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  1. must lurk more:ocrgreen: then again i usually go to the project sites instead of yt to listen to them. still looks cool, so i'll go drop props on his channel then.
  2. no issues, just positive feedback I think this really cool if you're going to start having different video themes for different projects (and I guess an updated video for the standard remixes is in the works?) just saying good job. looks really slick:mrgreen:
  3. and many puns were made that day... bamf bass line though. I love four on the floor beats with phat bass lines.
  4. dat write up plus deez commentz plus dem moanz equalz daaaaayyyuuuummm protodome.
  5. naw, I'm out. I still have about 2 minutes of animation to work on and I thought I could wrap it up after work. but this gives me an awesome head start for the next one, so I'm still calling dibs on the same song.
  6. EDIT: nevermind. the gitaroo remix is fine, i'd just be adding parsley to a pb&j sandwich if I edited it anymore. thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. =/ thanks, I'm pretty sure this won't become a habit in the future. I'm most likely way too anxious to get it "perfect" because it's my first mix. yessir, but definitely not a massive overhaul this time. I just want to add brass chords to the very, very end. Do I need to redo the submission form and userID and all that stuff, or just notify a judge and email the new edit?
  7. Two questions. the first one might be rhetorical and a waste of space, but maybe one of you will have an awesome answer for it: 1) When BP had that horrible spill a while back, was it just oil that leaked or was hatorade seeping out, too? It seems like it's been leaking around here a bunch, particularly on the Remix Review Threads... 2) How many times can we re-edit a mix that has been "Yes'd" but hasn't officially been posted yet? And do we have to wait the 3-week interval before re-submitting the mix and submitting another, unrelated mix, or does that re-sub (with the fixes) count as one of the standard submissions? (I'm talking about #2 in Section 7 over here)
  8. I didn't think. it's just so good that it surpasses any possible thought process. awesome
  9. i'm not an expert, but to me this is absolutely perfect
  10. just asking: has anybody already claimed "Niggaz 4 life?" I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY would like to claim that track if possible.
  11. yo, I rarely ever write reviews/critiques for anything because I think it's up to each individual to interpret it their own way; but I had to lay down some massive props for this album. I'll try not to come across as cock-riding [to any particular artist], incoherent, or Caps-lock abusive. My first major props is for the overall flow of the album. I'm writing this on my third listen of the full project and I really dig the sequences and transitions. When I saw the artist roster I knew it would be awesome regardless but I was extremely impressed with how smoothly each song segued. It wasn't at all like "cool, here's a chiptune bit... oh, cool now a jazz bit;" it was like watching a well-scripted movie where each scene led to the next. Second, I absolutely hated this game (too much Sonic and Vectorman?), and yet I loved the original soundtrack; You all did a flawless job in making each arrangement unique while still capturing that "dreamy" theme. I love it when musicians make arrangements so good that it encourages listeners to check out the original; so I just may give the game another try. Lastly, the motifs and project themes were super slick and witty. The "Dreams Dreams" signature never gets old. I was actually sad at the end of the album because I still had the melodies ringing in my head. I was surprised that I didn't just bob my head but I also got goosebumps for several parts of the album. Yo, I guess I didn't realize what amazing talent OCR had because after listening to this album several times I definitely appreciate the musicians here so much more (and the whole community in general). Not that my opinion makes a difference but I give this a 10 billion out of 10; and super kudos for the "guest appearance" at the ending from a certain veteran NiGHTS remixer...
  12. dude, that beat goes hard. and the ska green hill zone goes even harder.
  13. too bad i can only watch the 4th part now.
  14. that's actually very close to what I was thinking when I thought about the Shell guy's speech. but like Ambient I don't think that gamers/cooks/ballers/insert-passion-or-field-here could "save the world" anymore than others. It's just a drive that pushes determined people to excel in there given field and that could be used to "save the world."
  15. Just heard this on the radio while driving home from work. sorry if a similar topic has been posted recently already. http://www.npr.org/2011/04/11/135248010/how-to-save-the-world-one-video-game-at-a-time tl;dr version (radio broadcast, it's only about 6+ minutes): http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=135248010&m=135306806
  16. I don't know if this should've been posted or if it was already answered in this thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3483&page=10 But could I use this > in addition to standard headphones as an alternative to mixing with monitors? (I'm not asking "if it's possible" because I know that. I'm asking if it's recommended for someone like myself who prefers recording mostly with a mobile laptop setup rather than a studio).
  17. yo, I'll be able to be on tonight and Wednesday but I'm working tuesday night and most likely Thurs-Saturday night.

  18. okay, I see what my DAW had, but I guess I never knew how to use it. I was looking on the FL and NI sites but I'm not on my own computer right now so I can't download (or purchase a download link). Are Kontakt 4 player, Slicex, and/or Edison available as a free universal download for use in any/most DAWs or are those examples of what you meant by software-specific and I should just learn my DAW's slice/audio snap tool? just asking because Slicex seems to appeal to me the most. EDIT: I see, they're all demo downloads. I'll still try when I get home to my own computer.
  19. If the answer is already in this thread >>> here or another then please link me to the post that seems to answer these questions. 1)http://www.propellerheads.se/products/recycle/ Is this the "only" REX file creator? 2) regardless of above, are REX files the only way to create slice-able loops? my scenario is that I have a bunch of pre-recorded drum beats, turntable scratch sounds, favorite speech clips, etc. I've been cutting the individual needed sounds (a particular snare hit, a few seconds of cool scratching, etc.) and then pasting them into the exact places in the given song that I needed them in. I'm used to it now but after playing with REX files for a few months I see that there is an easier way to manipulate my own loops and sounds and stuff, but I don't want to be limited to using other peoples REX samples. for example, Listen to the beginning of this song. Is there a program I can buy/download/whatever/acquire to let me do this easily by assigning each sound to a note/button on my MIDI controller? sorry if I'm not making sense
  20. ditto, and I need a bunch of feedback from any/everybody. I think I'm close to being done.
  21. I really liked Jet Set Radio and Spiderman.
  22. EDIT: sorry bout that, I was also unaware of how aware everybody else was of Glitch because I used to record under a rock. ~FREE~ http://illformed.org/plugins/glitch/ I'm still trying to figure it out because I'm not sure if it's primarily for MIDI (I only downloaded it to play around with audio samples) but it's basically a one touch customizable effect slicer thingy. (The only comparsion I could think of is a watered down version of Native Instruments "The Finger").
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