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  1. Wow, Ganon's officially 30. Isn't it strange that Zelda turns 30 on the same year as Pokemon's 20th anniversary (I'm a Pokemon fan myself).
  2. I absolutely love the Kingdom Hearts franchise and KH2 was possibly my favorite. "Darkness of the Unknown" is an amazing composition and somehow you guys did it (Xemnas by extension) justice. Because of the lack of KH remixes on this site, you have to try submitting this. However I'm an amateur when it comes to production but everything sounds pretty clear to me. In conclusion good work and keep it up. Also would you by any chance mind attempting to mix "One Winged Angel" (KH version) with "Birth Of A God" (FFVII). I've also wanted to hear how the 2 pieces would blend and think you could do it justice. Have a nice day.
  3. I just listened to "Exile Vilify" and was blown away. It was an awesome song and moved me. Although I wouldn't expect anything less from a seasoned remixer like Branden Strader. Also Brandan, are you hoping for a season 2 of One Punch Man?
  4. I'm not much of a rap/hip hop fan (except ERB) but I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts. I think you're remix is actually very good (your lyrics are cool, your flow is sweet, and the changes to "Dearly Beloved" itself were subtle but effective) and think you should try submitting this one (we need more KH remixes here).
  5. I don't have any real pointers for you (you're pretty good at this) but have serious respect for what you're doing (don't give up). Got any tips for the style of music that you're doing? Good luck and good day
  6. I know failure all too well. I'm an amateur remixer, bassist, guitarist (been playing over 4 years), and Electronic musician. I have an eccentric style of my own and use FL Studio as my DAW. Despite working my hardest on every track I do, I've been denied by the judges at least 3 times (the first two rejections were quite understandable looking back) and got last place in my first remix contest. Like Slimy, I'm here to atone. This was supposed to be a boss theme for Masky (Marble Hornets) and was the latest track I've uploaded. This is the DJ friendly predecessor to "Behind the Mask". This was supposed to be a DnB Remix of "Newbark Town" (Pokemon Gold and Silver) but didn't turn out well. Sad thing is this is all fairly recent stuff. Tell me what you guys think and how I can improve. Just wanted to share my failures/accomplishments in hopes of improving. Have a nice day.
  7. Let me guess that the area for that theme is fairly relaxed and peaceful. I haven't played Rose Online and don't really plan on it (is it a really good RPG?), so I'm just assuming based on the music. I get what you mean.
  8. Thanks Neblix for your help. I was curious how difficult "Villain of a Sort" (Kingdom Hearts) would be to remix (for beginners). I'm planing on transposing it to Am (or whatever C major mode it'll be). Also what are some easy beginner tunes for remixers?
  9. Thanks for the advice. The stage I'm working on is based on KH version of Slender Woods (from Slender: The Arrival). Part of my problem is evoking the images/moods right. I also wanted to include a boss theme I made for Masky (Marble Hornets). I know it's pretty unprofessional but I worked really hard on it. https://soundcloud.com/dark-ronald-poe/behind-the-mask-masky-boss-th
  10. I love Kingdom Hearts and its music. I primarily write both original electronic music and remixes in FL Studio. Anyway I was curious what the common characteristics of a field/stage theme (the kind in JRPGs but especially Kingdom Hearts) are. I'm thinking of writing one myself and need some pointers. In fact any tips for KH-style music would be great. Here's a few examples of the stage themes from the Kingdom Hearts series. "Welcome to Wonderland" from KH1 "Sacred Moon" from KH2 "Keyblade Graveyard" from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. "Traverse Town" from KH1 Also does anyone know of any Video game songs/pieces that have simple melodies and/or are easy to remix? I dream of getting a remix on this site one day. Too bad I have a very eccentric and unusual style to my music (both original and remixes).
  11. I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts and would've been beyond honored to provide a remix for such a project (I love the idea). I've got a rather unique and bizarre style of Electronic music but haven't gotten a remix on this site yet. If you've got any pieces that you'd like me to do, message me. I especially enjoy mixing melodies so remember that. I hope you reconsider this project.
  12. Ofnir123, I'd love to hear you're remix. Also I'm a metalhead so that just makes this even better. What would you call the remix anyway?
  13. I like the source, it's rather ominous and spooky yet very repetitive. I would enter this contest but I can't find a good lead among other reasons (I'm also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my Electronic music). I'll post a decent remix but not by the deadline. Edit: I have entered a demo for the contest. It's missing the lead among other things and I was on a strict deadline (I'll improve these things later).
  14. Thanks guys, I get what you're saying. I guess I should write an intro next time. I heard DnB has drops so that's why I did a volume drop (Seriously what was I thinking). Right now I'm trying to mix "One Winged Angel" with "Birth of A God" (both are from FFVII and I've got a thread about that). Should I just give up with the limiter and focus on EQ and lowpass for the muddiness? The sad thing is that I've been remixing for at least 2 years beforehand. This is the original track (Pokemon Gold and Silver), "Newbark Town". "Drum and Elm" (My remix). https://soundcloud.com/dark-ronald-poe/drum-and-elm-newbark-town-remix Thread I mentioned. http://ocremix.org/community/topic/41792-one-winged-angel-birth-of-a-god-why-not/
  15. Thanks Dragnbreth for your opinion. I can see where you're coming from (except about "The Drums are hardly there") and even I agree about that awkward fadeout near the end. Do you know any good guides for mixing songs (I want my song to be less muddy and more professional) and EQ? If you or any other remixer has any more advice that could help, please tell me.
  16. I was thinking about the possibility of Bizarro Sephiroth (FF7) being in Kingdom Hearts and that made me wonder why there isn't a remix of both "One Winged Angel" and "Birth Of A God" (perhaps in counterpoint or something). I think it's a wonderful idea but nobody's done it yet. These are both great and iconic themes for an iconic villain. Maybe I should do it myself but how would I combine the two? However I feel a more skilled remixer may be necessary. Here's the KH2 version of "One Winged Angel". Here's the original FF7 version of "Birth of a God".
  17. This is my unique DnB remix of "Newbark Town" (Pokemon Gold and Silver) mixed with my own music. It's also my first DnB tune/remix (it's probably and despite it not being OCRemix quality, I think it sounds cool. The name comes from a Pokemon fanfic. I used a mixture of Musescore, FL Studio, and Audacity. I know I have a unique and strange style but ... https://soundcloud.com/dark-ronald-poe/drum-and-elm-newbark-town-remix Tell me what you guys think. Please give constructive criticism (don't be too harsh) and polite advice on how I can improve. Also this is a work in Progress but I'm probably not going back to this piece.
  18. I like this remix a lot (it's almost as good as "Secretive Terrors"). Also I'm one of the few who preferred the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to Explorers (I found original's fun and whimsical feel to be more enjoyable than the sequel's dark, edgy, almost nihilistic feel). Keep up the good work.
  19. Thank you, timaeus222. I thought your Pokemon remix was very dynamic and sounded great. I personally am too cheap to spend money on samples or loops (I don't make much money). Anyway, does anyone got any suggestions on pieces that would be good to remix. I'm open to games I haven't played. Also I hope TheGuitahHeroe stops by (he's really good at the style and a Pokemon fan too).
  20. I'm both an electronic musician (I also play bass and guitar) and a Pokemon fan, I think this is an excellent remix. Got any tips for DnB, I'm dabbling with the style and think you're great. Keep up the great work. Especially like the Egyptian yet electronic and turbulent feel of the piece. It's also very well arranged.
  21. Thanks AngelCityOutlaw, you tips are very helpful. However which games would you suggest for beginners. I'm trying to do an DnB remix with a mysterious feel to it. I'll try to experiment for the drums.
  22. They call me Ronald Poe. I'm a bassist, guitarist, and Electronic Musician (I use FL Studio and Audacity). I'm a fan of Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Shin Magami Tensei (particularly Persona 3 and 4), and especially Kingdom Hearts. I was also a regular at the "Musicians Talk" section on Ultimate Guitar and possibly the most polarizing member there. I also use Musescore for the notation process and use multiple soundfonts (mostly the KH one) and samples with FL Studio. I have a unique style. Anyway I have two questions. First what are some VG pieces with simple, easy, and somewhat repetitive melodies. I'm trying to write better remixes (my first 3 were denied) and want to try something simple. Second, what are some basics of DnB music and remixing. I've researched it quite a bit and still don't get it. I want to do a remix in DnB style but I'm not sure where to start. I've got some decent drum samples. Sorry about how personal this post was (I'm trying to make a better impression here). My questions are easy VG pieces with simple melody and basics of DnB.
  23. I'm back with another attempt. This is a tribute to Elizabeth (Persona 3) and a trance remix. I mixed "Aria of The Soul" (Persona 3) and "Ice Cap Zone" (Sonic 3) with some of my own music (mostly for atmosphere though). I think it sounds nice. Please politely give me your input as I hope to upload this to OCRemix. If you got any tips I can improve on, please tell me. Remix at Enjoy and have a nice day.
  24. Thanks for your input. I honestly don't know how to EQ well (got any guides for that). I was mainly trying to do a remix of Kefka's theme my way and evoke a feel of sinister whimsy. Guess there's always room for improvement. Also was the distortion because I used a distorted guitar plugin and quieted it down (I wanted more flavor). My next remix is going to be a Persona 4 one of "Velvet Room"/"A Poem for Everyone's Souls" and something else. I was originally nervous about submitting it here because of the site's high standards but now I feel better. EDIT: I made a new version of "Bells of Kefka". I believe this one is better and has more zing to it. http://www.mediafire.com/?tekmr8jglqrt8
  25. Hi I'd like you guys to critique a remix I made of "Kefka theme" (Final Fantasy VI). I'm a fellow remixer with my own style and use FL Studio. I'd like some suggestions as to how I can improve my skills. A few words on the mix are,"This is a trance remix of "Kefka Theme" (Final Fantasy VI) that I mixed with some of my own music. For something different I incorporated bells into it and did this in honor of The Joker, Kefka, and Adachi (Persona 4). Hope you enjoy this.":wink: I'm a beginner and hope you all have a nice day. Remix can be found at http://www.mediafire.com/listen/vc4gofft7egsgon/Bells_of_Kefka.mp3
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