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  1. I prefer the "god damn zubats" track by Unununium personally. max repel works every damn time. My favourite had to be tuberz track just wow. DDRK's track i want to be played at my wedding (if that ever happens, in which i shall make it on christmas day.) such an amazing waltz so many great artists on one album. Go buy/download this album before the winter disappears.
  2. I said it on facebook this morning but i'll say again, Happy birthday nathan
  3. oh shi i better tell a friend of mine, he's a BIG legend of zelda fan. Thanks for informing me guys
  4. Happy birthday And seeing as mirby hasnt appeared yet with her cake pictures, here have one on me.
  5. Congrats you two i hope it was a great day for the both of you. Hope i get a slice of the wedding cake.
  6. UEFA Euro 2000 for the ps1. Now i hate football/soccer with a passion and being in a football obsessed family i had to put up with alot of it. Uefa euro 2000 was the last football game my older brother had before he moved out into his own place. And regardless of my hatred of the sport i'd play it with him and found myself enjoying it just for doing stupid stuff like customizing each player in your team, scoring with the goalie and other nonsense. oh and misquoting the commentators. "OH FINGER TIP WAVE, great save by the keeper."
  7. Beating megaman zero using a keyboard using a emulator. was done on a bet and i refuse to do it again on the megaman francise in general, rush jumping and attacking all at once is almost imposible on a keyboard.
  8. Oh god this is awesome, i adore the YM2612 bassline. Keep on rocking will
  9. I love the trance song lenticular clouds the best from this album, if you ever thinking of what genre to go with when thinking of song ideas please do more trance. the whole album is pretty awesome but to me that song was a standout to me especially. Nice work DarkSim cant wait to hear whatever you bring out next. Needless to say 9bit records is bringing out hit after hit. so glad you guys banded together to create this label of sorts.
  10. psychowolf


    Congratulations to you both Isabella looks adorable :3 hope you realise whats coming next what with the early mornings, the nappies and what not. Good luck you two. :3
  11. Happy birthday to the site itself So wheres the cake,booze and hot young ladies? This IS meant to be a party right?
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