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  1. Yes... I'm happy to see that EA actually pays some attention to the VG media. We need more companies to do that in this industry *cough* Activision *cough*.
  2. Wow, a LOT of OCR people have birthdays in March, including myself (March 7). Happy birthday you three (and anyone else with a birthday in the next few days).
  3. If I'm a Mac user, How do I download the map?
  4. There must have been either a huge debate, or an OCR event. I don't know because I wasn't here until January. EDIT: Actually, maybe a website referred to OCR, and that many people came to OCR at once. That's what happens on the internet.
  5. Who's waterfall structure is that? Brushfire? Directorflik? Beatdrop?
  6. Thanks for the birthday wish, man! I'm listening to Ep. 51 right now. I'm also a big fan of your music on the Missingno Tracks.

  7. This may or may not hurt you, but I don't hear a lot of the source track. Granted it's repetitive, but throwing in a little more of the source couldn't hurt your chances of this getting posted. Also, ROBOT LUIGI!
  8. This Describes OCR in a nutshell.
  9. Emos in my Zelda game? FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU- *drops dead*
  10. Loved the Jigglypuff song at the end. Totally did not expect that. Will not introduce my sentences with the subject "I".
  11. /sarcasm That is incredible. I'm sure it caused you much frustration, but at least you were able to beat the game that way.
  12. I like this mix a lot, largely because this mix could pass as a legitimate Metroid song (at least atmospherically). Your choice of instruments was well played in my book. Maybe boosting the chorus (Lower Norfair Theme) a tiny bit could enhance the song in the beginning. Other than that, good luck.
  13. At least if it's delayed I can download it at home, as opposed to a local Starbucks because my college has a zero tolerance policy with torrents.
  14. If your PS3 breaks down, who do you send it to for reparations? Most likely Sony. And when they repair it they update it to the latest version, which removes LinuxOS support. Of course, the Air Force could have their own engineers who can repair it. You would know better than I do, Brushfire. Here are a couple of sources I found about the situation: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20100513/0113129410.shtml http://www.shacknews.com/article/63761/sonys-removal-of-ps3-linux
  15. This came as a pleasant Sunday surprise. Nice Track.
  16. I'm not saying that this sort of thing is of poor quality or bad for the industry, but I am surprised that a kid friendly company like Nintendo is willing to release this game for the Wii.
  17. Fun thought: Remember when the US Air Force bought all of those PS3's to link together for a powerful computing system (I don't know the specifics). Yeah, if that shit breaks or needs to be updated, Sony automatically updates the PS3's to the latest version, without the LinuxOS support, rendering it useless to the Air Force and a HUGE waste of our tax dollars. Way to go Sony for destroying our national security.
  18. Hell yeah! That should be at next year's Overclocked After Dark panel. I don't know how they were able to pull this off, or get this past Ubisoft's quality control team (if they have one). Even Nintendo approved of this shit in Europe. FUCKING NINTENDO! At least it's not going to be released in the US.
  19. Today would have been better if they had released Black and White now instead of March.
  20. How far are you going with this series? If you get all the way to the elite four, I would read the whole thing. EDIT: Wow, you ninja posted one last post before I went to bed.
  21. I've heard that it was Nintendo that ruined Other M, not Team Ninja. Anyways, back to Zelda. Who's looking forward to Skyward Sword?
  22. AW YEAH! I like the new interface when you start the Minecraft application [EDIT: Removed stupid joke]. I also like the fact that it only takes two blocks of planks to make a pressure plate. I hated it when I have to use up three wood blocks to make a door and plate, but now I only need two.
  23. I'm sure he has much more to worry about than a sub-forum name correction.
  24. I like this song a lot, and the mix is even more incredible. Normally I offer some critique, but this is really good. Maybe some better bass beats could improve the song a little, but I'm a fool for songs with a strong bass (ironically, I could not care for dubstep). Good Luck! EDIT Note to Synthony: we're about to get a good number of Pokemon remixes from the Missingno album. Can't wait for that!
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