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  1. what you talking bout willis halo ce was a awesome game, that and it had the gta series and alot of other decent games that were also on the ps2. ...what? what do you mean thats not the xbox your talking bout? there was only one xbox one, then there was a 360.... ....you mean this brick?
  2. well i like those things where people take video game music and reinvent it to their own style....cant think of what its called... that and i enjoy watching roosterteeth, drawing game art, reading artbooks,watching tv shows and movies about games, reading magazines about retro gaming is very interesting to me, creating a pc able to be turned into a mame machine at the drop of a hat is one of the tasks i set myself aside from the fact i lack the space to have a mame machine. collecting old games. if i think of anything else i'll let you know.
  3. dont worry i barely picked any names so i doubt the spoilers will effect me. atleast till like season 2 but eh by then i'll have forgotten the spoilers,or the characters names one or the other.
  4. So im alittle behind in this whole game of thrones show. but with everyone and theyre mother are talking about this show so i thought "might aswell" im up to the 5th episode and i like the "bastard" with the coward sam. one of the few characters i enjoy. i also like the young girl that dreams of being a knight, she's cool. so ok the sex and violence is alittle graphic for a tv show, but eh im sure thats what made it popular, im not too fussed about either. except for the horse getting its head cut off. i didnt want to see that. but hey its a decent show. but im sure just like lost i'll lose in
  5. To be fair its a decent tattoo, my only issue with it is if it was me i wouldnt have chosen the cover image of the one of the worst games in the series. but knowing my tastes i would of got a tattoo of evil super sonic from the uk fleetway comics but each to their own.
  6. 1. Amateratsu 2. Joe musashi ....er 3. Qbert all those 3 need more love, specially ammy.
  7. Thank you bleck you made me smile
  8. i do but thats ok im a old nerdy dinosaur.
  9. From what zircon is saying its pretty clear that the gaming console itself is dead. Welcome to the future where every bit of electrical equipment does all the same stuff. I take it the market is at such a saturation point that nothing can do just one thing anymore and still sell well. This just makes me sad for the future...
  10. perhaps zircon this might help with future situations like that: http://www.howtogeek.com/117424/how-to-make-steams-offline-mode-work/
  11. Then consider me a fffing nerd >:I
  12. To be fair i havent had a problem with offline mode for steam, i had my internet cut off for 5 months once and i was still able to play left 4 dead and half life from my PC If i had that happen if i bought a xbo then nothing would work even though i have bought the games. You also need a kinect connected to it to play your games aswell as the fact you have to pay for a license if you want to lend the game to your friends. Microsoft is screwing its customers over at every turn with this console and to be honest with you im disgusted by it. what happened to the plug in and play, where you just t
  13. mustin your profile gif fits so well with what your saying xD "heres a ball full of sports games for the new xbox1" "games or gtfo" xD My opinion? they should of went with my name for the console... GAMEbox.
  14. happy birthday seeing as mirby isnt here and you havent got a cake i thought id give you a canadian cake. and who's more canadian then wolverine?
  15. Bro being in the sonic fanbase ive spent all day arguing with sonicfans about the wiiu. sure my opinion of not wanting a wiiu for one or 2 games not withstanding. ive had to argue with a guy that started a petition to get the exclusivity lapsed. needless to say i destroyed the arguement entirely with spouting the truth at them. sonic fans could argue over anything and sometimes nothing. anything to gain that "true fan" status that no one cares about and doesnt exist anyway.
  16. with all the stuff nintendo has been doing recently makes me think this is them hitting the panic button, earthbounds release being a wiiu exclusive was where i first got the feeling they are panicing. so why isnt wiiu selling well? Idk.
  17. ah, well then i shall continue with the search for you.
  18. check my comment after the link to itunes by jh sounds to hear the album streamed.
  19. They were always weird thats WHY they are cool.
  20. http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/Daft+Punk+Random+Access+Memories/86439304 for those that dont like itunes heres a stream of the album. make sure its in track order cause the playlist is in the wrong order. due to listening to half of the album has made me want a real life copy of this album to hold in my hands and adore. really they have out done themselves. i frigging love it
  21. well there IS a story but its so convoluted that it seems like there is no story, the sandman being uncle bens killer always pissed me off, gwen being introduced was pointless because the first movie had done gwen's story with mj, and the alien symbiote saga was sooo watered down in this film its unreal (god damn emo peter) and venom got less then 10 min screen time. and the breaking up with mj part of the story was so forgetable because it was so god damn cliched..... i could rant for days about this film. the entire films saving grace scene.forgive my rants im a big comic geek and spiderm
  22. Dark knight rises suffers the same problem all 3rd films in a superhero franchise suffer from. Trying to tell a long and complicated story in under 3 hours without people losing track of whats going on. spiderman 3 with the alien symbiote/venom saga and xmen 3 with the phoenix saga respectfully. They should have made blake the new batman when bruce got his back broken, unlike in comics spines dont heal up if you just click em back in place.
  23. Sonic heroes for the ps2 from the games side, even if im a hardcore sonic fan i REFUSE to complete this game with the shoddy level designs causing instant falling into pits constantly, and ive got sonic 06 in my collection so yeah, sonic fffffing heroes. As for the movie side i have Napolean Dynamite. there is one scene i find funny in the whole film, and thats when the farmer shoots the cow infront of the school bus. I know it has its fans but by god the humor was definately not my cup of tea.
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