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  1. The issue is heath was a decent actor, and ben affleck has done waaaaay too much crap to be considered a decent actor to many people, myself included. i kinda wish they had Nicolas cage as superman then atleast we could have a campy crazy superman batman crossover similer to the classic golden age superman batman crossover comics.
  2. My friend literaly just brought this to my attention and though i lack musical skills i make up for it with enthusiasm you guys get the ball rolling on this and i will do my very best to spread the word to the sega fanbase getting a decent audience for this album. Good luck to you all, the artist tracklist looks awesome but we need more to fill in those missing song :/
  3. i also had the gameboy version so im also disappointed in this, but eh preordered it on steam instead. its nintendo's loss.
  4. Happy birthday and yes brandon is correct, at my current posting of this its 1am here have a cake
  5. You know what we tried to show them common sense. we tried to show these fools what the bad sides to this would be like. before anyone begins by comparing it to steam. there's a steam sale on right now and you know microsoft is doing with its store? getting rid of the live points and making the games in the store more expensive, xbone 180 would be exactly the same so don't compare it to steam who have allowed free games on their store whereas far as i'm aware even dlc that should be for free (ahem minecraft skins) have had to have a price tag on them. let the fools have their tar tar sauce. le
  6. Thought i'd bring this back to life seeing as the new gta5 gameplay trailer was released for those unaware So its gonna be in san andreas and alot of the places are being remade in HD who's as excited as i am for it?
  7. yes. yes, yes and also yes. can you also do a remix of life is beautiful? i want more kazoo and whistling.
  8. hello jake, this maybe alittle sudden and im unfortunately the wrong gender but can i have your babies?
  9. I've always had a preference to back in time then to power of love but i think that goes back to my love of time travel.
  10. I think the power of love was used more because it's technically a love story with a time travel story built round it. After all its the story of a kid accidentally stopping his parents from meeting and must get them back together otherwise he stops existing. And he does so by using.. *puts on sunglasses The power of love. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
  11. http://spong.com/article/29872/Microsoft-Were-Still-Heading-for-an-Xbox-One-Digital-Future from the sounds of this article microsoft will be introducing the policies they backed down from later on in the consoles life cycle. Microsoft lost all respect from me when they first rolled out these policies in the first place. I refuse to reward this kind of spitting on its consumers rights and opinion. Good luck m$ hope you burn your company to the ground with this venture. Peace out homies
  12. i was actually quoting about how he had to spin, therefore doing a 360 then again he could have been doing a 1080 snowboarding work your body, work your body i agree that after this i dont trust them not to bring out these policies slowly in updates while customers are unaware.
  14. http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/update its official ladies and germs, this console can now be called the 180.
  15. sorry lyrai my mate told me about it as it was posted and i had trouble loading the websites page myself. glad we're thinking the same thing though
  16. http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/microsoft-to-pull-complete-reversal-on-xbox-one-dr/1100-4673/ idk weather this is true but if so, us kicking up a stink about the drm crap has made them realise they will lose alot of customers and will hopefully sort it out. what do you guys think?
  17. it was good film, till the end. i couldnt believe superman would kill zod, and when he was holding him he had atleast 2 other choices such as fly away with zod in his grip, covering his eyes. he could also blind him,knock him out and send him into a blackhole.
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