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  1. I just don't get why Sony gets to tell people what they get to put on the hardware. They made the hardware, why do they need to be involved anymore in the process? It's like if my Buick only accepted Exxon gasoline or something. Once I pay for a PS2 I should be allowed to do whatever I want to with it, instead of Sony arbitrarily deciding who can make software for it and who can't which is a kind of trust as yangfelli said. You don't see Intel telling you what software can run on your PC or Microsoft for that matter. Still wondering what law says Sony can dictate things like this when I would think there is anti-trust legislation that would go against it.
  2. I saw this over on Kotaku: http://kotaku.com/5070265/the-ps2-is-now-officially-an-open-platform#c8605780 Basically, Sony is now letting whoever wants to release a PS2 game release a PS2 game as they choose. Ok, great. But how were they stopping them? Legally? What specific laws are on the books that stop me from releasing a PS2 game? Is it all just a matter of having control of the dev kits? People on Kotaku mention that even if the PS2 is "open" you still have to buy the dev kit, just not the license. What is the legal basis of having to get a "license" to release console software? I would have expected there to be anti-trust legislation that would prevent console companies from controlling the software released for their platform like this. Note, I'm not talking about practical things like controlling the disc manufacturing plants or whatever. Just purely the legal basis.
  3. I watched a friend play this over the weekend and found it unimpressive despite initially liking the character customization. The combat seems fine, I just didn't like the simplicity of the social interactions. Most people can't really speak to you, all you can do is dance and fart at them or something. The speed at which my friend's character got married was kind of silly. I was expecting some kind of elaborate courting, but all he had to do was dance at her. I would like to see a Japanese company take the knowledge they've gained from dating games and apply it to this kind of game to get something a little more story and personality driven. The game world doesn't feel stupid only if you view all the interactions as abstractions of real social interactions.
  4. I'm like Delita Hyral from Final Fantasy Tactics. I want to manipulate people in order to gain power and reshape the world into my own vision.
  5. I personally don't even use those as sound only comes out of one speaker as opposed to using coax. I need to get some kind of split cable or something.
  6. Looking to buy: Ninja Gaiden III (NES) Final Fantasy 1 (PSP) Final Fantasy 2 (PSP) Original SNES Controller
  7. Yeah, after my situation occurred I had to wonder why they made people push the cartridges down anyhow. Do the top loader NES's have a better life expectancy? A friend of mine was thinking about buying one.
  8. They should've released the game. Fuck it. I don't even care about LBP and I say that. If they had put in some Latin quote from the Bible that talked about how unbelievers are damned to Hell or something, I as an atheist would've cared less and that would've been a direct attack on me. Biblical latin quotes are cool. This Qua'ran stuff wasn't attacking anyone. I'm sorry but some line about death doesn't qualify as dark or inappropriate to me. Death is a truth of the universe as much as Life is. No use hiding it from anyone of any age. If you actually listen to the song, it isn't like the song is of some genre that just doesn't work well for LBP. If it had been about death AND Death Metal or Nu Metal I would've been a little more questioning as to whether the song worked for LBP just because of the genre choice. Of course, since everyone is going to go out and buy the game next week, Sony will assume you don't care about what they did.
  9. Nah he hasn't pointed out anything in any games I like that I didn't already know. I hate Brawl (Brawl is to Guilty Gear like checkers is to chess) too so maybe he and I can be friends. I think the main reason that I find him unfunny is his delivery. He just sounds like he really is a jerk. I guess that delivery doesn't appeal to me.
  10. I watched about 4 or 5 of these and was surprised that they were mostly unfunny. Are his reviews serious or no (does he actually like the games he slams)? Even if it is all a joke, I found his metaphors and insults that I'm sure he finds clever to be pretty juvenile. I mean, I like the AGVN who can be accused of the same, but at least I find his videos legitimately funny when he isn't spewing out nonsense about animal feces. If this guy's reviews are serious, he comes across as someone who can't handle a plot and not talented at being funny.
  11. I got my new 72-pin connector and replaced it. Everything works great (well the NES games that I owned as a kid work, some of the ones that have been given to me later on, not so much) with one little quirk. The games typically don't work if I push the spring loader down into the locked position. Instead, I just push the cartridge in and leave the loader up. I assume this isn't really a problem, it just makes me wonder if I put the NES back together slightly wrong or something.
  12. Selling: King of Fighters PS2 2000/2001 $20 Electroplankton DS Game $45 Diddy Kong Racing $13 Trauma Center: Under the Knife $25 Soul Calibur II for the Gamecube $5 Scrapped Princess Volume 1 DVD $5 Zeta Gundam Volume 2 DVD $5 Banner of the Stars Volume 1 DVD $5 Shipping is an addition $2.50 for each of these items. Prices are based off what they went for on E-bay.
  13. Why is he suddenly complaining now? Because OCR is sending a lot more e-mails now than it used to. Surveys, interviews, albums, and stuff. I mean, the administrative e-mail thing implied it would be important stuff, but I feel as if the e-mail's now are less important than they used to be. An "administrative" e-mail to me suggested terms of service changes, not an interview with some guy I've never heard of. And it is all stuff someone who regularly checks the site would see anyhow. I'm unsubscribing.
  14. Yeah, I got my ROM back in April haha. Mother is not something one fucks around on.
  15. Fuck, I'm out of town this weekend and now I really wish I could play Mother 3. Oh well, gives 'em time to make a v 1.1 to fix some inevitable bug.
  16. Since you can't point out anything specific, I'm of the opinion you might be overcomplicating something you really like.
  17. There's probably not really a whole lot of demand for it which is why they don't provide much supply. The only places I know to carry it are dedicated game stores and online retailers.
  18. I get bitter about Smash Brothers because it gets all kinds of attention, but a clearly superior product (Guilty Gear) gets no attention. It's like if everyone around you never wanted to play chess and only checkers.
  19. What part of Earthbound, specifically, suggests that it is all a fictional child's fantasy, aside from the fact that it actually is a video game and is a real person's fantasy?
  20. I get choked up because of The Stand because I empathize with Protoman's feelings every single day.
  21. The reason things are going in the RE4 direction is because RE4 sold well. Most of the market isn't going to go for survival horror due to ammo expectations and survival horror games often having funky controls. A shame, but true.
  22. Probably wouldn't matter anyhow. Patching a ROM goes beyond simple archiving.
  23. It's quirky as hell. That's my reason, at least. I dunno, my mom ran over my copy of Mario Bros. 3 by accident about 10 years ago and it still works fine. As do the other games she ran over, but Mario Bros. 3 took the most damage from that incident.
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