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  1. ouch. i got that as a Christmas present for a cousin without really thinking about it. I guess younger audiences don't like it either.
  2. For classic RPG games like Shining Force I usually made up a name ("Max" didn't sound very "heroic" to me) but I never made up/edited names for simulation or sports games because to me it would just seem cheesy to have my own name on a Chicago Bulls jersey #23 when it is already an inseparable trademark/signature. If I don't like the names in modern rpg games I usually just skip the cutscenes if I can, but that's only if the names are .
  3. True, vertigo has some very awesome stuff especially for people like myself who thought that DC was just cheesy overpowered superhero stuff. I was thoroughly hooked on "The Sandman" when I first started reading it. "A Death in the Family." definitely the reason why Batman is probably the most bamf franchise in DC, next to the "Blackest Night" arc of course. Does anybody know of any good Webcomics? I actually prefer saving up money to go to a local store or the library to read tangible comics because it seems like most webcomics (besides the obviously comedic ones) are really cheesy and lame. The only "webcomics" that I have any "respect" for are basically manga scans and/or any BPRD scans that I can find online.
  4. I APPROVE! Classic Shining Force Fan here and you did justice to this! I know you said that you're still working on it, but I think you should add some kind of distorted ethereal sound that phases in and out (doppler-ish?). It sounds like you're going for an electro-ambient space groove so I was waiting for a weird distorted pad to just whiz by.
  5. Needs more "RRRRAAAAUGH," "GRRRRRROOOOOOBBBLLLEE," and "JINGAJINGAJUNGAJUNGAJUNGAJUNGA WWWWWWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!" (translation: make the guitars sound more aggressive if you're going for the "metal" sound, if you'd like to keep that drum sound/patch try putting a bunch of compression especially on the kick and snare, and sprinkle some EQ's and Chorus on that bass line to make it phat-tastic!) It's fine work, but you should try to be a little more liberal (especially with that song; There's a ton of metal arrangements for that, so you want to do something that gives people a reason to listen to yours over the others).
  6. you REALLY should try to collaborate with any drummer (Kompoz, bandcamp, soundcloud, Here on OCR, etc.). Your riffs are pretty sick and I dig the orchestral parts, but those drum parts are totally killing the potential! You have great songs, I just hope you can upgrade them with a drummer or at least a much better drum patch (I'm sure you can find some free ones online).
  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGAAAAWWWWWDDDD!!!!! (all caps and repetitive characters, so you know that means it's good) dddddddddddddduuuuuudde. this is sick but I think it's even cooler because it DOES sound like the music that would go with Infinity Gauntlet (i haven't finished reading that still because it got boring to me, but this is sick indeed). I'm kind of getting tired of this Dub-step/electro bandwagon craze, but it's always nice to hear some refreshing mixes that are legitimately good. keep it up mane, I will definitely be keeping an eye on your stuff. ddddddduuude, I listened to the whole song twice before even finishing this reply. so sick.
  8. OH NO, NOT ANOTHER ONE!!! actually this has a very nice approach. when the hats came in it seemed like you would take a synthpop/disco approach with it. I would personally be very pleased if you DID finish this with a synthpop/disco approach!
  9. the Mario Sleigh Ride one is gimmicky yet totally swinging and groovy (in my opinion). I wish my sisters would blast that kind of Christmas music instead of using Pandora to jam out to Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman arrangements all day. nice list. Happy Decemberween.
  10. Thanks, I thought I was the only one who thought that. If you're a crazy fan who is strict with the plot and stuff like that then you might not like the movie so much; if you just want a good movie to watch with some friends I think it's a great choice; but if you're bored and you haven't been amazed lately then I think this is a great movie to check out. The music was Epic in its truest sense (not the overused term. Daft Punk literally did an epic job with the music), the storyline was interesting while not being too much of a mindfuck, and the visuals were jaw-dropping. I think the person next to me thought I was about to barf or something because my jaw was gaping for most of the movie. 8/10... simply because I don't know if the Star Wars similarities were an homage or a coincidence. probably the former.
  11. Done Done Donnnnnnnne! 100% http://www.last.fm/music/sir+jordanius/What+I+learned+from+Videogames Each track is free, but I don't have a link to download the entire Album (the instructions are too complex for me, and no I'm not old. just old-school). For those of you that don't want to browse, here's what each track is: 1. Super Mario 64, File Select theme (I'm not good with genre discriptions, but I guess "chill out") 2. Kingdom Hearts, Simple and Clean (electronic/noise-rock/Ratatat-ish) 3. Kid Chameleon, Devil's Marsh/Fantasy (Basically Daft Punk's "Face to Face" in Chameleon format) 4. Shining Force 2, Overworld and themes from SF1 (progressive rock, synth rock) 5. MegaMan 3, Title and themes from MM1 and MM2 (rock/jazz fusion I guess.) 6. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Chemical Plant (Michael Jackson tribute-ish, motown/disco) 7. Bionicle MNOG 1 and 2/ Junkbot/Backlot (these are a bunch of online Lego games and I don't know if anyone else played them but I definitely went for a POGO chillout vibe with these.) 8. Skunny Kart title/Runescape's "Miracle Dance" (Samba/chillout. "easy listening") 9. Tetris theme/Chocobo theme (minor version, not the happy one) (ABBA/any 70s-80s disco band you can think of. The lyrics were originally an extremely suicidal/emo song that I wrote during teen angst nonsense; so I purposefully sang cheesily to make it a cheesy song and not a whiny complaint) 10. Runescape, Autumn Voyage (techno-ish? bboy? I dunno, I just know it sounds dance-able or like something I would play at a party) 11. Madden 91 theme (old-school Crotch-rocket hard rock) 12 Super Mario 64, Bob-omb Battlefield (...middle-school jazz band) I will admit that some of the mixing is atypical, but the instrumentation and composition is my style of production. If it sounds like every instrument is soloing it's because it's true; My music typically is never background chords+rhythm+catchy melody. I'm pretty sure that you WILL find several new things if you listen to my songs over and over. This project was mostly just for fun as I will soon be upgrading from SONAR 4 to possibly SONAR 8.5:)!!. Also, I read in the Recording/production forums that proper earphones are vital to the mix of the overall sound:shock:.... yeeeeaah... I usually just burn CD's and see how it sounds in my car, my parents car, my friends' cars, and my boom box. Overall I'm proud of this project (I'm freaking glad to leave the Kid Chameleon song alone) and I look forward to improving and collaborating with others. And if you actually read this entire message then I salute and appreciate you.
  12. well... I mean "blowing a woman's skirt with your pee" definitely sounds like Sega is on the path to corruption. When I read the article I was mentally crossing my fingers in hopes that Sonic wouldn't be involved with this madness; I still have an ounce of hope in that hedgehog. am I supposed to be laughing more at the Article or the comments?
  13. the mix is very clean and it sounds great to me, but I personally think it comes across more like a Dreamcast version of the soundtrack (you know how some soundtracks for SEGA games sounded a little different on different consoles?). It's not bad at all, it just sounds like you should put some more creativity into it, something that makes people say "Yo you heard dat one Rusty Ruin Remix by dat one guy?" "Ooooh yeah! Dat guy? yeah it was hella tight and original!":)!!
  14. thanks. the Shining Force song is kind of 80%ish (obviously the guitars have to be mixed more). I actually purposefully recorded the drum part in a juxtaposed manner, but I agree with some of the mixing. The intro length is due to the fact that each song runs into each other (I don't like albums that sound like a bunch of random unrelated tracks). thanks for the props. to reiterate what DJP said it may be a little too farfetched to state "90%." Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I will definitely vouch for unbelievers that if you spend a day just browsing the songs on OCR's database you will find plenty of "soulful" music. OCR has become somewhat like Wikipedia for me in that I start looking for one specific thing but then I end up veering away from homework by spending hours listening to random remixes. for now, I'm going to leave this thread alone until I post the link to the final copy (most likely by Sunday), but if this thread goes further "off topic" then please feel free to move it to the proper place.
  15. back to the drawing board... I really don't understand how you (as well as the others) find the Bob-omb mix to be good... lol, I seriously slopped that whole thing in a few minutes sometime last year (I re-uploaded it on the Tube this year). After hearing the Super Mario Galaxy "Throwback Galaxy" rendition of this theme I seriously through my hands up and said I'm done with Bob-omb. oh well, thanks. Now I know that apparently my best work is the stuff that I spend the least amount of time on . (When I used to be in a few bands they all liked the songs that I slopped together a few minutes before practice but they didn't care much for the songs that took me weeks to "perfect." So obviously I've been cursed by the muses). And I'll just put the link up with the rest of the album.
  16. I've never done Speed before and that video has made me want to never even attempt it.
  17. This is phat! Sorry, I wish I had a cooler adjective or interesting metaphor but it's just too sick to describe. I only disagree with the title. I thought this was going to sound Disney-Princess-ey at first but I was immediately proven wrong. Still cool though. Just replayed it 4 times so that's an automatic 5/5 in my book.
  18. For those of you that don't like reading long posts (it's okay, sometimes I don't read everything either) just click on the links and let me know what you think, but the very first link is the worst one (it's a 4 month old WIP). ----------------------------------------------- Yo, I kept checking the judges panel for the past 4.5 months and I finally saw that my submission was posted in the waiting list. I thought we weren't allowed to post another submission until it was received by the judges, but after re-reading [and actually understanding] the submission rules I saw that we could submit within a 3-week period... so yeeeeaahh.... I'll definitely be submitting more stuff now that I don't have to wait a bajillion-trillion-fillion-onion days to send multiple stuff. I'm about 99.8% done with a Video-game tribute album that I've been working on (while waiting to submit more tracks:wink:. okay, okay, I've beaten that horse enough already.) Today I just now received the guitar parts from a friend for one of the songs so once I mix that and finish the album cover art I will be completely done by this Weekend! (if you have any suggestions on these tracks, I'll take not of them but I'm planning on releasing the Completed album by Sunday Night [latest]). There are 11-12 tracks (I might squeeze two or three songs together in the final product) but these are the only tracks that I will most likely submit to OCR (I'm going to be honest... I can take criticism and suggestions, but some of these tracks were such a headache that I honestly don't want to redo them again--- "Not wanting to redo them again" is the literal translation of the Latin root word "lazy."): Track 2: "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts This is the original WIP. I knew in my mind that I wanted to achieve a Ratatat/Nujabes vibe with the song, but honestly the WIP sounded too much like a bad video-game with bad music that one could receive on a bad Christmas. This is what the final product turned into. HEADS UP: do not increase your speaker volume too much. Yes, the intro may seem "too quiet" but the entire song is a giant crescendo/decrescendo. I'm not a crazy KH fan, but to me "Hikari" is an emotional heartbreak-y love song so I tried to make it sound like a relationship (the intro is like the confusion before an imminent break up, the middle is the awkward feeling between both lovers, and the end is supposed to hint that maybe things could get better). Also, sorry about the abrupt end. Each track in the album leads into the next. reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orrnfPTqkuQ (Warning, very mushy lyrics. Do NOT listen to this unless you've just been rejected). also, IT SOUNDS BEST WITH HEADPHONES (unless your sound system was imported from Dexter's Lab and it's already perfect). Track 3: Variations on the "Kid Chameleon" soundtrack This track is supposed to be an obvious nod to Daft Punk's "Face to Face" and Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon" (duh). The drum sample is from Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and it is the reason why I seriously do not want to edit this song anymore. The Blue Screen of death caused my entire drum samples to be erased, so I had to redo the ENTIRE drum part (for non-samplers, just listen to the song and I think you'll be able to hear what I'm talking about). References: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X32quIJqzKY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70VeFZVvJI0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H3KspN5zoQ&feature=related Track 4: Variations on the "Shining Force" and "SF2" soundtrack I just got the guitar parts in from my friend; so this is the 80% final draft (I just have to mix his guitar parts a bit). RPG games usually have interesting music (in my opinion) and Shining Force honestly got me into Progressive Rock. So this is supposed to sound like ELP's adaptation of Shining Force. references: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkRgpoa6mr4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NqjbbPtoYg&feature=related Track 5: "MegaMan 3" theme I don't know what style of music this is. I guess you could say prog/fusion/katamari-esque but I really don't know how to describe it. It's like trying to explain how somebody could have a blaster-cannon in place of an arm. References: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiQgYfyUdDs&feature=related Track 10/11: Title theme from "Madden 91" (the best title theme of all Madden games, might I add.) It's supposed to sound like the cheesy-yet-intense old-school Hard Rock bands. The intro is pulled from Road Rash but the rest of the track is the Madden theme. I'm willing to take a few suggestions on this (up until this weekend) but if somebody says the cowbell is too loud they must be crazy. If you can still hear after listening to this then the cowbell isn't loud enough. Track 11/12: "Bob-omb Battlefield" theme from SM64 This is what I submitted to OCR. I'm actually willing to edit this because I don't feel like it is really that much different from the original version, but I'm DEFINITELY not going to edit The Kid Chameleon Track at all... that track was a nightmare. I'll have the free download link of the Entire album posted by the end of this week (it doesn't take that long for me to wrap up a project, but that's enough time for me to clear any second thoughts).
  19. phew, I really wanted to point that out too but I thought some hardcore PS fans would vehemently disagree. http://www.hightech-edge.com/retro-gaming-sega-game-gear-games/1515/ it just looks like a New-school version of it.
  20. As a huge GL fan, I don't care if Hollywood does the typical 1) completely-ignore-the-fans gag, 2) exploit-the-franchise-by-spawning-useless-sequels trick, or even 3) the get-us-hyped-up-and-completely-blow-us-over-like-the-last-airbender combo. The only boner that matters is if it is caused by at least 5 minutes of Kilowog bamf-ness. I will be highly unaroused if they ruin the "Poozer" man.
  21. 10/10. I agree with the others about how most lyric-based remixes aren't interesting, but this was definitely an exception. awesome.
  22. FF5? it's not that bad of a song... I just think it's something that should be on an educational kids' show--- minus the language (f*^king rainbowssss!!!) this is hilarious because it just seems to me like my (or any typical) little brother just got a record deal; but I can't take this seriously. It's kind of catchy but that was some intense discordianism. *takes an immensely big gasp*... you don't appreciate fresh air until you've been around stank for a while. Pogo is always refreshing. however, I hope I'm dead by the time the chipmunk country rap nonsense gets big. I still cringe when little kids around me quote Alvin and The Chipmunks songs (from the cheesy movie. the show was alright).
  23. That news made my day worse, but your comment made my day better again. but I admit that I'm going to have to do the same thing as well.
  24. I don't know if the list for the OCR christmas album is already closed or finalized, but if not is it okay if I submit a remix of "Ice Paradise Act 1" from Sonic Advance 2?

    I was just asking since you said it's open to anyone and I think I have a good idea for this one.

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