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  1. I saw this first but I have nothing to offer. Congratulations to somebody else
  2. Finally saw it, liked it. The credit sequence actually sticks out in my mind most, so well done. It wasn't the grand slam I was hoping it would be, but I still loved it and so did my brother.
  3. I make chiptune hybrid things. I wanna make epic electro. how do.
  4. That sounds so COOL. Maybe not for professionals but for effing around and having fun, this could spark some unexpected creative awesomeness.
  5. Excellent! I posted in your thread but I'm wondering.. how come you don't post releases in the Community forum? You'd get a little more exposure there.

  6. Yay, been waiting! Have to ask, which ones sample Naoshi Mizuta and from what source? He's my absolute favorite VG musician. Strangely, track 3 is one of my favorites. Your style makes gloomy sound dark and soothing. Track 2 has great energy too. Give me a week so I can pay what you deserve. Great work, as expected, and nice album art. You, halc, and bLiNd are OCR's triumvirate of sound, as far as my ears are concerned.
  7. Shirt-ripping punches... <_> Yeah, I... kind of enjoyed that? I'm curious enough to bookmark the next episode. That womanizer dude was hilarious, and the way they blatantly poke fun at oversexualized anime is a kick. It's in the junk food entertainment category for me though. The geek equivalent of Jersey Shore mayhaps?
  8. Me and my brother really want to go, if anyone needs more people for a group. I'm 22, he's 17, not big party people, though I will probably drink. He will not. Obviously.
  9. Zombie Dumbledore... nah, Banjo-Kazooie again.
  10. SuperBrothers EP has fantastic music. Hated the game, but OST is up there among my all-time favorites.
  11. Yoshi's Story was weird because the atmosphere like.. creeped me out. It was pretty damn ambitious and good though. Even if it's not a personal favorite, I don't see how it can be called awful. Also Nuts and Bolts is still not a bad game. I'll probably reiterate that each time I post here.
  12. MOONSTONE CANNON FIRE!! There goes one! While I'm reloading.. FFXI is probably the only game I've ever felt fully immersed in. It was the godfather of all grindfests, yeah but.. different strokes I suppose. It just felt meaningful regardless of the grinding. Plus, you know, mithras.
  13. My freak brain loves that whole game so much :[ Oook, but those aren't truly part of the series. Plus they're just really depressing to talk about.
  14. I guess SMS is very polarizing, kind of like Wind Waker. I think the problem with SMS was that Nintendo had to reinvent Mario 64 in an era where "the platformer" felt very dated. It didn't have the spark of Galaxy, where the whole idea of a platformer was twisted around by the mechanics of outer space.
  15. It can go either way depending on the game's design. I shouldn't have said "inherently", that's wrong. But more to the point, a game's difficulty isn't everyone's parameter for judging how good a game is. I just use difficult games to build my self-esteem, so I tend to enjoy them more. For me, games are more of self-actualization tool instead of an entertainment source. Haha, joking. Totally.. joking... mmhm where are my pills
  16. I would say so, yes, just because 2D games are prone to higher difficulty being limited to two axes. I also acknowledge people play games differently and 2D may feel more natural to some (I didn't game much during that era) Haha, yeah I WILL END YOUUUUUUU Haha, yeah
  17. I would argue SMS is the least challenging Mario game out there. I remember one world I really liked with these chain chomps and mazes, that was hard and pretty fun, but most of the time I slid along pretty effortlessly. And, you know.. that "final boss", if you can call it that.
  18. Jax you make good threads. Super Mario Sunshine is awful, FF13 did nothing for me, and AC: Wild World was a huuuuuge disappointment for me. After Wild World, I knew the series contracted Pokemon syndrome.. it's the same game. Someone will put Nuts and Bolts in this list when it doesn't deserve it. EDIT: Haha, I just read your first post. Called it!
  19. If you or anyone else finds an HQ version available somewhere, update us with a post please. I want a good recording of this one way or another.
  20. Yeah good point. The students I know said they aren't sure, but they'll get back to me. If I go, I'm gonna see if I can set up a really good audio and video recording. That routine deserves it.
  21. *throws a chair* I will never buy a Squeenix product again!
  22. I didn't know they were doing this! I could've gone to that game :[
  23. Yep, those are all the best FFXI songs, except Vanadiel March. That one's "ehh." Actually they need to add Heaven's Tower and Stargazing ASAP.
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