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  1. Erm...short. ;_; But also sweet. Samples aren't the best, but the arrangement is decent. Just wish there were more of it. I mean, don't just stop there...go ahead and bring in the horns, man! As it is, it just feels like a WIP...wish you'd finish it.
  2. It's in the piano part. Remember that this isn't another Zeal mix...it's actually an arrangement of "Sealed Door." And a pretty darn good one at that. Good stuff from Zeratul, as usual.
  3. Hrm...I was expecting to hear some phat "Fat Chocobo" theme action going on here. Alas, it's more of the same ubiquitous normal Chocobo theme. I shouldn't complain, though. It's got a nice groove, and has a good balance of both "GoGoBoco" and "DJ Chubby C" elements. It could probably stand to have a more satisfying bassline in the fat/phat parts, but overall it's pretty well done. Recommended for any FF fan.
  4. I'm going to have to go with Sestrenegade on this one. I think maybe it's the off-key background synths in that section that just mess up the groove and totally throw the entire thing out of whack. The rest of the mix isn't bad, though, although the drums could stand to be a little more original and creative. And like a lot of people have said, the transition to the victory fanfare isn't really as smooth as it could have been. It's a nice gimmick, and it was a good idea, but the change in time signature just throws the whole thing off. Overall, it's a pretty good, adrenaline-filled techno remix with a few flaws that make it barely miss the "must-have" mark. Still, it's quite decent and recommended for anyone who enjoys everything techno or FF VII. Check it out.
  5. Errrr...yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with these guys here. It's not because I don't like his style...believe me, I'd normally be the first person to download a new CotMM mix...just can't get enough of his creeeeepy ambience. But this song...umm, let's just say he's improved a lot since he made this one. Now it's just not up to the standard of his more recent ReMixes. It falls short in a couple areas, one being the drums, like the others mentioned. If you're going for an empty, melancholy atmosphere (which I'm assuming he is, with the wind in the background and all), then what're you throwing a beat in there for? It might be possible to make it work if it were done right, but here it just seems totally out of place. The piano is also subpar, both in terms of composition and performance. To be brutally honest, it just reeks of N00B. Which I can't really blame CotMM for, since that's probably what he was back in the Y of 2K. All I can say is that I'm glad he hasn't stayed that way, and that now he's one of my absolute favorite ReMixers. Keep givin' us the good stuff, m68030.
  6. I must say that I'm a little surprised that a remix by JAXX, and one from Chrono Trigger no less, has been so largely ignored by the general public. I mean, this kind of combination is just bound to be an instant classic. I think that, by now, JAXX has become synonymous with awesome guitar playing, right up there along with Ailsean and zyko. Normally though, JAXX would go the punk-rock route, but this time he opts for a calmer, more subdued style. I think this mix does a good job of showing his versatility and proving that he's not just a one-trick punk-pony. Of course, as a pianist, I would've wished that he'd change up the piano part once in a while, as it starts to get a bit monotonous after a while, but in general this is still a solid mix that shouldn't be missed. It's become fairly old now, but it's still well worth checking out for any Chrono Trigger fan.
  7. Hahaha, I'm guessing this was posted before there were judges or something. But anyway, ummm....yeah. This mix is definitely, as djp puts it, "unique" and "memorable," but whether that's in a good way or not could be left up to the listener. It does have a certain frenetic feel to it, and a pretty decent groove, but I personally feel that some better choices in synths, samples, and effects could have been made. In the end, it's not exactly BEER quality, but don't expect to put it on your top 10 either. Check it out if you like techno and/or Street Fighter, I guess.
  8. It's surprising much the general quality of mixes has increased over the past few years. Now, compared to recent postings, this ReMix sounds almost WIP-ish. Still, it has stood the test of time fairly well, with good instrumentation and decent samples. However, by about the 4th time djp repeats the first half of the song, it starts to get a little repetitive. Overall, though, it has a great mood, and could very well serve as a wedding song, as someone previously mentioned. Recommended for all Phantasy Star fans.
  9. Just for the people that are confused about this, the songs in the remix are (in order): Mabe Village theme (LA), Outset Island theme (WW), beach theme (from LA intro), Zelda's theme (LttP/OoT). Very nice work, Kimchi. This song is extremely well-done...you reproduce the classical baroque style quite convincingly (complete with subtle references). The entire thing is cohesive and seems to not only fit, but BELONG, together. I'm glad the judges were able to see the integrity of the arrangement over the iffy-ness of your sample quality. It's a shame your Majora's Mask didn't make it, but I think getting this song posted helps make up for it. Keep it up, Kimchi, I'm strongly looking forward to hearing more from you.
  10. Those bosses are not what I'd exactly call "self respecting." Desperate times call for desperate measures. But even without using the instant kill, they shouldn't be giving you THAT much difficulty. Long range attacks might be able to put them on the defensive long enough for you to get in. Called the Roman Cancel, dude. Learn it, use it. Also try to take advantage of the Faultless Defense which you can execute even mid-air. Seriously, they're totally possible to beat. I mean, if I've done it, anybody can, because I'm pretty much the undisputed worst fighting gamer ever. Just keep at it, man. You can do it.
  11. P+K+S+HS. QCF, QCF+HS. DESTROYED. (I'm not sure what this "dude with his eyes wrapped up" is you're talking about, though...)
  12. You didn't do any a capella tonight. You've failed me again, Larry. (Interview was pretty cool, though. )
  13. Actually, I think Sil was just saying that certain parts of the arrangement reminded him of the Schumann concerto, but weren't actually taken from it. I really wouldn't know, though...it's a nice concerto, though!
  14. Ahaha...eh, hm...well, what can I say? Despair is one of the strongest emotions. Although, Blak_Omen did the arranging this time around, not me. And Black Bird was for a Halloween contest. I was forced to make it depressing.
  15. Gai from Bangai-O sucked major. Must've taken me 20+ tries to finally nail him...once I got his pattern down though, it wasn't too bad. I have yet to think of a boss that I absolutely gave up trying to beat. But Vagrant Story's last boss came pretty close, when I saw that I was doing 1 damage each attack.
  16. Holy orchestra, Batman! Man, this is awesome...it's like...Uematsu meets Sakimoto. I have to admit I also did a double-take and had to check if this wasn't from some Orchestral Game Concert CD or something. I dunno what everyone's talking about with the "MIDI-rip" nonsense and stuff. This is an arrangement in every sense of the word. I can't wait for Part II... Keep an eye on this dude, folks...don't be surprised if you see his name listed in movie credits someday. O_O
  17. Are you positive? I'd be very interested hearing the original composition...I'm sure Beethoven's version is many times better than ours. O_o Anyway, anyone who wants a copy of the original sheets that Blak sent to me, you can get 'em here: Waltz of Pain sheets Or if you want the high quality version... Higher quality sheets (2 MB) And here's what they sound like (included in the high quality sheets): MIDI file DISCLAIMER: I made a LOT of changes to the original arrangement, so don't expect it to sound exactly like my version. You're free to try out your own improvisations and stuff...but just be aware that results may vary. I'd be interested in hearing what people come up with, though.
  18. Yeah...it's not Square or Nintendo, so apparently it SUCKS. Ha, that's what you get for remixing obscure games. But yeah, seriously...it's too bad, people these days just don't realize the importance of REAL ULTIMATE POWER. I like the bassline you got goin' here...awesome synths, too. Percussion's groovin'. I also love those stereotypical "Asian chords" that come into the background later. Makes me remember mah roots. But yeah...awesome stuff, Gecko. You oughtta be proud of yourself. Yeah, go ahead, you know you want to...give yourself a pat on the back. C'mon, you can do it...yeah...oh...OHHH, there it is. Ohhh, yeah...doesn't that feel good? Okay, so...um, yeah. I'll go away now.
  19. Hey, thanks for playing Blak and me's stuffs, Larry. Sucks that the show cut out early, though...maybe you can do an all nighter. And I'm serious, Larry. You gotta sing a VG theme every week. The listeners'll love it, trust me. Doesn't even have to have lyrics...just your standard generic "doo doo" or "dum dum" stuff. Try it out, man. It's gonna be all the rage, I just know it...
  20. Hehe... Anyway, just a quick note...for anyone who thinks this render was too soft, check out the release at VGMix.com. It's a little louder and clearer-sounding, and some people might like it better. Thanks for listening, everyone!
  21. That has got to be the most awesome bumper I've heard...EVAR. It now has a permanent place on my hard drive.
  22. Yeah, the ID3 tag says: (FF7) - Those Chosen By The Planet (FF8) - Liberi Fatali (FF9) - Kuja's Theme (FF6) - Terra's Theme Personally, it didn't do much for me. It was pretty interesting for the first few minutes, but I think it sort of lacked the kind of "punch" I expect from this genre. Maybe it was the samples...I wasn't too impressed by them. The ending was also abrupt...there should be something after the Terra segment to let people know you're about to end the mix. Perhaps a recap to the beginning. There's also "click"-ing here and there. Slightly annoying. Overall, though, the arrangement and flow is pretty durn good. Recommended for any FF fan. (Oh yeah, and the BTW, it's spelled "MEDLEY," kthxbye.)
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