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  1. Is V-Vocal on Sonar 7 also or is it a differenct "autotune" plug in? I just ordered SONAR 7 online (I've been using SONAR 4 for practically the past decade) and I'd like to know if I can say shawty too.
  2. So far I'm still leaning towards individual track compression, but would you recommend using some Master tweaking for more aggressive songs like metal or dubstep? Do you use the Limiter as an additive or necessity? Well I've listened to your remixes and it's pretty clear that your drums are awesome and intense, but I have a question (and I'm anticipating an opinionated answer because this is in regards to what I've heard from your music): I honestly don't know too much about using the limiter versus the thresh-hold and all that stuff because I usually just put the Attack and Gain really high so that the initial punches are fattened, but what do you do with your settings [especially for drums] and why? (and anyone can answer this too, I'd just prefer that you state what kind of music you typically apply your compression preferences to).
  3. Test 1 Raw (Just EQ and Delay, NO compressor at all): http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=COMPRESSOR+test+RAW.mp3 Test 2 Individual (Compressor on specific tracks): http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=COMPRESSOR+test+individual.mp3 Test 3 Master (compressor ONLY on the Master): http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=COMPRESSOR+test+MASTER+compressor+only.mp3 Test 4 Errythang (Combination of Test 2 and Test 3): http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=COMPRESSOR+test+Biggie.mp3 I hear an OBVIOUS difference. I'm not going to radically convert to using Master Compressor from now on but I think I will definitely utilize Test 4 more often. I usually record in the Test 2 method (individual) but Test 3 (Master Compressor ONLY) sounds cheesy to me (almost stupid). I know that some radio stations run sound through compressors and it does sound good on some songs so I'll experiment more. I've got to test it out with "softer" songs now. Thanks a lot.
  4. okay, preference aside (I know that I'm personally used to individual effects, specifically compression and reverb and delay) which is better situationally (I don't think it would make sense to just put Master Compression on EVERY type of song, and if so then I've been missing an easy secret for quite a long while). I'm going to go ahead and experiment right now with the most dry beats I can make.
  5. Question: Since I've seen this mentioned several times already: Is it better to put compression on specific "oomph-needy" tracks and have it mixed around medium or to have a little "red" and then compression on the master mix? I want to know if it makes a profound difference because I typically only put insane amounts of compression on the drums, chordal synth, vocals, brass, and occasionally bass (so, practically everything except pads and shakers) but I've never thought about utilizing compression on The Master mix. sorry, I'm in a library right now and a line is forming for the computers so this is the best example of what I could quickly find of my recent work [please take note of my compression question when listening]: http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=Kanyes+Ballin+Dance+Party+wip.mp3 and the biggest problem I notice is with orchestral pieces. It's pretty obvious [to me] when remixers are using bare patches or authentic instruments. If you can't get a hold of some real instruments please at least put some soul into the playing to make it sound somewhat human (*cough* cheesy 90s piano sounds *cough*).
  6. none offense taken at all. That's exactly how I felt about it so I assumed that I would ask other people of their opinion(s) before continuing to go in a more "serious" path with it.
  7. I personally think the sound is pretty good with headphones (even with Youtube quality), but the song got so repetitive that I skipped to the ending just to see if any climax would show up.
  8. reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ5GiRZv9TU remix: http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=NOOB.mp3
  9. I've just PMed you a WIP of the "Title Screen." Let me know what you think because I'm truly hoping that it can inspire some people to get started with this project. ....however, even though an unmixed game is an "UnMixed game" I will agree that there's probably enough Final Fantasy and Mario tunes. One more Album wouldn't hurt too much.
  10. the "b-b-b-b minor" part was hilarious. However, I do prefer to use my ears more.
  11. sometimes too much listening-exposure to "shreddy" guitarists makes me feel like I wasted my time trying to be a shredder; so, watching things like always makes me feel pretty good about dropped C power chords and my attempts at sweep-picking. =/
  12. WHAAAAAAA? I've grown up accustomed to Buckethead, Paul Gilbert, and Steve Vai but that dude has got to have callouses made of steel.
  13. I don't know if anyone's already followed this person's sketches. I came across it from a recent College Humor thing. Yeah, there's already a bunch of video-game parodies that are hilarious but this made me literally laugh out loud.
  14. yeeeeah, I noticed that. I agree with his jabs, but I like most games that he'd probably hate. Game Titles speak louder than the game itself. [usually, for example: Tony Hawks's American "Wasteland", "Twisted" Metal Black, GTA: "Vice" City, Hulk:Ultimate "Destruction", "Epic" Mickey, etc.
  15. Online: if it's with nearby friends or far-away friends that I know pretty well and aren't traumatized by the outcome. Offline: When I want to "challenge" myself (yeah, you'd think the computer would get old but some people just ALWAYS use the same combos).
  16. I heard this in my Music Appreciation class and I wanted to scream out "Hey, That sounds like The Zelda theme!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJs2iJj3Z6E&feature=related [skip to 4:28] yeah, it's only the beginning phrase that seems similar to the "Zelda Theme" but I'm pretty sure that Koji Kondo was influenced by this or at least another similar Romantic Composer. and this was obviously on my mind for a significant reason because I searched through 7 pages just to find this thread! heck yeah
  17. biased request? Those facials were pretty intense. In regards to the list I think this guy is worthy of being added: .meh, this does seem like a biased list since most of these greatest performances seem to be centered around FF and Mario (which I expected). beatbox dude, short but sweet: and a "heck yeah" for having The OneUps on that list!
  18. Hans Groiner. He helped me understand jazz. somewhat.
  19. the monstars were a tremendously intelligent portrayal of the internal struggle of self-confidence and the external display of hypocritical jealousy. yes, it was truly ahead of it's time. And MJ's stretchy dunk in the end was legendary. Meh, The Dark Knight was entertaining and I guess "Avatar" was a work of art; but Garfield had such an innovative storyline that I couldn't even watch it again for the fear of losing my mind. I do prefer Mind-bending films like Fight Club and Inception, and I'm certain that just about everything Pixar puts out is potentially a masterpiece; but to avoid being opinionated I think a "masterpiece" is determined by the shock, thrill, or replay value (that's why I mentioned Garfield. It's clearly a universally-accepted mile stone in film history).
  20. BONE anyone? I liked it up until Thorn became the vessel/possessed queen thingy. but the Red Dragon was always an interesting part of the story. and Akiko was my drive for a while. It had interesting/like-able characters.
  21. well, I don't want to turn this into a Theory or Music Appreciation rant, but the drum part just sounded really bland (except at around 0:22 which I kudos'd). With the links I was implying some examples of "groovy" drum patterns, but it's really up to you to make up something cool or find a drum sample. The point is that the drum beat is the primary turn off (imo) in the entire piece. just add more variations (not all at once. I liked the shaker, but the drums should have evolved somehow. maybe a few congo stuff later on in the song or a different kick/snare pattern).
  22. Niiiiice. suggestions? -put compression on the drum part and some variations would be nice (something other than that shaker thing) -add some other kind of chorded background synth. The epiano/whirly thing was chill, but after awhile it seemed like the music was needing extra chord structure. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's a cool mix so far.
  23. weeeeird sound. if you did this by ear that's cool, but if you did it with a Midi file then I would recommend being a little more original/different. I like the chords and the cheesy bass, but this would be infinitely better if you could utilize a groovier beat. The part at 0:22 was cool, but the rest of the song had a mechanical beat.
  24. yo, that Dire Dire docks one was really soothing. The rhythm guitar is a bit out of tune (or maybe too much flanger/chorus?) but it's not too noticeable. nice vibe man. I dig it.
  25. Well, actually I like the guitar part except at 1:43 (that's where its synthetic sound seems most obvious to me. It didn't even bother me as sounding "fake" until that part). The breakdown around 2:23 [and onward] was pretty groovy, but I only have two complaints: 1) the keychange was phat at first, but modulating back down doesn't sound or feel good (in contemporary/tonal songs, actually) 2) I still like your first version MUCH better because it had a more Disco-ish vibe rather than the over-used techno feel. It's your ReMix, but I seriously think you would get mad props if you take the electro-synth Disco route instead of typical techno. To me, the only [blatant] issues with the first one was a weak kick and not enough DB in the bass (or not enough drive). like I said, your call. but there's a PLETHORA of entire galaxies built from Ice Cap Zone remixes and arrangements (just google it if you think that's an understatement). It wouldn't hurt to have a Disco version:)!!
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