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  1. Well FF7 seems to be getting a fair amount of attention on this board recently so I thought I'd join in, seeing as I'm currently playing through it again and I've also treated myself to a brand new imac (goodbye crappy old vista laptop!) So here's my track then It's mostly Mako reactor with a bit of the Shinra Theme So, critiques please! Let me know what you like, but especially what you don't like and what you'd change!
  2. Just submitted my track for the contest, so now we play the waiting game...

  3. I'm giving nothing away But yeah definately looking forward to hearing yours!
  4. Yeah and I'm like two thirds of the way to finishing my mix, so i'm happy to keep things as they are. It turns out Bomb Man and Heat Man mix together rather wonderfully for me
  5. Hey, how you feeling about Bubble Man Vs. Wind Man? Looking forward to see what you come up with

  6. In that case I feel truly special that I'm number 000, I'm outside of the system man! Sig is great, good work!
  7. I'm really liking this, I've picked Quickman as my first choice for GRMRB and seem to be the only one who has him as their first choice, so hopefully I won't tread on any of your ideas when I do my version. As I said I am really enjoying this, my main complaint though is the first lead (the one that's used at first from :34 to 1:02) it just seems a bit underwhelming and a bit lifeless given the energy of the backing. I think just using a bit of vibrato on it could work wonders. That really is my only complaint with this though, I love the hard hitting sound of the drums and the overall soundscape, and from 3:00 onwards, genius!
  8. Sorry but i'm really against this seeding idea, surely random is the fairest way to do this, just nice blind randomness. I would honestly feel this competition would be cheapened if it were done any other way. Sorry to make my point twice.
  9. Personally i'm against this, i'm always against seeding things, i'm excited for the thrill of the matchings. Everyone loves an underdog, and i think a begginer would learn more and could even up their game going up against a veteran. Hey, you might even beat one of the big guns, imagine how great you'd feel then!
  10. Drums were definatley the hardest part of this, trying to get a decent snare and crash sound just from subtractive synthesis is very tricky. I could use samples, but I'd rather keep up the challenge of just using the DS-10 and Monotron. I'll give the drums another shot and see if i can improve them at all.
  11. Nice! Thanks for letting me know, I've entered, very excited for this!

  12. If you'll have me in in! 1. Quick Man 2. Hard Man 3. Bomb Man 4. Gyro Man 5. Grenade Man
  13. First off, this is just a bit of fun, so don't take it too seriously, but I thought I'd share it none the less. All sounds are from The Korg DS-10 and my Korg Monotron, it turned out to be a lot more time consuming then normal working methods, but was also pretty fun, and I'd reccommend people to try the same. Enjoy! Source:
  14. I've always thought the chorus of the and the intro to Robotnik's Theme sounded very similar.On a funny side note, a few years ago I saw the Noisettes as a support act and the girl was singing to a huge arena crowd with her flies down, it was so funny when she realised and did a sly turn around and zip back up again.
  15. I recently bought a used Gran Turismo 4 for £3, very good deal considering how much time i've put into it so far and im still yet to hit the 20% completion mark
  16. I know you said you use dblue and it doesnt quite do what you want it to, but what exactly makes it unwieldy for retriggering? Can't you just set it to contantly retrigger, then simply bypass dblue until you want the retriggering to happen? Or am I not following what you're wanting to do with the retriggering?
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys, I've tried to take it all into mind with Version 3 The main changes are mostly just trying to add more variation by drastically changing the soundscape in a couple of the sections and trying to fill out those mids where i could.
  18. Sounds more like Terra's theme from FFVI to me
  19. Sorry to double post, but version 2 is now up I decided to go for some fully mechanical sounds, so it's got a pretty heavy, industrial feel to it. Again, let me know what you think of it. Thanks
  20. For quantising to work, you've really got to be playing along with a click track, or anything that is definately on the beat of what you're playing. Playing in time is a crucial (i would say THE most crucial) musical skill. From your point of view quantising will only work if you played something close to the beat, if you were playing something way off beat and out of time quantising will never work as it only snaps each note to the nearest beat division, it won't magically put things in time for you. So if you haven't been doing so already make sure you're playing along to a click track or otherwise a steady beat, this will not only help your timing, but also help you understand time signatures too
  21. So here's the first draft of my latest track, and it's another from Sonic 2. It's alot more slower paced that my other work, as always let me know what you like, but more importantly what you don't like and what you would change. and Version 2: and although I doubt many people need it, here's the source: Any comments very much appreciated!
  22. If you mean this one then yes! I second this! I would give it a go myself if i weren't so busy with other work
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