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  1. Well, it'd be nice to have a title that'll always point to the project when you Google it.
  2. Seems to me that kunal was trying to simulate EVP with the static, to sort of play on the whole displaced soul theme of Tsugunai. Well, at least that's my interpretation of it.
  3. Battling Organs rocks all of you. You just don't know it yet.
  4. Man, I'd so be all up ons Vega's Theme if I weren't swamped with like 3 other projects already...sorry, man. You've already got some serious talent lined up, though. Definitely gonna be something I'll be looking forward to.
  5. Ahahahaha! And Prince Azuzu...priceless.
  6. Great stuff. Personally, I thought this song could've used even more power in the vocal department...it just felt half-hearted at times, like you were being lazy with your voice by using only lower half of your range. Maybe if you transposed up a couple keys? That aside, though, I agree with djp...this song sounds very natural and, as Shna suggested, sounds like it could've straight out of an episode of "Smallville." I'm also not ashamed to admit that the "why try" segment made my pee-pee hard. Nice work.
  7. Well, obviously the one on the left is from a different game than on the right, and a part of these bios is/may be the games this character has been in. So, I suppose in a sense the bios would pretty much be the same, except for the game section. Unless in order to save a page one could direct both pic-links to the same page, and in the game section just say [young zelda] or [mature zelda] for whichever game corresponds accordingly. The two Zeldas are, in fact, two different people, from different eras/timelines, and therefore would have completely different backgrounds. There are multiple Links as well. This might be an issue for the two Samus mascots, though.
  8. Excellent, excellent work everyone. Great source material, all-star team...what more could you ask for? Every track was a joy to listen to...I don't believe there was a single "dud" among the bunch. I only regret that I didn't have the time to participate in this project myself. Congrats to the project members, especially DarkeSword for (finally) bringing it all together. I look forward to seeing more of these posted on OCR.
  9. Heh, don't worry...it'll be back on the queue soon enough, Gray willing.
  10. Of course the music student (graduate?) loves it. But I just wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree with him. Mazedude never ceases to, well...amaze. Simply incredible arrangement.
  11. Alright, good news and bad news. Good news, the lovely pixietricks has agreed to collab with me on The Dream Will Not Die. Bad news, we're both going overseas for the summer. Is there any way you guys could extend the deadline until we get back if we promise we'll get it finished? I actually have concepts for both "Dream..." and "Aviators," but haven't had a chance to get them recorded yet. Pretty please? ;;
  12. I'll work on both, but you don't need to reserve either of them. Takers, anybody? I might need to get in touch with Jill or Aurora sometime...
  13. Actually, Aviators would probably be easier...it's kind of growing on me now. But yes, I'd like to. The only problem is that I'll be overseas for the next two months, so it's unlikely I'd be able to work on anything during that time. If I don't have WIP's within the next couple days, feel free to give the spots to someone else (like Sir Nuts...it'd make an awesome dance track). BTW, be sure to let me know if you plan to have anyone singing over my piece, because that could significantly change the way I arrange it (it'd be a little more karaoke style).
  14. The piano is a real instrument. :/ As long as it has a melody, it can be arranged, "full song" or no. And it's the game's opening theme, for crying out loud! Seriously here! It'd be like having a Zelda project without the Overworld, or a Secret of Mana project without Angel's Fear. But whatever, fine. I might take Aviators. It's catchy enough. MIGHT.
  15. I'm wondering how you can even have a ToP project without "Yume Wa Owaranai (The Dream Will Never Die)" or "Mystic Forest." Which is a shame, cause I'd actually want to remix those.
  16. I think you two are an adorable couple!
  17. Remember the time when he fired Larry from the panel? That was so hot.
  18. At least you're not dead. I haven't seen you for frickin' ever, TW.
  19. Guhhh...I feel like I'm theory class again. Why must you do this to me, djp?? KHAAAAAAAN! Uh, anyway...while I sided with djp based on initial listens, I decided to go ahead and break it down anyway. I might've ended up completely wrong, but this is what I came up with. (Warning: long and complicated post ahead. Skip to the to get to the important part.) Here's a diagram I made with Anvil Studio (and a little help from Ms. Paint) to make it easier to read the actual notes. First of all, I decided to switch the focus of the comparison to the segment where the melodies (circled in bold red) come in. The accompanying chords are encased in a delightful blue. Now, those familiar with music theory should immediately recognize both pieces are obviously in completely different keys (exactly which ones they are we'll discuss later). So, let's play some match-up, shall we? In the original piece, the melody starts at a D, jumps to its apex at a high D, then after some intervening passing tones, falls down to a B. In djp's version, the equivalent segment starts at a C, goes up to the B-flat, then lands comfortably on a G. So immediately, we can acknowledge that conker is right in claiming the melody has been changed...the original goes up a full octave to reach the high note, while djp modifies the interval to a minor 6th. Now let's turn our attention towards the sections within the blue perimeters. In Pachelbel's Ganon, the chord in the left hand is a very obvious C minor tonic (C-Eb-G), matching the high C note in the melody. In the original piece, we see the notes in the accompaniment trace out a F-C-F-A-D-E. If you're a good little music student, you'll know that you arrange those notes a bit so that they're in consecutive thirds, resulting in D-F-A-C-E. And BAM...a D-minor (with extra 7th and 9th extensions), which corresponds with the high D. But wait! Does this mean djp is WRONG? Has he lost the battle of ears, falling into the rest of the inferior 99.9% of the population while conker emerges the victor?? Don't worry, dear ReMixers, there's still hope for our beloved choker-of-presidents. ( Here's where the fun comes in) Let's go back to those key signature thingamabobbers I was talking about earlier. We've already established the original goes to a B after the high D. But does it stop there? Oh no...it decides to take it to the XTREEEEM and drop even lower, to the G (as indicated by the dotted lines). So we have a G, an B, and a D...put them together and what have you got? Bippity-boppity-G major! In djp's arrangement, we can tell from the main notes (C-Eb-G-Bb) that it's obviously in C-minor. To be put it simply, this means he completely decimated the original major key, as promised, and replaced it with a minor substitute. In this key signature, the C-minor chord acts as a simple tonic, while in the original key, G-Major, the D-minor would function as...well, I don't even know. Is there a theory major in the house? Anyway, in conclusion, while for a moment the two do indeed coincide, one quickly realizes their differences in the context of their respective pieces as a whole. Something that you might not realize, conker, is that just because you can play the original melody of a song over a chord progression doesn't mean it's the same as the original...the fact that every chord consists of three tones means that there are an almost limitless number of possibilities for any given sequence of notes. Of course, like I mentioned, everything I just said might be completely wrong. If there happen to be any PhD's reading this, feel free to thoroughly slap me for any, errr..."Fouled Up" Disinformation I've spread. But regardless of who ends up having the last laugh...
  20. Alright, finally got around to listening to the first show. I didn't even notice Aurora's quasi-tongue-clicking before she mentioned it. "Aboot" just cracks me up though.
  21. (Disclaimer: This is not actually a photograph of Larry Oji. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.)
  22. Sorry to bump this, but I just wanted to keep everyone updated on the escapades of your favorite Caramella.
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