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  1. Dude, That was pretty sick! still prefer KC though... and I'm still waiting for a cool Arthur cover.
  2. Dagger Flute. loner, but gets all the chicks. i think you mean trombones.
  3. Not saying that I'm not open to any covers, but I still have yet to find an arrangement that tops these originals: If someone has found covers that top these please enlighten me.
  4. Slipknot "wait and bleed"(the first 20 seconds are enough to get a good laugh for the day): Creed sheds?
  5. original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqah1rucyRg cover:
  6. yo, your Robotnik beat is pretty tight man!

  7. well, I dig it but I have a feeling most listeners will just see it as a typical crazy techno song unless they appreciate the Vectorman soundtrack and they are critiquing this based on nostalgia. I like the middle the most [because that was my favorite theme from the game], but the transitions are kind of boring. I hope some more seasoned people can give you some pointers because the only thing that really bothers me is the weak bass (I've got my subwoofers on max, mane, and I ain't gettin any punches at all:<).
  8. :tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface::tomatoface:: a bunch of tomato faces just to get your attention with X1. I too have recently upgraded to X1 and for a while and I've had a crap load of latency issues so far. For a while I couldn't record more than 2 MIDI tracks (soft synths) without getting clicks and pops. I played around with the buffers and using different drivers, but eventually I had to just upload to X1A (and of course all the later updates/fixes). Guitar Rig works PERFECTLY now for me (and I use my ASIO driver by the way). Depending on your computer, I'd say you should see if your processors(s) work fine with the ASIO driver because X1 seems to run best at that, but otherwise you might be another one of the plethora of X1 victims who just need to download the quick fixes and updates. Guitar Rig shouldn't affect latency in the way that you're describing.
  9. I always save the best for last... therefore I usually record bass lines last.
  10. T-pain gets mad respect from me. it's a shame that most people wank to his auto-tune skills but are oblivious to his sick chords and smart lyrics or even the few songs that he raps on (which usually never get played on radio). third. rest in beats, still rocking Modal Soul as I drive to and from work. concerning Blueprint: oh yeah, I can dig it. It doesn't fit the "format." lmao... it's just bullshit as usual.
  11. ooooohhhh man. My father and I still debate about recording methods because he prefers to use physical hardware (mixing boards, preamps, etc.) and I prefer to use mostly [or completely] digital equipment. I'll do some more research on these because these might be beneficial to my amateur turntabling recording setup! Thank you very much. thank you VERY much. that made it very clear. it seems like a "duh" thing to everybody else, but [obviously with my earlier posts] I had no idea that compressors could be of anymore use other than adding more meat to percussion and lead vocals. headed to the lab right now for some experiments.
  12. seconded. It would be nice to hear a demo from someone with the magic touch. Hey everybody, regardless of what soundfonts you have I think this is an EXCELLENT save. I have Sonar x1 so I already have Garritan, but if you can get all this for $5 what are you waiting for? it's not mind-blowing, but as somebody earlier in this thread said, it is about 800 MB of sounds for five bucks. Plus, I waited just one day to actually purchase a laptop for about $399. The very next day (when I paid for it) the price rose to $499 (plus tax and shipping). SO GET IT NOW!
  13. Longtime Sonic tool here (yes, I referred to my own self as a tool, but that's because if I didn't like a new game that I was trying I would immediately go race through a level in Sonic for comparison). My cousin bought a gamecube and several games for me when I was in middleschool (I believe about 7-8 years ago. I lost count). I haven't beaten Jedi Outcast until last Winter; man, the light has never been brighter. Hallo and CoD and all those FPS were boring but after Jedi Outcast I've come to be more interested in them instead of solely just platforms. but that's just moi. --------------------------------- hey on topic with the judges decisions. Did anyone go over to the link to read the pdf Transcript of the Hearing? http://xbox360movies.ign.com/xbox360/document/article/113/1131578/supremecourt.pdf It's very interesting (I'm wrapping up page 31 right now) but I thought I'd share a nice quote from one of the judges: "JUSTICE ALITO: Well, I think what Justice Scalia wants to know is what James Madison thought about video games." there was laughter after, it doesn't tell how much. I feel sorry for Morrazzini (I don't know if he's the defendant or the plaintiff or whatever) because it seems like each of the Judges are avid fans of CoD. Read the transcript. There are several times when they each take turns verbally humiliating him; but I can understand why... I guess. Anyways, I do agree that there is a big difference in cheering The Terminator on screen and actually controlling him yourself in a video-game, but this seems more like a parenting issue rather than a legal epidemic.
  14. I don't have experience, I just have the advice from former mentors and those who have walked down that road. but it seems to me (as of now) you'll either be gigging around (if you like performing guitar as much as playing), taking the hard, lonely road as a freelance producer (fun, but EVERYONE that has given me advice from that has said that it takes a ton of willpower and responsibility, and a bit of luck), or a combination of the both. and it depends on if you're finally bored of college or if you'd like to take a few more years of learning music in school. I think you should try to get as many connections as you can while still in college (don't be a mooching, freeloading, leech. Nobody likes those types of interns). My brother has recently got immersed into the Jazz scene and he's been nominated by his school for several Jazz camps and concerts and stuff. Before, he was thinking about music production, but now he might focus his career path on music performance; so maybe you need a bit more thinking time (and connections, as stated above). in short, learn and make as many connections as much as you can, or just make a senseless one hit wonder pop hit so your career can be set for at least 2 years.
  15. well, it does make sense. but how come---say for instance, one of the popular mixes on OCR where it's obvious that the panning and the surround mixing is all over the place (in a good way)---when I listen to other people's music I don't hear a radical change? I'm saying that when I mix surround my minivan sound system sounds holy, my boombox sounds weak (even with the so-called "bass-boost"), my headphones sound glorious, but on sites like Youtube it sounds like things I find before flushing the toilet? Youtube has bad quality in general, but I'm asking what could I possibly be doing wrong that makes my mixes sound so different in varying sound systems? yeah... I've lived that story several times at live shows and I don't even have know anybody personally that cares much for Home sound systems nowadays. It's usually all about headphones or vehicle sub-woofers (at least, where I live). as I trumpet player, my biggest effects turn-off is when people use the Chris Botti-amount of reverb/delay on Trumpet sounds.... FOR THE WHOLE SONG. ---------------------------- another question. I know I've been asking a bunch of questions, but this is the mistake thread and I feel like I'm making a lot of mistakes:tomatoface: ---------------------------- I read somewhere else in the Production forum about complaints with clipping and somebody said something about slapping a gate or limiter to fix that problem. For several of my mixes (both arrangements and original content) I usually record and sequence my own samples through my turntable and occasionally I scratch with it. I almost ALWAYS get some kind of clipping (especially when scratching) no matter what kind of effect I try to use to manipulate the sound. Is there a 1-2-3 step technique to fix general clipping? If not, what is the complicated/experienced/"correct" way to adjust clipping? What I've been doing is manually going in through my DAW to split at the obvious clip points and fading in. I'm fine with doing it on a free afternoon, but after about 40 clips in just one verse or hook it gets pretty tedious; and I'm pretty sure it's not just my turntable because I get clipping occasionally when recording slap bass or live percussion sounds.
  16. I signed in just to give props. Awesome remix in my opinion. I don't recognize the music, but I didn't like the game.
  17. well, I know that different speakers have different sounds but [for example] if I pop in one of my favorite Daft Punk songs I typically get the same general sound throughout (maybe I have to add a bit more bass for my car speakers or my boombox, or I can expect there to be no bass in the laptop speakers, etc.) but for my songs it's like it's always a surprise when I listen in a different vehicle or a different speaker. It's dramatically different. it's hard to describe (and fix, I guess).
  18. oh yeah. Autotune sounds cool for some things, but I'm just going to wait until it becomes more flexible in the next few years. Did you manage to get an Autotune plugin that worked for you anyways?
  19. HA HA HA HA:lmassoff: Okay Uncles [and Aunts] I have another mixing/production question. By the Way, thanks to everyone for the Compressor advice; I'm actually using all the buttons and knobs now instead of just blasting the Gain and the Attack way up. My question is about Surround mixing. Two specific problems that bother me is primarily in regards to Bass and Keyboards (or chordal synths). [and I understand that this could also be an opinion thing] 1. (Bass): When I mix/playback a full recording using speakers I typically hear the primary bass fine but if I put on earphones or listen to it in a car the primary bass is weak or overpowered by any other lower frequencies [not sure if that's the right terminology] that I use. I usually have some kind of electronic bass synth sound that I only use for glissandos or crescendos into "climatic" moments and I usually have this mixed into the surround speaker, but I have the bass guitar (or primary bass) mixed in the center speaker (the normal standard) and it is almost always overpowered when the secondary surround bass comes in. besides volume leveling what should I do? I listen to several other songs (by other people) and I don't hear this problem. 2. (Keyboards): similar to bass, I usually have the main keyboard (piano, rhodes, clav, etc.) mixed in the center speaker (or in the left/right depending on whatever sound is countering against it) and I have the choir/pads/organs/strings/broad chordal sounds mixed in the surround however the problem that I experience is that for some reason the EQ changes dramatically as I pull the sounds into the surround speaker (for instance, a typical Timpani roll mixed in the Surround speaker loses almost all of the lows and the mids, but if I put an organ sound in the surround speaker the lows are emphasized and I have to put an extra EQ effect just to mix it back to normal). For most things I usually add effects in this pathway: Equalizer>Delay/Modulation/AmpSimulator/etc.>Surround Since I always put the surround effect last I don't mind having to go through the extra step of putting another EQ effect after but I wanted to know if any of you have any advice for proper placement within surround mixing. As a picture reference: I usually have the primary bass and main keyboards (and any main sounds like vocals, drumset, guitars, lead synths, etc.) around the "L-C-R" area and I usually have synth basses, pads/choir/strings/chordal synth/etc. in or around the lower area near "S." I use SONAR but I don't think this is a DAW problem because I never hear these issues in my brother's recordings or others who use SONAR.
  20. yeah, I received SONAR x1 (producer) in the mail this week and V-vocal is definitely withiin it. autotuning unique sounds should be fun, but when it comes to vocals I will say that I'm probably on the Autotune-Hater side. Wow, it's extremely annoying and tedious to edit the audio into "perfect pitch" and it's not as simple as just clicking a "T-Pain button" so I have to say that I prefer Vocoders, Talkboxes, and putting extra effort into singing in tune.
  21. I don't like spending too much time on a particular song because sometimes I add too much to it and in the end I delete all the additions and realize that it was better in the beginning. But heck yeah to vocals... always takes the MOST time [for me]. The vocals and the bass line are usually what adds hours to my process..
  22. I've never gone into FL studio or Virtual DJ much because I'm more of a real instrument person (please , no offense to electronic and patch-y people. I don't mean "real" as in other people are "fake" musicians; I mean "real" in that I'm just so used to actually strumming on a real guitar or recording my own drum samples on a real drum set because it just takes too long for me to copy-and-paste with patch emulators and loops. I'd like to get better with "electronic" stuff but right now I'm just more used to producing all of my sounds from scratch. don't know if that makes sense...); however, I have played with exporting my semifinal drafts into FL studio and then playing with master track effects for the whole song (I don't know how to explain clearly, but I mean effects like adding some kind of wah/phaser buildup to a climactic part or adding a "telephone/walkie-talkie" eq for breakdown parts). When you say that FL is very flexible what kind of work do you do with it? Do you plug in a MIDI or do you just create your own beats using the plugins (or do you do something else)? I'm planning on getting a laptop and spending more time with "mobile" recording so since I can't drag all of my instruments around I'd like to get better with cut-and-paste click-y stuff. and thanks to everyone in regards to the compressor questions; you can close that subject now because I think it's been beaten from every angle already.
  23. Okay, I'm pretty sure that I purchased the Producer edition so I'll just test drive it once it comes in the mail. thanks
  24. definitely did NOT know that. As I said before I basically just kick the gain and attack sky high, so it looks like I've got a LOT of experimenting to do. thanks though aaaaaww maaaan... So you're basically very patient? I usually record live percussion with one mic or if it's sequenced then I records kick and snare as one track, cymbals as one track, and toms as one track (shakers and everything else are usually smushed into two tracks); and I usually put most compression on the kick and the snare because I feel like my cymbals cut through enough. Prior to EQ and leveling I'm usually at least at 3.2+ db. So I'd have to say that I've been using compressor as an excuse for volume control and intensity. (but after all this advice i WILL start being more patient instead of just putting a bunch of gain).
  25. EDIT: if you're thinking about getting a Compact Midi controller DON'T GET THE KORG NANOKEY. I've been playing with it for a week now and I guess I should have read this thread several more times before purchasing it. =/ I have 2 questions in regards to MIDI controllers: 1) Does anybody have suggestions and/or advice for choosing between USB and Firewire Controllers? I'm used to USB but since I'm unfamiliar with Firewire I wanted to know if there is a significant difference. 2) What is your suggestion for getting a Midi controller SPECIFICALLY FOR EXTENSIVE LAPTOP USE? I'm going to shift into "nomadic" recording so I'd like to know what's the best that I can get while still being able to easily transport it within a bookbag/messenger bag. I'd like to know the quality of the price range from $50 up to $300. I'm really not interested in "space-age" quality, but I've never worked solely with midi before so I'd like some advice from veterans (especially laptop users). This is what I'm currently looking at (also, I only lean towards "KORG" products because I'm familiar with them but I'm open to others): http://www.pssl.com/!90QM5XQksGUr7waZaW3Tlw!/Korg-NANOKEY-USB-Midi-Keyboard-Controller-White-s http://www.zzounds.com/item--AKALPK25 http://www.korg.com/product.aspx?&pd=579 http://www.zzounds.com/item--KORMICROKORG http://www.zzounds.com/item--NOVNOCTURN25 http://keyboards-midi.musiciansfriend.com/product/M-Audio-Oxygen-25-USB-MIDI-Controller?sku=423007&src=3WFRWXX&ZYXSEM=0&CAWELAID=419905069
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