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  1. Ok ive officially avoided this place since gamergate begun because my viewpoint was vastly different from everyone id seen on my twitter. i will say this now, i couldn't care who you are, if you enjoy games you are a gamer. i will say this though, i find this whole situation a fucking mess. the issue that brought up by gamergate is the corruption of the gaming journalism, but instead the "sjw" side brings up that if the opposing side are racist sexist bigots if you disagree with them. that isn't how it works im afraid being sexist means you actually hate women and think they are a lesser being
  2. i love the fact that this mix has been entirely reworked from the ground up and re-released. The original one is an amazing track so what more can be said about the remake of such an incredible track? Nothing. the original is amazing, this is amazing. CarbohydroM idk how you do what you do but keep doing whatever it is you do cause its kicking ass.
  3. daytona usa, afterburner, super hang on, all classics.
  4. sonic R soundtrack, daytona usa soundtrack. but for music i like in games i dont sonic 06
  5. i wish i could love this thread more then i already do so im just gonna sit here and spaz out, hope you dont mind while i wait.
  6. This is one of my favourite tracks on this album and now thanks to ectogemia i get the reference in the name was a reference to the band CASIOPEA vs T-SQUARE, and if the rest of their music is similer to this track? well they will have a new fan.
  7. i just like to thank you guys, i like jazz but havent really got a favourite artist, so this thread helps with that edit: i do like jamiroquai so i guess thats kinda jazz fusion
  8. so a sonic generation remix album. i like the concept.
  9. As I stated on fb I love the show, always excited to see who will be next. Its just a pain you post the videos Just as im going to work. >.< ohwell.
  10. psychowolf


    I ADORED Croc legend of the gobbo's but my GOD the game is so damn long i never officially completed it. it does have a great soundtrack such as the main the All the characters are god damn ADORABLE. caddicarus sums up my feelings here: if any of you have young children i would highly recommend this game as a introduction to the platforming genre, yes it can be tricky later on but for the fun you have from this game it is definitively worth playing.
  11. Lyrics:meet nico smith Nico Smith, is quite a special case; our sessions have brought up rather interesting things. his fantasies in particular are vivid and detailed, and almost certainly rooted in his childhood. they are also very unusual. Lyrics:Somewhere Green For today's exercise, i want you to think of someplace green. someplace pleasant. someplace where you feel at peace. can you think of that special place? It shouldnt be that difficult. Lyrics:Lost Marbles Now i want you to think back. As a child, did you ever own a set of marbles?... and did you ever happen to misplace those marbles?
  12. yeeeah im a sucker for the series, it works in my favour that i am unable to play it due to the lack of a console, i know logically that its a rip off but my heart tells me i want it, and normally the heart wins over my head with me.
  13. as a actual mgs fan i can absolutely agree with this. konami are cashing in on the franchise, they wanted to sell it at that price. from what i know kojima wanted to do as was listed but my sources are flimsy. it should have been a demo put out to promote 5 at digital download at 10 bucks max. glad my ps3 died or i would be playing it now.
  14. im gonna answer your question with another question. how long is a piece of string?
  15. "The bombastic symphonies of Shadow of the Colossus, the J-pop arias of Kingdom Hearts, and choral psalms of Halo: Combat Evolved were certainly wonderful themes. Halo specifically demonstrated music that’s become iconic with its series and memorable to any passing fan. But while these examples are truly wonderful performances, ignore them for a second." wait what? why? these are exactly the types of vgm that is amazing. i'll explain why the music in newer vgm isnt as memorable and i'll use movies as a example. When we think of memorable movie themes who do we look to? 100% it will be John Wil
  16. congrats to you mirby on finally getting this album released. and congrats to all artists on this album, i shall check it out and give my review of it eventually.
  17. Sup people ive been away awhile, my 2 cents. Let sonic retro continue to hate their favourite game series and everything about both it and all fan made stuff about it. ive seen the worst of the fanbase and i can say anything they say DONT take to heart. am i considered part of this fanbase? sure but when i see bullshit i call people out on it. i saw g-mixers comments about 2 months ago but to be honest i thought not to tell others about it and not cause the drama that has played out. let me put this simply for you all. i enjoyed the album. you guys enjoyed making the album. fuck the rest of th
  18. cheap sheeit from argos, jvc brand if i want actual loudness and quality i go for headphones the jvc brand i normally buy has lowered the volume their speakers play at so i need to find a new brand to get but quality is good. http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t420/tivibanko/JVC%20Gumy/main4_zps769541a2.png<-- these only cost 6 bucks
  19. dude sign me up if i can, ive missed several meetups and dont wish to miss another, feburary k got it will plan it all out from now till the day.
  20. Regardless of how good ben affleck will be i came across this petition on my fb feed : http://www.change.org/petitions/warner-brothers-remove-ben-affleck-as-batman-bruce-wayne-in-the-superman-batman-movie now... disliking a choice is one thing but petitioning? i feel that the internet has lost all logical sense and is just petitioning anything they remotely dislike nowadays.
  21. daredevil, apocalypse, pearl harbor are the main ones that come to mind, his acting style really doesn't stand out.
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