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  1. I love Chrono Trigger dearly, but emotional depth? The only part I recall having any interesting emotional depth is the relationship between Lucca and Robo. Read more books.
  2. I almost feel like instead of bothering with this game I should just go beat play Okami and Sands of Time.
  3. Can't say that I care. Mortal Kombat sucks. When you only have one franchise people care about, you've got problems. Screw these guys.
  4. I liked the escort part of Resident Evil 4. I guess I don't play enough action games to get burnt out on it.
  5. I got a Beta key of this and quit within 5 minutes. I was just wondering why I couldn't fight with other people. Fuck this Second Life bullshit.
  6. No it is a case of what less needs to happen. These morons at Sega need to stop refusing to make a Sonic game that is about running fast and only about running fast.
  7. The PS3 does DVD upscaling. But only if you're connected with HDMI. I guess Sony wants you to only output the upscaled video to "trusted" devices (HDMI can do security handshaking analog crap can't) so that you can't put it up on Bittorrent. So make sure you read in the Blu-Ray player's owner's manual or whatever about whether you need HDMI cables for upscaling. My parents were in the same situation and I just bought them some component cables for their DVD player and it looked just fine. No Blu-Ray necessary.
  8. If you've got some extra cash to spare you could get an HDTV on the cheap with all the crazy Christmas sales going on with the shitty economy. It won't be the biggest HDTV but it would at least get you something where you could read game text. This website is your friend http://www.blackfriday.info/
  9. I just set my TV into 4:3 mode when viewing 4:3 content (if the TV or PS3 doesn't do it automatically). Things look oddly stretched otherwise. Most widescreen TV's have a "Zoom" aspect ratio that would cut off the top and bottom like that though. One thing I can't tell the difference on is 1080i and 1080p. I got a HDMI cable so that I could get my TV to recognize the PS3's 1080p mode and I really can't tell a difference. Also, DO NOT BUY HDMI CABLES IN THE STORE! At Sears they were like $50 and I got some on the 'Net for $5. Unlike analog cables, cable quality doesn't matter. HDMI is digital so your video will either not work or look stellar. Signal loss and all that shit are just wiped out by the digitalness.
  10. HD's benefit can be negligible for movies (although it DOES look better), but I bought an HDTV last week and have found that all my HD games rock hard. They just look fucking amazing. Too bad the NES has all sorts of weird issues on it (odd flickering), ensuring I will always keep an old TV around. Yeah, I used to be bothered by stores having shitty streams on their HDTV's. You could probably ask a clerk to hook up a Blu-Ray player to it or something and really see the difference.
  11. Got the following for sale PS2 .hack//INFECTION $15 + S&H [Avatar of Justice] .hack//MUTATION $15 + S&H [Avatar of Justice] .hack//OUTBREAK $15 + S&H [Avatar of Justice] .hack//QUARANTINE $20 + S&H [Avatar of Justice] or Entire set for $60 + S&H [Avatar of Justice] All of them contain the anime DVD's and manual. All except Quarantine come with their original case. The reason I'm charging more for Quarantine is due to its relative rarity. And with all my stuff you gotta pay S&H. Should've mentioned that. Also Mephisto when you are going to start asking for your cut for managing this for us
  12. I have not played the Sands of Time trilogy, so the new Prince of Persia will be completely fresh to me. I like the art style and art style goes a long way with me. I personally really enjoyed Assassin's Creed fully admitting the whole time that it was repetitive as hell. I thought the best thing about it was that it had a great balance of gameplay versus story. The story was just present enough to keep me hooked and wanting to complete the next objective in order to discover what would happen next.
  13. Back in July when I got my PS3 I also bought a new PS2. My old PS2 no longer would play anything but PS1 games without problems. I figured rather than tracking down an original 60GB PS3 off the 'Net that played PS2 games somewhat buggily, I'd be better off just forking out the cash for a new PS2 guaranteed to work. I'd like to have the upscaling the PS3 can do, but oh well. I gotta keep an old TV around for NES and SNES games anyhow. I am currently without a 360 and my only regret is that Square-Enix hasn't set a PS3 release date for The Last Remnant yet. Almost every game I really want to play (except MGS4) is on both PS3 and 360 eventually so whatevs. I for one am happy to have a console/Blu Ray player now that I've forked out the cash for an HDTV. Most games just looking fucking amazing in HD.
  14. I've been using Linux for about 5 years, 4 of which have been Gentoo. It works exactly like I want it to so I haven't felt the need to try any other distros (my current Gentoo install is over 3 years old).
  15. I just sold Electroplankton so you can take it off the list. I'd like to add for sale Playstation 1 Final Fantasy Anthology $15 Final Fantasy Chronicles $15 Fear Effect 2 Best offer Playstation 2 Capcom vs. SNK 2 $30 Robotech Battlecry Best offer Xenosaga Episode 1 $10 Gamecube Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes $30 Also you can remove me as WANT for Final Fantasy I and II for the PSP.
  16. This guys Fable 2 review was dead on from what I saw of my friend playing it. I thought it was cool, then realized all the NPC's are just retards and thus lost all interest in the game.
  17. One thing that sort of confuses me is why Valkyria Chronicles was released as a PS3 exclusive. Sega doesn't really do a lot of exclusives. Oh well, glad I have a PS3!
  18. Yeah, I don't care either. There are so many games out there I want to play that I don't have time for many games that don't have a set beginning and end.
  19. I played the demo and got pretty annoyed with the training mode forcing me to watch Celeste again and again when I screwed up. Once I got past that and people were chasing me with guns it was fun. This game definetly seems worth a rent. Not sure that it is "buy" material.
  20. Maybe her nerd of a son made the video for her.
  21. I find that immoral. Making money off of users making things for free. What bullshit.
  22. Wonder if they'll leave the Objectivist dogma in it. If they get that far in the series. I like Sword of Truth, but Goodkind really needs to learn how to disguise his beliefs more instead of hammering us in the head with them.
  23. Alright, so according to some dude on Slashdot, Sony has signing keys that require each game to be digitally signed before the PS2 will run it. I suspect that before the DMCA was passed, one could've simply reverse engineered their way around it and as long as it was true reverse engineering, Sony would just have to eat it. Since Sony can design their hardware however they want, they can certainly design it to require only signed code to run and since it is a copy-protection mechanism, you can't circumvent it or else be in violation of the DMCA. Pondering what I know about how the law works, if Sony (or Nintendo or Microsoft) were being huge dicks about what games got made, licensed, and released a wronged company could definetly sue them for under laws laid out in anti-trust legislation. Like say if Nintendo had continued its draconian control of the game market like it did in the NES's day. A good clear example of this is how Nintendo required 3rd party devs to develop ONLY for Nintendo since Nintendo controlled the cartridge manufacturing and lock-out chip manufacturing. However, with the console market being a lot more competitive that sort of strategy is no longer viable and 3rd party development companies have enough muscle now to take on any hardware maker that gave them shit. If Nintendo turns your game down, you can just go to Sony or vice-versa. Basically, copy protection and licensing control on your console doesn't make you a trust by itself it's all about how much of a dick you are in exploiting tools like that that make you a dick. In spirit, I disagree with the idea that Sony can continue to control their hardware to this extent once people have bought it. I don't disagree with their patent rights or anything, but unless I'm actually making PS2's hardware patents should not be uninvolved. However, I do sympathize with Sony to the extent that they have invested lots of R&D cash into each console and that they and most major 3rd party game companies have a vested interest in Sony being able to use copy-protection in order to protect and steward the Playstation brand. EDIT: New question. Does Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo get paid a static license fee or do they get paid a license fee for each copy sold? This would make them want to only license top-selling games since they only allow a certain number of games released per year.
  24. Right, that's fine, I understand that and don't have a problem with it. No one can make a PS2 until the patents expire. Ok. But what's that got to do with controlling the software? Do they just have their copy protection patented and that's it? Were I to reverse engineer their copy protection (which is legal as long as I don't go request the patent documents like Atari did back in the day) and make some games....nevermind. That'd be breaking the DMCA. Surely there was something before the DMCA that let Sony do this. I still am not getting what let's Sony say "This is an unlicensed game. You can't do that," if say the system had no copy protection.
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