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  1. I was wondering if you had any expertise with lyric writing? Either that or how to compose music for lyrics? We are first working on the lyrics before anything else, though some people have started on some musical pieces.

  2. Hello Chris, I loved your rendition of the Song of Healing on youtube and was wondering if you'd be interested in joining Tears of the Moon: A Majora's Mask musical?

  3. Wednesday is good for me, the fireworks don't start until the evening.

  4. Sorry about this week with the lyrics and everything. I work Tuesday, Thrusday, Friday, and Sunday next week so we can schedule a time to talk about lyrics when I have off.

  5. Like us on our new Facebook page: (Tears of the Moon Facebook) We can do discussions here for now until we get the forum thing figured out. Also, click here:
  6. Sorry, but I already did the go ahead with another person that was also auditioning for the Happy Mask Salesman. We still have more parts to offer, however, we are currently focusing our efforts on the lyrics before anymore auditions.

  7. You know, I have a Majora's Mask Musical project here, if your interested: (Tears of the Moon)

  8. Vocal percussion? As in beat-boxing? That's awesome! Welcome!
  9. Don't worry, I'm trying to cut down the number of tracks as some of them are just going to be mashed up with other tracks. For a better look at the track list, check out the wiki.
  10. The idea I had was this: CD 1: Day One CD 2: Day Two CD 3: Day Three CD 4: Final Day/New Dawn
  11. True. Which is why we are tackling this beast one CD at a time or as they are going to be called "Days".
  12. I am currently trying to finish the Song Descriptions for the first CD. After I finish this, I'll post it up on the first post here and submit our project for review. I haven't had time to look into the other forum options yet, but I shall get to that soon. I want to know who I have working on lyrics now or who is interested in helping with lyrics. Remember, the faster we get the lyrics done, the faster we can get to making some music! To my knowledge, the lyrics writers consist of: Myself, MangaMan Orangedragan Champ the Hippie and Kuolema. Please contact me if you are interested in writing lyrics or if you are writing any lyrics.
  13. Hey Rex, MangaMan here. Wondering if your ready to tackle any songs yet for the Majora's Mask Musical?

  14. By the way, did you know that your "About Me" put you as a female vocalist?

  15. All right. Thanks for letting me know. I shall wait for Tuesday.

  16. Hey Tom, we are on skype. Come join us.

  17. Thanks for the 411 (I think that's what kids call it now a days). I think it is at last time to submit this project in for an official license. For now, all wips, critiques, discussions, etc about this project will be on the Wiki: http://tearsofthemoon.wikispaces.com/ Any questions, please PM me or post the question on the Q&A section of the wiki.
  18. Once again, here are the WIP we have so far: (Tree of Fond Memories) by MeMark2 (Title Theme WIP) by jnWake P.S. please comment on soundcloud for jnWake's remix. Art: (Pirate Cove) (3rd Day) Keep up the good work everyone and please comment on the current WIP and give the artists some helpful critiques to better their music. Reminder for lyric writers to have their WIP's by July 7th.
  19. Hmmm, clever. Being a anime/manga reviewer myself, I have a very louse understanding of the Japanese language. I have friends, however that are more farther along in their understanding than me. For instance, two of my friends like to watch Anpanman and other children's anime to get a basic understanding of the Japanese language. My other friend is friends with people in Japan and they teach her a little at a time. As for myself, I've seen over 136 anime series from start to finish and can pick up on the tone and emotion, as well as a few words or phrases. This is not, however, a substitute for actual classes and anyone wanting to learn the language should look into taking some or live in Japan for 4 or more months. Anyways, this is good learning material stuff man!
  20. I'm still waiting for your audition and your Deku Palace WIP. Other than that I could use some help with the lyrics in the first CD.
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