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  1. I was astonished to see this track didn't have any reviews until now. It's one of the few ReMixes that have earned a coveted place on my hard drive (well, maybe not coveted...but with only 2GB, you gotta keep only the best). I suppose the only thing that could be held against this Mix is that it's too close to the original (virtually note-for-note, in fact). I guess it's more of a "ReMake" than a ReMix, so to speak (ha, aren't I clever...). But it's a darn good one, and definitely deserves its coveted place on OCR. Now it's time for it to earn a special place on your hard drive, too. Don't ask, just download.
  2. Oops, my bad...yeah, it's the Past theme in the American version. Either way, I think it's amazing how you used the same song (as Stardust Beat), and were able to make a completely different yet equally (if not more) awesome remix. A truly commendable accomplishment.
  3. Erm...that IS the American version. Unless the PC version uses the Japanese soundtrack instead. Which actually might be possible, because I recognized the Palmtree Panic mix. O_o Anyway...I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said. That IS a nice bassline...I found myself moving to it without even noticing. ;; An great remix of an already awesome song. It's good to have a ReMixer that appreciates the greatness that is the Sonic CD (AMERICAN) soundtrack. So can you do Metallic Madness next? Please, GeckoYamori, you're our only hope!
  4. At first, I didn't suspect anything...this mix started out with a nice standard bass line. But the instant the guitar accompaniment came in...I knew something had gone wrong. Horribly wrong. No offense, Scott, but give your bass a tuning (so to speak). Or, sheesh, remove it altogether. It's for the remix's own good.
  5. Man, how did this get on OC Remix?? The bass line is completely non-harmonic and doesn't complement the melody at all, although that doesn't seem to be an issue nowadays. After two loops (well yeah, the pitch bend was kinda interesting...), I started to wonder if anything was gonna happen, and then suddenly...oh wait, that's just him hitting random notes in the general direction of the melody. After that's finally over, he goes back to the original loop, and I wait for something else to happen. Oh my goodness, look, he raised the pitch! I can't believe it, it's never been done before, this is a total breakthrough, it's going to change the world of remixing forever!! NOT.
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