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  1. I don't want the process of evaluation to be long as hell, since releasing the album this year makes much more sense, so I may shoot one more PM to @Theory of N to speed things up a bit. But I clearly understand that life is life and such, and it may take a lot of time for the staff to take a look at what we have.
  2. Album was submitted a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't got any news from OCR staff since then.
  3. Oh God! I'm big fan of such mellow jazzy fusion tracks and this remix is simply right up my alley Mad props to Mike for this tune! Might be my favorite of his.
  4. Well, we're finally done, guys! I have to admit that I had no idea how big and awesome this album would be when I started recruiting people. Thank you very much for all your hard work! I'll update the thread with all the important news (tracklist, release date, etc.) and throw in a couple of hype things as well Stay tuned!
  5. Just gonna remind that it's already 11/7! That's right, this is the very final deadline! We've already got a bunch of finished stuff and we hope to get more of your awesome music, guys! Don't let us down!!!!
  6. Sup, folks! Today is actually the final deadline, hope you remember about it, because I expect to recieve a lot of finished tracks today, haha. However, if you're sure you can't send it today, you can do it until 7/11. Please, don't forget to let us know about it! This is gonna be the REAL final deadline, so if you don't send a finished track by this date, your track will certainly not appear in this album. I won't accept it even if you're just a bit late or your track is 99,99% ready, but you need to make a couple of last touches or something like that, you get it. Yes, I decided to be strict
  7. Yeah, he was involved in the project. However, due to the lack of progres for quite a long time, I had to remove his claim.
  8. @Lucasonic We will extend the dealine again, FYI, but yeah, you better focus on only one of your tracks (SA2 is a bit more preferable, IMO).
  9. Yo, guys, we've got one more completed track! It's a sweet melancholic take on Bridge Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog (SMS/GG version) by Eino Keskitalo! Great to see more progress, let's keep the things going! EDIT: oh, Eino, c'mon!
  10. Also, we will probably extend the deadline slightly, but this doesn't mean you can postpone sending us your track without any reasons.
  11. Let me pick my jaw from the floor... I've been big fan of this amazing creation since the release of the album. This song reminds me of some Sonic music for some reason (it may perfectly fit Dusty Desert and/or Arid Sands During the sunrise ). The soul-touching, ethreal blend of classic Darke's instrumentation and some cool world stuff like those mesmerizng wind leads and hand percussion creates a wonderful soundscape, which tears my soul apart with its emotional power. Certainly one of Shariq's strongest works and one of the numerous highlights of "Water". This track, however, is probably a b
  12. Oh, c'mon, this remix deseves much more attention! Orchestra is not my favourite stuff, tbh, but when it's made right, it clicks SO HARD. This track is just awesome, seriously. I love how from cartoon-ish, carefree intro it evolves into something majestic, something solemn, simply epic, which makes me think about Venice for some reason (maybe because the arranged theme here is mostly "Swimming BGM"? ) and then it returns back to its playful beginning Sweet thing for sure! P.S. All hail dat accordion!
  13. Ah, some proper glitchy metal stuff So delicious! The reinterpritation is pretty straightforward, but it works pretty well. Love this jam, dude, looking forward to more jamz of yours! The game is sick, btw, be sure to play it, haha.
  14. analoq's works are always so catchy, so addicting, and this one is no exception. We've got some classic funky synths, phat bass, and groovy drums, and it's just impossible to resist tapping your toes and bopping your head to this tune But yeah, if only this song was longer... Good stuff anyways! P.S. It's a shame that analoq doesn't submit any music nowadays. He's awesome <3
  15. We're getiing closer to the final deadline!!! Today is exactly one month until the final deadline, so I think it's necessary to post a sort of reminder here. The last deadline was about 2 weeks ago, and so far I've got 5 WiPs, and some promises to send something really soon, but I've got no news/updates from @zykO @wildfire @Audiocolor @Lucasonic @Tuberz McGee Please, don't let me & Jorito down and try to contact us ASAP!
  16. Oh, you've got your first mixpost! Congrats, man, you deserved it! As for the track, I remember one of its early iterations (from one of SSMB albums), but it have always felt a bit unfinished, and what you've done here is just freakin' outstanding. The beat is really tight, and the funky guitar is just damn catchy. The only thing that seems a bit weird to my taste is the Collision Chaos cameo - its brief appearance is quite sudden, and it doesn't fit well, but it's not a big problem at all. Anyway, good job!
  17. This is one of these tunes that needed some time to get my appreciation, but I really love it a lot now. The wacky soundscape is just incredible - the bass is simply killer and the percussion is sweet as well, especially those sorta clicking sounds. Nice job!
  18. Oh, I remember this tune from "Straight from the Underground" (that's a great Undertale remix album! Be sure to check it out). Very solid, headbanging stuff, just as expected from TGH. Good job, man!
  19. Alright guys, according to my time zone, the deadline is gone, and... We've got only 4 WIPs so far (from Jorito, KingTiger, Bowlerhat, and Sterlyng Powell - thank you!), and that's only less than a quarter of the all stuff that is in progress. This means I've gotta wait for some more works. Meanwhile, the next deadline is on October 30th and it's important as hell, since this is a final deadline! So, please, try to focus on your tracks as much as possible. Cheers
  20. Dang, this is certainly another good example of a great arrangement that sounds awesome nowdays even despite being super old! Fantastic take on a bunch of classic sources
  21. Ok, so... There's a bit more than a week left until the next deadline, so I think I need to leave a reminder here: here's the list of those who have some stuff in progress now: @evktalo @zykO @Audiocolor @WillRock ! @DusK @wildfire ! @Lucasonic @Tuberz McGee @~Faseeh~ ! @Bowlerhat @KingTiger @Chernabogue @jnWake ! @Jorito Please, don't forget to turn in your WIPs! If you have some reason not to send anything, just tell me about it - I'll delay your deadline, I'm fine with that Just be honest Those people,
  22. Oh, I remember playing this game on my PSP a long time ago Definitely will buy it!
  23. Eh, screw the double-posting Anyways, I haven't received anything from General Offensive for a long time, so I may cut his claim, so Sonic Unleashed is probably up for grabs again
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