major retcon David has played Solid Snake and Big Boss for over 15 years. You can't be fucking seriously thinking people will NOT have a problem with that. I've never seen another actor know the very incredible subtleties of playing two characters that are the same yet completely 100% different.(Personality wise among other things)
  11. I don't care what any of you say. This remix is amazing! And I thought the violin was fine. At least it was real, while still being better than 99.9999% of the best programmed sampled Violin out there. I didn't find the intro out of place at all either. But i'm weird. So whatever lol.
  12. Lol the end "FISH" Is that what it says? Definitely not my cup of tea when it comes to the vocals. But I really liked the synths in there.
  13. I was just listening to this again and it's SOOO GOOD. Man the improvements are just insanely awesome. The soundscape and vibes it gives off are incredible. <3:nicework:
  14. I wouldn't call it crappy, but it's still a decent emulation of the real thing. Sounds even better in some ways haha. I have a very soft spot in me for synth/sampled guitar used by a lot of Japanese remixers personally.
  15. This is understandable and I partially agree(With everything but the snare. That's probably the one thing in the song that I think turned out fine) The way the songs tie together hasn't always been my favorite part of the song and is one of things I'd like to improve if I did a new version of the song with just TFIV being the source.(Since this was for DoD) When you put something together really quickly, don't always have time to look back on everything with a fine tooth comb.
  16. Looking back there are a few minor things I could improve on in this song. But it's held up well for something I did in like 10-14 days for Magfest X. I'm thinking of doing an entire Thunder Force IV arrange album someday and if I do I will definitely revisit this song and make an entirely new version or make this one even better. Hope you guys can enjoy!
  17. http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/3kzj5om0va/ff2_tomaown.mp3 Preview
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