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  1. Whoops. I'll change both images so that they're smaller. Let me know if the end result still doesn't work.

  2. SWEET! Now I have to figure out how to put this in my sig and we're all set. (EDIT: Done.) Also, I updated the poster I made to include changes made by Darkesword.
  3. If you are dreaming about OCR, you may have a problem... If we weren't a non-profit, we could seek sponsors from various video game makers or design institutes. But other than that it's too expensive. Though having a few members start off at local university TV station couldn't hurt. Anyone up to jumpstarting OCR's show at American U? Also, Youtube makes a decent substitute, since I get to hear any OCR song and preview it to see if I like it.
  4. DDD is one of my favorite tracks, and I could never get sick of hearing remixes of this song. This is no exception. I'd say the balance is fine, but you definitely need some parts where the energy of the song is on full blast.
  5. This is probably one of the only competitions where the competitors are free to elaborate on their musical strategy. I find that interesting.
  6. I've been watching deceasedcrab do a let's play of a freeware game from Japan called Hydra Castle Labyrinth, and the first thing I noticed was that the music was amazing. All the levels had great soundtracks, and it sounds like it would be a great source to remix. Unfortunately, the only video that I could show you is a preview video. You guys should check it out (especially if you know Japanese).
  7. Whew. It took a while, but here's my first poster for the 2011 GRMRB. My main problem was cutting half of the robot masters from a sprite collection, as well as cutting some characters down to size (GroundMan was untouchable, so BlackPanther gets lucky). Despite this, I think I did a swell job. It was my longest project too! Also, thanks NintendoMasterGC for the title. That was the icing on the cake! Any comments are appreciated!
  8. You probably didn't read the intro did you? Yeah I remember that song well. I remember when I would hear that song and then it would be replaced by another awesome song. Needs remixes pronto!
  9. I actually will be using this site a LOT with the Robot Master Remix Battle coming on.
  10. I have a poster in the works, but my friends came over, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for it. In other news, NintendoMasterGC 1-UPed me with his personal sigs.
  11. I should do this for every birthday...
  12. @NintendoMasterGC could you also send me the PSD? I'm mostly interested in the title, and have some plans for other posters. I do think that text should be the official title graphic for the whole battle. Can't wait to work with you.
  13. I almost forgot! Did you know that the first OCRemix song I downloaded was Fleeting Ecstasy (Super Mario 64) by none other than chthonic.
  14. Alright! Now it's time to start working on that artwork! Expect something either today or tomorrow. By the way, does anyone know what the closest font to the 8-bit font of the NES? It has to be available in Adobe CS4.
  15. HaBBy BBirthday, BB. Happy B-Day, B-man. Your birthday is certainly Brigged to be amazing. I could do these all day.
  16. Interesting beat. It kinda sounds like something in Miami.
  17. Sapphire version...I see what you did there! Everyone else said what I wanted to say. Can't wait to hear the next version.
  18. Nice mix. I don't have headphones on atm, so I can't really commentate on the vocals right now. You wouldn't happen to have a copy of the lyrics would you?
  19. MUCH Better! Holy crap this track is great. If you can apply this style to whatever your robot master is, or if you face-off against (probably) Anti-Syne. I would say even if the GRMRB is going on you could submit this to the judges. PS: Make sure that when you have your final song there isn't 20 seconds of dead air at the end.
  20. My Dreamcast was the first real console I ever owned, and its library is quite good. Anyone remember Sonic Shuffle? Crazy Taxi? Unreal Tournament DC?
  21. It would be a Sega fan's wetdream if there was a Dreamcast 2. However, most likely that Sega won't be making a console for a LONG time, if at all. I do think Sega should take advantage of its third party status and make long awaited sequels to games like Shenmue on more powerful consoles. Oh, and NiGHTS. Sorry Stevo!
  22. @DaMonz I think the intro is fine, although adding something more "intro-like" wouldn't hurt either. So far so good TGH! Obviously you need more in the track, because the ending was flatter than Thomas Friedman's world. (politics joke)
  23. I think its cool, and the atmosphere was pretty sweet. However, I'd say it would definitely be considered conservative to the source. All you have to do is add some variety and you have a solid track that would be difficult to beat.
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