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  1. I think I'll leave a sort of request here: Sonic CD (both soundtracks) and Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) still don't have any representation in the album, but both games are quite important part of the series, so if you want to help us for some reason, feel free to grab a track or two! Any other claims will not be accepted.
  2. Oh, just a small note: due to bad internet connection that I have now, I accidentally saved only a small part of the first post after editing it, so... The tracklist disappeared... Yeah, shit happens ;p But I'll try to fix this later
  3. Oh, one of my personal favorites off SCB. Timmie definitely knocked it out of the park with this one. Super cool job man!
  4. Looks much better than Sonic Boom. Anyway, I'm really excited about it
  5. I prefer "Rockin' the Andes" a bit more, probably due to its energetic and exotic nature (must-listen, A+ ), but this track is pretty cool as well. I would never think that this track is so old if I didn't know it! P.S Hype for American Pixels!
  6. @KingTiger Yeah, the orchestral arrangement is quite an obvious idea, and I was really hoping to have it, but uplifting EDM may work pretty well, so if you want to remix this iconic track, and you're sure you want to join the project, I can let you do it.
  7. I can let you choose something else, but we will need to find someone else to remix any credits theme (S3 theme is much more preferable).
  8. Oh yeah, I remember this track from Mobius album. Such a sick collab!
  9. Alright, guys, we've got our own private forum! Here it is: http://ocremix.org/community/forum/61-album-speeding-towards-adventures/ Don't be shy and share your WIP there
  10. Oh, I remember that I've heard this tune on Wes' Soundcloud It certainly reminds me a bit of Argle's take on this theme, but this one is less energetic and more edm-focused for sure. But they both are hella fun to listen to Great collab!
  11. Oh, Brent! Once again he proves that he's truly the master of twisted and weird music! This track is a typical example of how brlliant his mind is! It even freaked me out at first, but I'm additcted to Brent's magic of mangled soundscapes so much that I've already listened to this masterpiece about 10 times. It caught my attention right at the beginning - those spooky sounds are excellent! And that beat which appears at about 1:10 is very cool as well. I know that most people (on Youtube at least) will probably dislike such music, but I always want more stuff from this man! Great!
  12. Man, this theme has been remixed so many times, but this one is just really different from any other remixes of this theme on OCR. Mad props to HDSW for the effort here! Especially digging the part @ 2:30
  13. WOW. I can't believe this track is so old! I would never think it was made 16 years ago. It's definitely one of my favorite ReMixes of Terra's Theme now. Very good stuff!
  14. Good news, everyone! We've got our 10th completed track - a sweet rock/fusion arrangment of Chemical Plant Zone by jnWake Way to go, guys!
  15. Alright guys, we've finally set a new deadline system, so the next deadline is on May 1! Don't miss it, please!
  16. We've got one more finished track! It's our first track from Sonic Colors, remix of Asteroid Coaster Map by rebrained For his creation he's chosen the darkest colors, and it rocks pretty much
  17. This track actually reminds me of most of HL stuff from his Zelda albums The percussion is super neat, and the usage of in-game sfx is darn cool as well. I've already listened to this track about 5 times! Super fun track, Ben! Incredible work! Wish it were a bit longer, though, because it seems to be extremely short...
  18. Actually, there's 12 albums between them... from 31 to 42 and from 44 to 55. It's more correct to say that BadAss album is always 13th after its predecessor
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