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  1. Aaaaight... Technically, I've just emailed Bev the/a final wav, and shared a link in the project subforum. Waaaaaay back years ago I pitched the idea to Brandon about having anybody join in for the anthem singing section, but I'm playing chicken with my PSU at this point and I know the homeboy is about to fail at any moment. Leaving it to y'all's discretion. I'm good to get whoever's vocals wanna jump in and wrap this up by Thanksgiving, otherwise I'm also cool with the current iteration being the final wav. Vocals from everybody would be fire but shit is legit dicey with my computer right now. @djpretzel If the spare PSU offer is still open I would tremendously appreciate taking you up on that offer, and I can follow up with you on it
  2. @djpretzelHey, thanks for the patience. I never got back in touch with @Rexy on my "The Way To The Top" mix. What's the ideal cutoff date to gather and release everything? By Thanksgiving latest I can guarantee salvaging from a dead hard drive (or completely redoing/rebuilding) TWTTTop, but I don't wanna be a diva and halt this project anymore. We've all clearly wanted to get this out for years, and instead of holding up traffic I don't mind releasing my mix as a standalone sub since I’ve already contributed other tracks to the project, rushing isn't my forte. It's not the amount of time needed for the mix, it's the fact I'm fighting an already dead hard drive and racing against a failing PSU. All that aside, thanks a lot to staff for the patience with all us remixers and all the hard work in getting this project completed after so many years. _____________ @begoma slightly offtopic, and this is EXTREMELY late (life happens), but hell yeah I'm down for the group collab if it's still on the table.
  3. If I'm hearing this correctly, you're saying it's cool for folks like me to continue typing those huge ass dissertations with 47 paragraphs about how dat filter sweep had me feelin some type of way, yeah? hoooly shit, the forums are upgraded as fuck.
  4. Sorry. I ninja smoke-bombed into Timaeus' crib and tossed a bunch of new stem grenades everywhere. He might be busy for a little while longer.
  5. end of the year. Got it! Timaeus has been knocking it out of the park while I was gone and I'm not going to let our collab mix go to waste. Gonna be a close call, but I'm gonna have that Vectorman track done.
  6. What's up, everybody? I know it's been a while since I've been bombin up this community with epic novels and "wtf-is-this-mofo-so-excited-for?" posts. I've had a bit of a sketchy year and a lot of my focus went towards the recently released Zone Runners debut album as well as getting my own original material off of the ground. However, behind the scenes I've been cookin up something a little bit special. This is the first (the 'Pilot Episode,' if you will) of a series of volumes called the "Sir J Sessions" focused primarily on the funkiest, grooviest, crazy mofo.... ... est.... of one shots, short riffs, and loops. With this "Volume 0" this is just a large sampler of a variety of sounds and it is basically showcasing what you can expect in future volume releases when I focus more on specific instruments and styles. Here is the Bandcamp page: http://thesirjsessions.bandcamp.com/releases And for you Redditors and Internet detectives out there you'll notice I've already linked to "free" mirror downloads on a few music production subs: http://www.reddit.com/r/makinghiphop/comments/2nz441/samples_a_gold_mine_of_200_funky_sounds/ so hypothetically speaking, yes... you can get all of this for "free" from those Reddit links, but it would mean a lot to me if you could also stop by the Bandcamp page and help a brotha' out. And if you don't mind me breaking out of the politically correct hype promo language I'd just like to bluntly say that I am in a bit of a rough time right now; I won't bore you all with a sob story at this moment, but to be humbly honest and straight-forward any and all support (whether financially or just with Social media shout outs and such) is greatly appreciated. These are 100% free to use for both non-commercial and commercial purposes as long as you're kind enough to give credit and a shout out back to "The Sir J Sessions." And please don't be a dickhead fuckboi about this by doing something like re-hosting/uploading these to another site or some torrents without my permission or even going off to re-sell them... like what the fuck, man... I'm pretty old school and still rough with all this 'Social Media" shiz, but every so often when the moonlight is juuuuust right I spaz out in these places: https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Jordan.Etienne.OFFICIAL https://twitter.com/MrJordanEtienne https://soundcloud.com/mrjordanetienne_uncut/yep peace ~j P.S: A very special shout out to SupX and Garpocalypse since they were the first two who over a year ago really made me consider going HAM and sharing some of my funky samples. >
  7. ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu---------- O_________________o
  8. close call... but for your birfday and mine both I'mma have TWTTop *finally* in your hands, brotha. *smoke bomb teleports into the project thread to see everything I missed*
  9. aaaight brotha, I know I've been gone a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time climbing up and down the gates of Mordor and all dat Space jam shit, but I've been listening to your WIP. you'll be getting my final guitar parts soon and I'll talk with the project directors to apologize for goin ghost so hard this year.

    thanks again... you've really made this idea something else from what I originally had in mind. :)

  10. DOPE af. 11/10 will listen to again. and again. forever and ever. amen.
  11. what I submitted.https://soundcloud.com/paperbagfencesitters/whippin-out-my-gay-voice and THIS is the "verdict." obviously flawless execution on dem harps.
  12. *cracks knuckles* I am a VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY big Shining Fan (specifically the older Camelot era, primarily because a lot of the newer games are JP-only releases unfortunately) and I've made it known to a few close homies that I'm incredibly interested in seeing Katamari, Runescape, and Shining project albums spring forth. Make it in time for the 20th anniversary (of SFII)? heeeeelllll naw. If someone would like to jump on this (Even for an EP or a non-OCR official album) I'd probably help out with one song, so I tip my hat to anybody who takes a stab at directing/coordinating this. As for myself, though, I've been focusing more lately on wrapping up some personal projects and original music and I'd like to avoid taking on too many new stuff since I've admittedly fallen WAAAY behind with current collabs I'm involved with (note to project directors: cut me some slack, aaaayyy... ain't easy being a green lantern dattebayo kage and an aspiring musician at the same time ; I promise I'll be touching base again soon). However, I have indeed been thinking and planning for many years (especially in the past few months) how to direct a Shining Series project album. I'm just not one of those people who are good at balancing several dozens of projects at the same time on top of personal stuff, so I'd really like to clear up my plate so I can be much more committed to this than I could ever possibly be at the moment. Again, anybody else has plans/ideas for directing a SF2 or whatever album? go for it (and hit me up). As for me and my behemoth project plan I'm keeping my lips sealed for a while and looking more at the 25th anniversary deadline, and I can assure you I've been rubbing my hands like Birdman with this album idea. > peace ~j and no, it won't be all vocals. lolololololol. >_>
  13. aayy, in all seriousness, going to be catching up in a bit(Commando, FF, and whatever it is you need help with).

    we still doin this, mane.

  14. weeelp, guess visitors to our profile pages will have fun with that inviting, cordial gif. XDDDD

  15. suuuuper late to the party (been working on some mammoth personal projects. will be dropping in consistently again real soon), but I'm just stopping by to say that I wouldn't mind joining in another Talkback so I can enlighten some of these vocal hating muddafuggas who clearly have an infestation of maggots in their ears. to each their own ( I mean that 100%. Everybody's got their perceived trash and treasure/good shiz/whatever), but in all seriousness I got a really good laugh at those Retro posts. Like, some abdominal workout type laughing. Guess I've been desensitized from other, much harsher forums, but in the end I know when I'm satisfied with my own stuff and when my target audience and homies dig what I've created. Got absolutely nothing against people speaking their mind; but I've got EVERYTHING against people who ramble on the sidelines but don't even try to pitch in---- at all. =/ really wish the "OCR = circle jerk" comments would fuckin die already. LOLOLOL @metaphist handjobs... XD I dunno man, I think too many people shy away pr retaliate with a bunch of seething rage because they think EVERY OCR remix is supposed to be of Hans Zimmer/Skrillex/Mastodon/Rakim/N-SYNC/etc. production "quality" and firmly lying within a specific niche of Lowest Common Denominator genres... (which of course, just by looking at some of the stuff on the front page latest remixes, this couldn't be farther from the truth). There's so much diversity that I truly believe a lot of people just aren't looking hard enough for "new/different" remixes. buuuuuuuuuut I'll save this soapbox speech for another day. Gotta go save the galaxy again and shiz. Cherna's French accent **and yes, Matt, I'm STILL working on an epic novel review of the album. Scout's honor. ;P
  16. oooh shiii---

    was too hyped about voting before it closes, dunno why I'd miss that one. :D

    No BPanther this time =(?

  17. FUKK YOU, MATE! I wuZ gunn@ jam out to some BUTT H!LL but you done tapped out like a lil' NOOO0000ob!

  18. Less is more. ...AKA Less parts to polish/tidy up makes mastering 10000000000000000000000 times easier.
  19. Aww man, is that the absolute earliest we can do it? 6pm is too early/not possible? EDIT: nevermind, it's cool for today. When I become an intergalactic rockstar and can afford a plane ticket for everybody then we can have a time slot that's a little better for everyone.
  20. Several of us are interested in hopping in for an "OverClocked Assembled Talkback special" tomorrow or next Friday (if this upcoming Talkback will be focusing on the Apex14 album as a whole). I know some folks like Ivan Hakstok have that late-night-witching-hours boss status, but is there any chance we can bump up to 8, 7, or 6pm for a slightly earlier chat? thanks anyways. I'll definitely hop in for one of these, I'd just like to try to get the UK bruddas in at a good time, too.
  21. third. and just pm'd you, Darren1986. Actually have a track that is pretty close to already being done, so if it's for an open source (heh) that'd be great.
  22. AAAAAAWWW YEAH! juicy synths everywhere! I was about to hit up the album thread and say "yo, O'ssembled is loving the limelight, and I'ma let you finish, but are you folks ever gonna post some of the *other* tracks from Apex?" Really good album overall, and this one is fun to listen to. I liked the dubstep part since I've been craving wobbles for more than a year now, but I find it's best to not even mention wobbles and just let people find out for themselves so they don't jump the gun with assumptions. dat Jun Senoue-ish bass line is straight money. more Apex14 tracks, please. Congrats, Ivan!
  23. Quick, everybody post a different cake for the dozens of other stuff he's got in his arsenal. Have a good one.
  24. who the HECK is Ryan Jobson and what have you done with Syllix

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