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  1. Me too. He's such a good remixer and would make a worthy opponent in this competition for everyone. I at least hope Xenonetix brings an entry (I really like "Terra" theme). Also I really hope I get a Persona character as an ally ...
  2. I have an odd question. I was listening to Terranigma's first village theme ("Crysta") and thought it had a gorgeous melody that could be fun to work with. Is it possible for me to claim it as well or perhaps mix it with "Dr. Beruga"? Just curious because I feel like doing more work for the album but at the same time don't want to hog it.
  3. Chernabogue, you can do what I did when I was preparing for "Lloyd's Theme" and remixing "King Ghidorah" (Godzilla NES). I basically transcribed the main melodies/lead to said pieces and put them in Midi. If you've got either a good ear and/or a good teacher, it's not that bad. Good luck with round 2 (I'm confident you'll do well). Also sorry if I sounded rude earlier, Yami (I was caught in the moment and am usually a gentleman). Anyway the villain round looks very close and even matched (at least voting wise). It may even be a tie for everyone (that'd be pretty funny). I have a couple remix projects to get to ...
  4. I got my entry in yesterday and I worked really hard on it (it even went through at least 1 revision). I've got an grin on my face that's both joyful and malicious upon hearing Yami submit (I'm sorry but I'm in it to win it). I hope to continue to make eccentric remixes and maybe even make it to round 3. Whahahahaha! To Chernobogue, your mix (" No Time to Lose") was probably the best one submitted in the first hero round (in my opinion) and I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done. Also I'm a little jealous that you got Aigis (Persona 3) as your party member (I'm a fan of Persona and Aigis is my favorite robot girl ever) and hope you put her theme to good use You are a very talented musician/remixer and deserve to make it to round 3. Have a great day and good luck in the future.
  5. I'm doing well and so is my entry. I'll be finished either Saturday or Sunday. With a little transposing, it wasn't very difficult to harmonize the main melodies of the two pieces. I'm not sure if it will get the majority vote but I'm putting my all into it (as usual). Good luck Yami. Also I don't want to be rude and this is just my opinion. However I really wanted to like "Ancient Bass of Hope" (Ayla's theme is rather nice) but it's not my cup of tea (so to speak). Also really like "No Time to Lose" (although 'Binding of Issac' has an amazing soundtrack on its own ...) and would like to congratulate Chernabogue on a job well done. I really hope "Terra" theme (KH BBS) will be included in the competition (it's such an amazing character theme).
  6. It's cinematic, dark, and epic. It fits Majora's Mask perfectly. Great mix so keep up the good work.
  7. I've been using a lot of panned bongos (including both pieces) lately (I use an FL STudio preset but am quite fond of the sound) and commonly use closed Hi-hats (pitched up for a nice slashing chime). Anyway do you have any actual production tips that could help me? I got myself in two projects and a competition. I thought it'd be helpful to ask around for constructive criticism and advice. I actually appreciate your criticisms, Timaeus222.
  8. I understand what you're saying. "Bond of Fire" is supposed to be a character theme, not a battle theme (the looping point is around the 30-second mark). "Chidora Omega" was a remix of a source with very limited melodic material (there are literally 2 simple melodies in the entire piece) and was done by ear on a short deadline. "Chidora Omega" however has no excuse in the drum department because it's meant to be a battle theme. Do you have any tips on making the drums better and improving production values?
  9. I just wanted to say that I'm happy that the villain round is coming soon. I'm already preparing Midi for 3 of my four possible opponents (as a precaution). I just hope I get past round 1 ... Good luck everyone (especially my opponent).
  10. Hello, I'm Ronald Poe and I write electronic music and remix. I use FL Studio and Audacity for my music and Musescore for the writing/editing of midi. I mix/produce the music myself and it seems to hinder the music itself. Do you have any tips on mixing/production? Here's a couple examples of my work. My character theme for Axel (KH) My remix of "King Ghidorah" (Godzilla NES) from that contest. Please give both your opinion and some mixing advice. Thanks
  11. I'm here about "The Archaeologist's Journal". I'm an eccentric but hard-working remixer/composer of Electronic music (I use a mixture of Musescore and FL Studio). I know I've been asking a lot to join projects but this one also seems cool. Here are some examples of my style.

    First is a remix of "King Ghidorah" (Godzilla NES) I did for a recent contest.

    Second is an original theme I wrote for Axel (Kingdom Hearts) based on his character (I wrote everything myself).

    Finally here is a remix of "Elm Street" (Nightmare on Elm Street NES) I did in honor of both Ansem (KH) and Freddy Krueger . 

    I know this probably isn't what you want but I could get suggestions and modify my music accordingly. I also admit I'm not good at mixing/production (I have to do that myself) and might need some advice on that. Please consider me an option and possibly judge my music.

    I also choose Tomb Raider 2's "Venice Level" as my theme and I'll probably add to it plenty.


    1. Mr. Bottle Rocket

      Mr. Bottle Rocket

      You definitely need some help with your mastering, the lows are too low and the highs too high but nothing like doing and getting feedback to improve eh? Welcome aboard, just be ready to check back with us on a monthly basis. :)

    2. Ronald Poe

      Ronald Poe

      Thanks! Got any mastering tips?

  12. I haven't found any good sources for traditional Norse melody-writing/arrangement or rhythms. Got any suggestions based on your experience and/or research. Keep at what you're doing (you seem to be really good at it). I'd definitely love to hear that Welsh version of "Xion's Theme" (she's got one of the most beautiful character themes in KH).
  13. Okay here are a few examples. First is my remix of "Elm Street" (Nightmare on Elm Street NES) I did in honor of Ansem Seeker of Darkness (Kingdom Hearts). Second is my Axel tribute/theme. Finally here is my tribute to Masky (Marble Hornets). I'm not good at music production (which I did) and the tracks might need quite a bit of cleaning up. However I wrote and/or remixed everything myself. Hope you enjoy them.
  14. I'm an eccentric but hard working and ambitious composer/remixer who writes Electronic music in FL Studio. I think your game looks very interesting and would love to compose for it. Check out my soundcloud (Dark Ronald Poe) and tell me if you think you'd like me to help. Also I play guitar but am really good at bass (love playing it too). Got any tips on what you're looking for?
  15. If you're passionate about this album, then go for it. Got any tips for Norse music? Also you should do something from the Kingdom Hearts franchise like "Working Together" (KH2) or "The Encounter" (KH BBS) in a Norse or Celtic style. Have a nice day ...
  16. Oh I understand what you're saying. It was worth a try. Thanks for your consideration.
  17. I know I've never gotten a remix on this site and I've got an eccentric style but I'd like to join. I pick Doppelganger and the song is "Riddle". I admit that I don't watch much wrestling so I'd like a few pointers on this. Please let me join this project (I'm already part of the Terranigma project but I've got extra time). I'm a very hard worker and If you let me join, I'll probably update you with how it's going.
  18. Do you mind messaging me when it's time for the villain rounds? I personally am quite busy (I'm already doing a PRC, an original field theme, and at least one tribute/compilation album) and would like to know when to concentrate on this competition.
  19. I'm curious if a support character can be chosen. I was thinking of Elizabeth from Persona 3. She commonly helps the protagonist and has a playable scenario in Persona 4: Arena. I'm a big SMT/Persona and Kingdom Hearts fan so ...
  20. Hi, I have an odd and eccentric style of electronic music. That being said, can I do " Dr. Beruga (Villain Theme". I think it's a really cool theme and would be fun to remix. Please let me claim it. I've never gotten a remix on this site but I'm a very hard worker.
  21. Okay so do I have to pick 3 themes? For the hero, could I use Elizabeth from Persona 3 (she's not a party member but she actively assists the main protagonist)? Why do I have to pick a hero, if I'm playing as a villain? Does that mean I can do both? I'll try to PM you my choices. Elizabeth's theme Also I hope someone picks a Persona/SMT character in the contest ...
  22. This "Happy Guitar Solo in 1 Minute" certainly put a smile on my face ...
  23. I'm sorry, the cartoon track was merely a joke (because my avatar is King Ramses from Courage the Cowardly Dog) and the theme I chose "Xehanort" theme. Kingdom Hearts BBS is a JRPG and thus said theme is eligible. Please sign me up on the 2nd.
  24. This sounds like an amazing competition. I'm going enter and hope to get past the preliminaries. I choose "Xehanort" (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) as my piece and Master Xehanort as my villain. The theme My other theme
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