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  1. Great song. I have only heard of Cave Story a month ago, so I'm trying to discover what the big deal is. The vocalist (whether it was you or someone else idk) has a good voice and sang well, for the most part. But I have a few thoughts concerning how it affects the whole song. First, they aren't prominent enough on some of the more softer sections. If you want vocals at all, make sure they can be heard loud and/or clear. Maybe boost the volume or reduce the background music to help that. Second, the vocalist seem very strained at hitting certain notes, which at some moments degrades the song. I could understand the heavy atmosphere of the song, but that needs some work. Third, there is nothing wrong with the lyrics. Hell, I can get around the nonsensical vocals from Anosou's Armored Core album, and have caught myself singing the lyrics. However, make sure you/the vocalist sing them clearly, because I sometimes can't tell what you are saying. Hope that helps. Good luck.
  2. Nonamer


    I have yet to see it (I will in the next week) but I know that Marvel is leading up to the Avengers movie by introducing the core characters. My worry is that the movies will be rushed, since these are huge moneymakers for Marvel. DC is doing fine with the once-a-year thing, but my hopes aren't high for the Green Lantern movie.
  3. I'll say this once and I'll say this again. The US government (especially the military) should pay great attention to this incident. Sony may or may not have a highly secure system, but who's to say the US electric grid or the military databases are more secure? These will be the new terrorist targets, and ignoring it will result in a deathblow to our wired society.
  4. I lol'd! It's unlikely that this is true. Microsoft is smarter than introducing a new console after releasing the Kinect. Although I could see why they might do it if Nintendo is releasing a new console in 2012. Let's hope they don't screw up.
  5. Might as well bump the thread... Good opinions on the seeding idea. I now agree that my idea wouldn't work here.
  6. Just a thought...At least for the first round you should put OCR members who have posted mixes against each other (i.e. WillRock vs. Prophetik), while non-posted members can compete against each other (i.e. Starpheonix vs. fredrickd). That could even the playing field for newer and less experienced members. Let's face it, any newb going against...say...Rozovian would probably have their ass handed to them. EDIT: Wow, I never finished my thought. Thank you English paper.
  7. MUCH better! I like what you did with the track. Can't wait to see it go through the judges bench.
  8. Nice and cute, but other than that not that impressive. Granted the source your working with isn't the most epic piece, but I don't see this posting on OCR anytime soon. Anyone want to add feedback? I can't think at the moment.
  9. ...Looks like I'm gonna have my work cut out for me if I help with the artwork. I'm thinking of making a poster for all the robot masters involved. What do you guys think?
  10. This mix is pretty good and relaxing. Whether or not it meets OCR standards is uncertain...but I do think it's heading in the right direction. The length saves certain tracks from being considered too drawn out, but I do think the intro MAY need a better lead. I hope you didn't submit it yet, but if you did wish you luck.
  11. Wow! For a song I've never heard of for a game that I still have yet to play, this song kicks hard ass! I think the only thing you have to do is follow everyone's advice on the drumlineand you are set! I've never heard your older version, so I can't make any comparisons.
  12. Wow...harsh much? I mostly do digital, but I will buy a physical CD if there is a chance I can get it autographed.
  13. I don't think Fake Man is considered a robot master...pick someone else.
  14. ...Have you played Smash Bros? I heard its an okay game. /troll I will give Nintendo the chance to prove it's strength in consoles...but if they fail with this new console and only focus on the HD aspect without getting the games to back it up they should start considering becoming a third-party distributor...
  15. Since I hope to be working on the non-musically related stuff (photoshop art, things like that) will you contact me Darkesword and tell me what to do?
  16. ...so I heard that there will be maps in the next update. Also, bug fixes up the ass according to Notch... Edit: wow that was fast Crowbar.
  17. I would like to reserve some land...there's no Native American burial grounds near it right?
  18. I actually have been burglarized, and it wasn't because we didn't lock our doors or had inefficient security. It was because they smashed through a small bathroom window five feet off the ground (he must have been lean as hell); quite literally an exploitation of our security system. To bring this back to topic, while Sony is patching up the problem, they are also learning how to prevent the same problem from occurring again. It's actually similar to an immune system... OCRE's right. Fuck those guys who broke down Sony's network. Someone should get the FBI on their ass.
  19. Same here...start with this familiar artist: http://www.christophertin.com/callingalldawns.html
  20. It's good that there's more variety (unless that extra part is in the original...I've never played Chrono Trigger), but again, the instruments need an overhaul. It's good to see the work in progress though.
  21. Here is a SM remake right here: http://www.virtualsupernes.com/list/index.html
  22. If you are going to expand, your instrumental choice is going to bring you down the hardest. They definitely sound unintentionally low grade. I would search for better instruments. Other than that, SuperSlacker mentioned everything else.
  23. Sony is not liable for too much though...they have not broken their part of the contract, which is that they will not share their information with outside sources. The outside sources STOLE that information, and have no right to it. The only thing Sony is liable for is having a craptastic security system (which could be categorized as neglect of services).
  24. I do think the intro was cool. Doesn't necessarily help the track, but it doesn't hurt either. One quibble I have with the song has to be the drums. They don't sound entirely realistic, especially the cymbals. But I definitely enjoy the rest of the song. Keep it up!
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