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  1. 4th! Oh that's agonizingly close! At least it was by 12 points, would be more painful if it were by a point or two. I'm so happy with that 4th place really though, I knew it would be extremely difficult to make the top three after hearing all the entries, so big congratulations to XPRTNovice, DDRKirby, Rexy and Sole Signal! And of course well done to everyone else, loads of enjoyable entries, and a big thanks to Zircon
  2. Really? I found there were more than just 2 good ones, yeah there were bad ones, but the majority were pretty enjoyable at the least. Oh well each to their own! I've voted now, good luck to everyone!
  3. Hey Firgof, just wanted to let you know I sent you a private message with some examples of my work
  4. Man this is great, only just checked out the first track so far, but it's right up my street!
  5. I went to see it last week in 2d (i've never been impressed by 3d, especially the increased price) and whilst I definitely enjoyed the film, I didn't feel as amazed by it as others have been saying. Really impressed by the action though, glad that the final set piece wasn't over way too quick, like in Iron Man 1 and 2 for example. Still I do recommend going to see it!
  6. I'm definitely entering this, but I can't make up my mind what to pick! Anyway, should be fun, looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with
  7. Just thought I'd also share that the full soundtrack, by Liam and myself, is now available for free at http://soundcloud.com/hd1films/sets/man-still-remains-full
  8. Hey everyone! You may remember sometime ago I posted this thread (http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37180) looking for people to record short lines for a film I was working on. Well, finally, here's the finished film Many thanks to all those of you that sent in recordings, I've tried to use all of you, if you've been used you have been credited as an additional voice in the first scene (many apologies to anyone that sent in a recording that wasn't used, and also apologies to those of you that showed interest but never heard back from me...) So the film: 'Set in the aftermath of a major crisis that left the world almost uninhabitable, Man Still Remains follows one man, confined to life wearing a gas mask, as he scavenges his way through survival finding ways to cope and cling to sanity.' It was created by just three of us, Myself (Music for the second half of the film, and sound recording/sound post-production), Matt Cochrane (camera work, visual editting and visual effects) and Liam Grindell (additional camera work, music for the first half of the film, and sound recording/sound post-production) all on a budget of just £80. If anyone's interested we can be found on twitter @hd1films, and hopefully the full soundtrack should be available for free very soon! Hope you like it, and if you do we'd be very grateful to any of you that like it enough to share it (shameless self promotion i know)
  9. It's not a bad start, some nice sounds. I just feel it needs more impact and needs to build that half beat dubstep feel. Maybe try adding a nice full power kick and a big reverberant snare alternately on the 1st and 3rd beats of the bar (that's assuming you're already at a tempo around 135bpm?) I say just start with that if that all makes sense and see how it evolves from there?
  10. My soundcloud is in my sig if anyone wants to check out some of my stuff. I'm not looking to get hundreds upon hundreds of followers, I'd much rather have genuine followers who like my music, so yeah if you like my stuff please follow me and I will check out your tracks, just not into this follow someone and hope they'll follow you back business.
  11. Hmmm very odd...I've not come across that at all before, it doesn't make sense, as you say, the midi map is just a different way to view the piano roll. I've just quickly plyed around changing a number of my tracks from piano roll to drum map and vice-versa and it's made no change to any of my tracks. That all being said I don't use kontact so it sounds like it must be that which for some unknown reason just doesn't like the drum map, stupid as it sounds that can be the only reason (at least the only one i can think of so far). I think you'll just have to program your drums in the piano roll, slightly more annoying and time consuming, but not an unworkable issue. EDIT: Ah! Just had a thought! the drum map sometimes doesn't account for the notes lengths, i.e. treats every midi note as a staccato burst (if that makes sense) some of kontact's samples may need their notes to be held for a little bit in order to hear them, i.e. the drum map is playing the notes so sharply/briefly/quickly that it's not giving the samples a chance to play fully, perhaps? If this is what is going on i think again you'll just have to put up with programming in the piano roll
  12. Personally I love doing my drum tracks in Cubase, but at the end of the daye it's all about personal preference. There's no wrong way to create music as long as it works for you, I use Cubase, Ableton and Logic because I find I prefer different features in each of them. Ultimately if you get the results you want it doesn't matter how you went about doing it.
  13. Am I correct in thinking my Metamorphosis WIP is also due for Feb 1st?
  14. I'm in for this if you'll have me, not been involved in a project yet. Any chance I can get Metamorphosis?
  15. It's because of this track that I found OCRemix so I thought it was about time to sings it's praises. I still listen to this track today and still love the dark undertones, the stereo delay on the drums making the complex rhythms and how it keeps the familiar vibe of the original whilst still being something new. Love it
  16. No one's picked up on where 'Get Ready" is from? I'm very disappointed
  17. Sounding good to me! I love the new feel this gives to Snake Eater, shame the vocals are such low quality at the moment, I'm looking forward to hearing this with Claire's voice, I'll try and give a more in depth critique when the new vocals are in, but for now I'd say it's SOLID (pun fully intended) Incidentally, was anyone else aware that the 'Konami logo sound' was actually taken from the Policenauts soundtrack?
  18. hey, sorry it's taken a while to get to you, do you still want a line or two for this short film?

  19. Hey sorry it's taken a while to get to you, do you still want a line or two for this short film?

  20. Glad you like it! At 27 seconds you can hear the 'Yaaatatatattaaaaaa!' from chop chop, and in the same section i also sampled the 'kick' and 'chop', they're quick, but they're in there
  21. Hey, got a new track i thought i'd share http://soundcloud.com/jack-lewis/not-ready It samples: Ellie Goulding - Your Biggest Mistake Paul Anka - Wonderwall Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Parappa the Rappa - Chop Chop Master Onion Daft Punk - Robot Rock Benny Benassi - Satisfaction Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant Zone Speak and Spell Hope you like it!
  22. Hey, reckon you could do these lines for us?:




    It just needs to be spoken in a professional, newsreader like tone, said in your usual accent.

    If possible i'd like the files sent to me at jack_lewis13@hotmail.com as a 24bit .wav at 48k sample rate, and i'm assuming you want to be credited as Brandon Strader?

    Hope that's all ok, please message me any questions you might have anytime.

    Thanks so much for doing this!


  23. Hey, sorry only just saw your reply about the voice over lines, are you still up for a line or two?

  24. Hey, sorry only just saw your reply about the voice over lines, are you still up for a line or two?

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