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  1. The idea of making "Kefka's Tower" sound heroic, definitely sounds interesting. I'd like you to post a working link to the remix. I'd love to hear it. Good luck ...
  2. This is ... AMAZING! I love how you incorporated Dream Theater style soloing and "One Winged Angel" (particularly the chanting) into "Dancing Mad". "Dancing Mad" by itself is awesome enough but you took it to a new level. This is definitely one of the best remixes I've heard on the site. Well done (to say the least).
  3. This is perhaps the funniest remix on the site (not involving "Sloprano"). It's also very well arranged and makes me want to try a Megaman remix. I think the lyrics are hilarious and the tune ("Cutman's Stage Theme") makes it better. Good job.
  4. It's like a cross between "I Wanna Be Like You" (King Louie's song from The Jungle Book) meets "Stray Cat Strut" only with a trombone as the main instrument and no lyrics. I like it. Got any tips?
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