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  1. What amazes me about DRM is that Valve seems to have solved the problem ok. All Steam games inherently have a basic DRM scheme, but nobody complains about it and goes nuts over Portal and Team Fortress 2. Why can't other companies just do what Valve does?
  2. Same here. I spent too much time waiting for my Force meter to charge up or whatever. I was also annoyed about how some materials were fuckupable, but others didn't really react to anything you did. And why does my light saber cut robots in half but doesn't dismember people? I'm not a fan of the Star Wars Universe, so beyond gameplay, the game has nothing intrinsic to offer me. I honestly expected the demo to be more fun than awkward. I will give them credit though for managing to capture the stiff dialogue of the the movies My best friend will be buying it and will tell me how the real game is. If he's positive about it, I'll rent it. Then if I really really like it, I'll buy it.
  3. Been watching Eureka Seven through Netflix. It sort of dragged in the the 10-20 range but finally picked back up after Eureka got over her sickness. It's nice to have an anime with two characters that seem to officially be in love, a couple, and it all happening when the show is halfway over instead of at the end. Netflix has became a great way to watch anime that's already out and be able to relax on a couch instead of in front of my stupid computer.
  4. I use Facebook for complete bullshit. My status is either something I find funny or something fictional. My profile picture is often that of Lelouch from Code Geass. The Visual Bookshelf app is pretty useful for keeping track of the 25 or so books on my "Want to Read" list and the 180 odd books I've read.
  5. Permission granted (was my picture). Do whatever you want. So, from what I was reading Act II is going to explore the pasts of Wily and Light and the "Fall of Man." Translation: prequel.
  6. See them live so you can get awesome pictures like this! http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v105/194/3/571545320/n571545320_1602987_7985.jpg
  7. I'll have to know more of the context this song is played in. The Protomen just aren't a pure musical experience for me. I love the themes within the story they told in Act 1. Their first CD is my favorite CD ever. Absolutely love these guys. They are a modern day example of gesamtkunstwerk. Thanks for letting us know about this! I check their news site once a week, but I wasn't on the mailing list until now.
  8. Let me check with Mellow Mushroom about their hours on Sunday. We could make it more of a lunch thing probably if that's cool with you.
  9. I finished the Watchmen last weekend. Loved the morally ambiguous ending. I wish someone would do to the fantasy book industry what Watchmen did to the comic book industry. Guess it'll have to be me.
  10. Alrighty. I'm going to be wearing this shirt http://www.topatoco.com/graphics/00000001/qw-prof-big.gif and I will be accompanied by a bearded fellow (Darlos9d). Phone number is *** ***-****
  11. I was a bit pissed off about the nanomachines as explanation for everything as well, but my friend, who is the biggest MGS nerd you'll ever meet, explained it to me like this. If you call Otacon during the first fight with the Gekkos, he talks about how they stick to walls and how once technology gets advanced to a certain point, it might as well just be magic. Under that logic, does it really matter whether Vamp can't die because he is one of the undead or because of nanos? Maybe Kojima had nanos for everything to get that across. Liquid has all those forces because he leads the five biggest PMC's in the world, funded by the economic machine the Patriots had created.
  12. So, could everyone just go ahead and post when they'll be available. I can do stuff either Saturday or Sunday.
  13. I'm currently reading the Watchmen (inspired by the trailer and Rorscach saying "And I will whipser 'No'") and loving every page of it. However, I just don't see a need for the movie. I can already tell that they are going to have to cut a lot out and probably will make the movie strictly linear. I for one like the random things they do with time and the parallel narratives like the pirate story. What makes something like the Dark Knight so good is that the writers and director are bringing something unique to the character of Batman, a character whose tale really has no end in sight. We can simply enjoy the character without all the comic book bullshit that only the hardcore comic book fans know. The Watchmen movie however, isn't likely to bring a unique take like that, as the story was done and finished in its original run. What we are likely to get is an incomplete version. Short of an improvement on the original source material, like say LotR because Tolkein was such a boring horrible writer, I'm not really interested in this. At best, it is just going to bring attention to the graphic novel, which really does deserve more.
  14. pixietricks, Please do more dark and haunting sounding stuff! I would love to hear something like this on your inevitable next CD! P.S. Really appreciated the thank you card that came with Origins. You've earned a permanent fan.
  15. Hey all, I'm going to be visiting Raleigh Labor Day Weekend. Curious to see if anyone is interested in doing a meetup. I'm not sure who all lives in the Raleigh area besides GeoffreyTaucer. I can come, and I have a friend from NCSU who will come who is a fan of the site (Darlos9D from the Team Fortress 2 server). I was thinking maybe getting some food (Mellow Mushroom?) and doing something. A good arcade would be cool, not sure what is left in Raleigh, or maybe some laser tag. Suggestions are welcome. I figure Saturday will be the best day to do it, although I'm cool with Sunday if everyone else is. Leaving on Monday so probably not a great day for me. Anyhow, discuss! EDIT: Adding info for the meetup on on the odd chance somebody else can come. WHEN: 5:30 Saturday August 30 WHERE: Mellow Mushroom 601 West Peace Street, on the intersection of Peace Street and Glenwood. HOW DO YOU FIND US: Call me at *** ***-**** to let me know you are coming and know to have the group wait for you outside. Otherwise, we're just going to get a table without you which may or may not be outside depending on availability/preference. I'll be the black haired guy wearing this shirt http://www.topatoco.com/graphics/00000001/qw-prof-big.gif. Geoffrey Taucer will be wearing an OCR shirt. WHO: Avatar of Justice Darlos9d Geoffrey Taucer Mellow Mushroom has a bunch of beers on tap I've heard, if that's your thing, and you need a reason besides meeting OCR folks to come.
  16. Well, I dunno. Without us figuring out a way to harness it usefully, it is just used for massive civilian casualties.
  17. I have this fantasy that The Protomen will be at MAGFest. I hope it comes true someday!
  18. I was introduced to DragonForce a couple of years ago and I like them. Like the opening post said, if you need something upbeat and you need metal, DragonForce is the way to go. I've found it great to code to, oddly. I typically prefer Symphony X though because their music represents a wider emotional range and they do concept albums. I wish concept albums were the standard in music. I just go into anime threads and talk about all the meaningful aspects of certain animes and get ignored. Anime fans are some of the least insightful fans around.
  19. I will be at magfest. I would've been there previously had I realized it existed earlier. Not sure how I've missed the announcements that I'm sure have been posted. I guess I assume all the cool cons are really far away from me or something. Anyhow, I am ready to kick ass and take names in Guilty Gear.
  20. Oops. Well, I'll get down to Raleigh to visit my college friends within the next couple of months. If you know anymore OCR'ers in the area, maybe we can do a meetup. Perhaps around Labor Day Weekend? I'll PM you once I confirm that. Cool. If a group of people who want to see the Dark Knight, I could stand to see it a 3rd time. Are there any decent laser tag places around? That's always good fun.
  21. I find the new character designs silly and think the game has turned into Dead or Alive by adding that many female characters to the cast.
  22. I liked FF12. The soundtrack was excellent, world was expansive, and the lack of random battles made everything super smooth and fun. I enjoyed combat in FF12 more than any other FF. Gambits did the mindless "attack" "attack" "magic->cure" stuff for me letting me only intervene when needed. As for characters, everyone seems to like Balthier and nobody else. I personally was impressed with Ashe. She breaks the princess stereotype. She was neither spoiled nor childish. She simply wanted Dalmasca back because it belonged to her (she doesn't talk a lot about Arcadian injustice or anything). Basch was a cool loyal knight type character, and I thought Larsa was awesome in the secondary cast. I can't wait to see the new FF13 battle system. Square mixes up combat every single time in FF, usually for a new and fun experience. The world sounds cool and the cutscenes look good. Not sure what people want out of Final Fantasy. Let's bash it because doing so is "hip." I personally love the ridiculously high budget RPG experience that Final Fantasy is and am completely unapologetic about it. Everyone seems to pine for the days of SNES FF, but the stories have only improved in terms of meaning and emotion and the worlds have only gotten more detailed. I still think Final Fantasy X has the best story in the main series, not counting Final Fantasy Tactics which I think is the only video game that approaches the level of a great book in terms of story and themes.
  23. I find it funny that the game that defines the Wii or whatever doesn't use the motion control factor. The innovation everyone thought would save gaming.
  24. I went and read some of the actual press interview about this. FF13 probably won't be coming out for the Xbox 360 in Japan, as they won't be starting development of the 360 version in full swing until after the Japanese version is complete. They'll be both localizing for Western audiences and porting to 360 at the same time. source: http://kotaku.com/5025033/liveblogging-square-enix-press-conference This isn't quite the coup Microsoft hoped for I guess. It sounds like Square hasn't fully researched the market for this and it certainly isn't out of the question that they'll change their mind about no Japanese 360 release once they research and think about it a little more.
  25. Supposedly it will be like playing the Advent Children action scenes combat wise. If that appeals to you.
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