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  1. I don't care if they are making a new HD system. What counts is that the majority of the games available aren't shovelware.
  2. Dude, you better bring that to MAGfest. That would be the star of the whole thing!
  3. Can't donate in April, but I'll try to pitch in at least $20 or so once I return back home. No guarantee's though.
  4. Really? I find that hard to believe. Then again that explains how frequent you post here.
  5. Why do I get the impression that if you replaced the electric guitar with a mexican-style acoustic you'd make an awesome salsa mix? Anyways...as the two previous posters explained, the mix sticks with the source completely, and OCR expects some solos and variety in the mix. I would suggest a guitar solo with simply the drum cymbals in the background.
  6. 3 episodes? Do you guys WANT me to not do my business assignments?
  7. Rather repetitive, the vocals are difficult to hear, and the drum could sound a bit more authentic. Other than that, your good.
  8. I would assume that most of us would fall under the classification of a nerd. While I play Minecraft, I like to listen to podcasts to pass the time. This got me thinking...what podcasts do you guys listen to that are either video game, comic, or technology related? I listen to a few podcasts on a regular basis. The first being Overclocked After Dark. If you haven't heard about it by now, chances are you are still too young to listen. http://lemonsinseries.com/ocrab/ I also listen to the Nerdy Show. Similar to OCAD, but with less discussions about porn. http://nerdyshow.com/ Recently, I found a podcast called The Giggaheim, which covers comics, movies about comics, gaming, technology, and dating advice for geeks. I find it hilarious! http://www.giggaheim.com/
  9. Meh, my brother had the same thing when he was in high school. But I got to give the guy props for experimentation.
  10. Great track! ...I don't find anything major I would pick at. Good luck with it.
  11. Um...How do I say this. The entire arrangement is very messy. A lot of the sounds and a few instruments need some work or have to go...period. Also the drums are not in sync with the melody at all. Anyone else want to back me up?
  12. Aside from my main influence, my mother (who is a musician herself), I was inspired by meeting all of the awesome remixers at the OCR panels (yes, even the OCAD panel) and seeing how cool and chill everyone is. Quite literally, it was the moment that someone on the panel (I believe Larry) said, "You could be the next remixer," pointing in my direction. I gave it thought, re-listened to some of the OCR tracks, and thought, "heck, why not try?" My list of OCR idols: WillRock, Darkesword, Mattias Gerdt (Anosou), Disco Dan (remember him?), C418, Protodome, Zircon, and others I'm too lazy to name... Special shout out to Level 99, Joshua Morse, and Danny Baranowsky, just cause. Edit: Also, Christopher Tin. That guy is a G!
  13. So I'm assuming the date is still in the works?
  14. I really like the Lush track. Nice arrangement...
  15. Now this is dubstep I could tolerate! Now I have not heard the source, so I can't comment on anything but the current song. The ending was a little disappointing, but I don't suppose there is not much you can do with that...
  16. Even though the MM2 remake aspect wasn't that appealing, I do think the level editor was a great concept.
  17. I am in the process of learning how to play the keyboard and the various chords. While I don't expect to be a piano master anytime soon, I would like to learn the basics to make music using software as soon as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations or tutorials (preferably cheap or free) for learning keyboarding?
  18. Wow! The Megaman mix was so amazing. Also the related videos on Youtube are so random its hilarious.
  19. Why would they make one for the iPhone, but not the IPad? I would figure the bigger screen would improve gameplay. Hell, I wrote this message on the iPad. Also, I agree that the price is way too high. Make it at most $9.99.
  20. Ah, 8-bit goodness. You've got an awesome track and you've turned a 5 second loop into a 2 and a half minute track. As for the repetition, I have no other suggestion other than to add your own melody with the level select theme as the background or take out the main loop at certain random points.
  21. Nonamer

    Portal 2

    "That's not a panel, that's a crusher. We sell those too." Brilliant!!!
  22. Here's another sad thought: who's going to kill Call of Duty first? The government (by banning violent video games to minors) or Activision (by overwhelming us with multiple titles every year, like guitar hero)?
  23. Ah, now I see why you wanted to not use a fadeout. Maybe an echo of the last notes would be better.
  24. NICE! I like what you did with the arrangement. *Looks up DnB*...I can definitely hear the drums, but the bass is kind of meh. Maybe it's just me. Intro was great, but the end was rather sudden for me. Maybe a fadeout would work better.
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