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  1. Ah great thanks, I sent you a message with the details.
  2. So I've been working on this recently: http://tindeck.com/listen/gzbi which is a remix of a track from an old DOS game by Apogee, 'Bio Menace' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgP9YH0g7eE (20 seconds onwards) I plan on co-submitting this with whoever helps me, i've got the rest of it done, but I can't play guitar very much at all... So for the first time here i'm looking to collaborate with anyone who would be interested in being my guitarist. I'm leaving it largely up to you what you want to do with it (the guitar i've added is just some general, badly played, ideas). I would like the main guitar solo to play between 1:32 and 2:05, but I'm encouraging anyone interested to really make the guitar part their own, so if you want to steal the show somewhere else go for it, add as many guitar parts as you feel necessary, I just want that live feel to it. The track is in Gm and at 119bpm if you wanted to jam along or anything for now, but if you're genuinely interested message me and we'll discuss things.
  3. Personally I'm a Cubase and sometimes a Logic user, and I too have wondered if fruity loops is really that dominant with the users here? This is the only place where i seem to hear people talking about it as one of the main daws.
  4. Liberi Fatali - FF8, still haven't heard a more (edit) ASTRONOMIC (that's better) opening track for a soundtrack
  5. By my time, he posted the early morning of april first so i'll let him have it. I had my suspitions that this was a joke, but was scared it would hurt your feelings if i came out and said 'Oh! It's clearly an april fools cos it's shit!' When it was actually a genuine piece of work. In short well done, at the very least you had me doubting my judgement. PAAAAAARRRRRRPPPPP!
  6. I've had mine since October and it's shown no sign of needing a battery change any time soon, it takes 2 AAA's
  7. No presets, it's just a basic, small analogue synth, 1 oscillator, 1 LFO (assignable to either pitch or cut-off) and a low pass filter. It also has an aux input so you can plug any sound source into it, using it as an external filter unit, that's handy in itself even without the synthesis part. But yes it is hard to play melodies on the small keyboard and does have a variable pitch knob so basically it can be tuned and detuned. I use mine more for making sounds rather than melodies. Still extremely good value, I strongly reccommend them
  8. I keep mine constantly next to my computer, it's like a synthesiser stress ball to me, incredibly fun to play with, and i have used it in some of my tracks a few times. Can't believe you didn't link to the brett domino video though
  9. Zone of the Enders 2 for me everytime, everything about it is such a big improvement from the first one (which was pretty good itself)
  10. Ah yeah i'm so excited! It's thanks to critiques and advice from yourself and all the others on here that I've managed to improve in the last yeah so much to get something accepted on here :D

  11. Oh come on, that's just shameful, at least give him a decent critique before hijacking his thread... Anyway, back to you data. I like these remixes, they're fun to listen to for the most part. For now i'll just focus on your Dr Wily Mix. My main criticism is that it just sounded a bit dated (although I understand that may very well be the sound you were going for so ignore it in that case) not that retro is bad, but it would be great to hear this with some bigger, newer and more exciting synth sounds. Also I feel the drums get slightly forgotten about in this mix, they tend to get a bit repetitive, also i'd like to hear the kick drum have a bit more prominance, that may just be me though. But yeah, I definately did really enjoy this retro sound, so it's a well done from me.
  12. It's been a couple of weeks so i Thought i'd come back with Version 4: Trying to take all the advice given the main changes i've made was giving to kick drum more punch and making the hats less dry, and added a low filtered arpeggiating synth for texture at some points. Bt there have also been more changes to the productions here and there. I'm changing this to mod review as i'd like to know how close to submission everyone thinks it is. Thanks!
  13. Version 2 Here as Promised: (ok technically it's V3, I never posted V2) I've tried to follow as much of the advice previously given, except for Gario's ideas for vocals, sadly I'm no vocalist, so maybe if i am going to do it in the future it'll have to be a collab with someone. Again, any and all views are encouraged and welcomed before I work on V4 and/or put this up for Mod Review. Cheers. Oh, and terribly sorry, but the blip is gone
  14. Cool, thanks for the detailed feedback guys very helpful indeed, glad you're all enjoying it so far. I'll be sure take all of your views to mind when I'm altering the production, so hopefully you'll hear a much improved version 2 in the coming week! Now for those interested in how I did that chiptune sections, it's basically 3 lofi synths all running though a glitch plug-in that is set to micro-cut up the audio, to make that glitchy, jerky stuttering sound. Anyway, yeah lookout for updates sometime this week.
  15. Well here's my attempt at remixing Sonic 2's Chemical Zone, I normally post a link to the source, but I doubt there's many people here that don't know it. As this is just the first version it's still rough around the edges (ignore the blip right at the very start), but i'm pretty happy with the arrangement and the general sound of it so far. So as always any feedback, what you like/don't like about it, what you would change, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  16. As a teenager i was in a band with some friends, called 'the signs', it was later changed to 'the synes', then we made 'the anti-synes' which was basically purposefully bad, comedy electronic music. So when it came to making my own electronic music i just took the singular of the anti-synes In short: The Signs -> The Synes -> The Anti-Synes -> Anti-Syne
  17. Nope, definately not necessary at all (well not an external one), not sure why that was suggested in the first place. Just listen to what the others have been saying about EQing and giving each instrument a specific place in the mix
  18. My Personal favourite The sheer time and effort that must have gone into flanging it, Wowzers
  19. Is it possible for you to find a better host for this other than youtube (like tindeck or soundcloud)? I'm really liking the arrangement, but I can't give an accurate critique of the production when it's on youtube, too much compression and all that. Maybe it's because I don't have an account on it, but I couldn't see anything on your reverbnation page either
  20. So this started out as an original rather than a remix, but then for some reason Gwen got added to it (i'm not even a fan of the original, but, it just fitted), and this is the result: http://soundcloud.com/jack-lewis/hollaback-girl-jack-lewis-mix
  21. That theme used to make me want to leave the airship as little as possible, I could happily fly around with the Highwind theme, but then as soon as I had to get out I got all depressed
  22. Currently working on a heavy electronic remix of Hollaback Girl, not too sure why I picked that one really...
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3foYMf9m1Q Oh deary deary me... This is why i dont post any music on youtube anymore, it seems like if something isn't a midi rip everyone hates it. That fact that it currently has 31 likes and 0 dislikes disappoints me greatly. Perhaps i'm being harsh, i just expected alot more.
  24. I seriously hope it's nothing like this, I'm so sick of Square Enix doing 'by the way' sort of story telling, where they just add on plot points that are totally unnecessary and clearly not part of of the original plot, i.e. Dissidia's plot, FFIV: The After years, and every part of the FFVII sequels/prequels they've done to death.
  25. 2P mode is definatley in need of a metal remix i reckon
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