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  1. Its like will just slapped me in the face with the 80's... Idk how i should feel about that.. In all seriousness i love the bit at 2:34. Moar elecman please.
  2. This is pretty wow... i have no words but wow. ...it kinda feels magical... :3 love the piano solo at the start then the synth stuff starts up and it becomes awesome idk how else to compliment this track, its epic but also kinda disney-ish in its awesome soundtrackness... that made sense in my head. Rexy has really upgraded her talents. i cant explain how cause i aint musically minded but you can kinda hear it.
  3. My only enemy that actually scares me is from fallout3 This f4&king thing... Everything about it freaks me out. Damn centaurs.
  4. Sometimes when i play games, i wear clothes.
  5. The vocals for Sonic R are awesome, T.J Davis is an amazing singer, what you mean is the lyrics, the lyrics are terribly cheesy. ...but i like cheesy. Hence why i also like the soundtrack for MSR for the dreamcast. Sonic 06's only redeeming quality was its soundtrack.
  6. Done. Try and figure out my mess of a self conscience :U
  7. I have no remixes to submit but colour me interested.
  8. my thoughts exactly, ive been trying to talk to people at sonic retro to do a model hack of sega bass fishing with big the cat. no luck so far
  9. hell no i like big the cat, he made no sense to the plot and was a complete wtf to the entire series... and that i think is what was needed for the sonic series, i never had trouble playing big's stages. big is great cause he's that moment that you stop and think "what?!" and to me those are the best kinda moments.
  10. I would of made earthbound and final fantasy 6 and chrono trigger have a release in europe on the snes. Only then i would of most likely been a nintendo nerd instead of a sega geek. ...Maybe...
  11. Im psyched. i fffing love the mgs series, but hopefully it'l be on the current gen i DO NOT want to buy another generation console to play a metal gear game, i did that with mgs4. incidentally yes metal gear is where i got my screen name, psycho mantis and sniper wolf. :U
  12. As a big fan of theirs im excite cant wait to buy this what is it about march that makes the rest of the year so boring in comparison.
  13. Whenever i can i plug in these bad boys. The Sony MDR-XD200 I somehow found these for under 20 bucks which i now only find these for 40-60 bucks now, amazing how i found them so cheap. The downsides are it is a 3 meter long cable and the headphones are ridiculously huge. but they are amazing so the downsides dont even matter.
  14. 24 year old single male live with my parents still but could move out if i found someone to flatshare with. work at a local store so kinda social but also kinda of shy too urgh... can be a fool without realising so can make people laugh without trying. When girls are nice to me i go and hide.
  15. Forgive me for telling you otherwise but the original Pac-Man was meant to be gender neutral in marketing but according to the creator he made it because women enjoy food (much like most guys do, hell i love food), http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/iwatani-pac-man-was-made-for-women (how true this is idk but it was an interview sooo.. idk) It was only when they released Ms Pac-Man when they ballsed it up and put it down as "our way of thanking all those lady arcaders who have played and enjoyed Pac-Man."
  16. Im a guy so i have no real view point on the sexism in gaming because i cant say whether games are inherently sexist and are generally insulting to girls. Yes pop culture in general has been sexist for years, kinda the same with racism a few years back (after all have you noticed older movies the african american dies first in horror/action movies) i feel the culture itself is slowly evolving (aside from the big breasted and physically impossible body shapes of female characters which hopefully will die out during that evolution.) but when it comes to harassment from trolls and stuff both onli
  17. https://soundcloud.com/karl-george-1 as you can guess i just use mine to mess about with stuff.
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