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  1. I get what you're saying ("Megalovania" is kinda slow for a boss theme). I'm planning on remixing "King Ghidorah" myself (although I'll have to transcribe and sequence it from scratch) with hints of "Megalovania" and original music thrown in for good measure.
  2. That's a rather nostalgic and melancholy sounding take on a classic theme. Sounds like the Nerd played 1 too many bad games. Interesting ...
  3. Good job. It definitely has that sneaky heist sound to it yet very funky. Good music to dance to (in my opinion).
  4. I just wrote an original character theme for Axel/Lea. I went for a theme fit for a fiery anithero like Axel. I didn't really use anything from "The 13th Struggle" or "At Dusk I will think of You". Hope you enjoy it and please give a critique (I'd like to know how I can improve on it). Inspired by this thread
  5. Sorry to bump this topic but I just wrote an original character theme for Axel/Lea. I went for a theme fit for a fiery anithero like Axel. I didn't really use anything from "The 13th Struggle" or "At Dusk I will think of You". Some Day I'll make a Xehanort remix but I'll do it my way.
  6. I'm sorry to say but I'm going to be backing out. I just couldn't get the source's main melody to work with my style (especially by the deadline). I was really excited but also am really sorry about this.
  7. I hope you don't mind but I told my MetalGearMusic group on Facebook about this contest (I thought they'd be interested). I'm definitely participating in this one and will have something by the 17th of April. Have a nice day.
  8. Your very welcome. I also try to write battle themes (I use FL studio and Musescore) and usually for various characters (especially KH ones). I'm aware of Schematist and his guides but would like to hear from you (you're really good at this). Also would you mind judging this Xemnas boss theme I wrote (it's a little too atmospheric but I did it my way)?
  9. Congratulations, you managed to remind me why I love JRPG music (especially battle themes) so much. I'm a die-hard Kingdom Hearts fan and was very satisfied with your professional sounding track within a minute. It kinda reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu or Yoko Shimomura (she's probably one of my biggest musical influences/heroes), only lesser. Got any tips for writing such a theme? Good job.
  10. I think your remix is beautiful like Fang and fits her pretty well (although I haven't played much FFXIII). Overall it's a creative interpretation of a less used source.
  11. Okay, I tweaked the lead to include the original's bassline using Musescore's piano feature and remade it. I think this version might be OCRemix worthy (I hope). I'd prefer it if more people would give their critique and possibly some mixing tips (I don't really know mixing yet. Here's the revised version Oh and happy Easter 2016.
  12. Thanks for the tip and insight. I admit the only thing really boss-like I did was add hi-hats. I've been wanting to do an ambient piece for a while so now I got some experience. Any mixing errors?
  13. No, I meant that the chorus seems melodically out of place. Why not check out my new remix (if you feel like it). Keep up the vocal mixes (you seem good at it). Also your welcome.
  14. Your lyrics are good and have a nice flow to them. That being said, the chorus seems to detach too much from the original and is a little out of place. You could also make the background music a little louder (especially during said chorus). Other than that, it was enjoyable and well done.
  15. Okay despite the name,"Dream Del Male", this isn't a remix of "Forze Del Male" (Kingdom Hearts) but "Elm Street" (Nightmare On Elm Street NES). I mixed the original's melody with some of my own music to create a theme that would fit both Ansem and Freddy Krueger. I have a bizarre style of electronic music (I use midi and FL Studio with samples and a KH soundfont) and I don't know much at all about mixing. Please give me your feedback and some advice. Original theme being remixed.
  16. This sounds fun, what kind of tracks do you want remixed? A while ago, I submitted an attempt at a Christmas themed remix of "Sepette for the Dead Princess" (Touhou 6) called,"Vampire Christmas" (of course it didn't pass but they said the idea was cool). Maybe I could redo that ...
  17. I just wanted to say, good luck PlanarianHugger and Bundeslang. No matter which one of us wins, I won't give up and will keep trying to do better (one day I'll hopefully get a remix on OCRemix). Also I think I'll try to participate in 'Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2016' (if I can)
  18. Sorry, I forgot to check out "Hyrule Temple (melee)" before posting. I can definitely see the resemblance now. Good remix by the way (no really noticeable problems here).
  19. I really enjoyed it but it's too short (maybe either add to it or loop it once). I love writing battle themes with FL Studio and would actually like a few tips. Keep up the good work.
  20. I think it's very cool and a rather unique remix. My only complaint is that it doesn't really sound like either piece (almost sounds like an original Surf Rock instrumental). Could you point out how it's similar to either? That being said, it's very good.
  21. Bundeslang, I meant both songs combined as a round (nobody's remixed them as a single theme on here or Youtube for that matter). I worked harder than you think on my mix and am hoping I win but I'll be fine even if I get last place. Tell me what you think of it (be nice but honest)? Also I didn't expect my suggestion for the "Oingo Hol Horse ED" to pass anyway.
  22. I'm going to do a remix of this myself so please keep me from winning (I have a bizarre Electronic music style and I'm bad at mixing). I'm planning on a mix that's both Gothic and surreal (I'm basing off/using the lead of the original but changing the drums and bassline). I'd love to see an Anime remix thing and this could be the subject (I'm a big Jojo fan and think this is extremely catching and fun).
  23. I know there was a massive bump just now but are we still doing this? I've noticed the lack of Touhou remixes (that series is full of fantastic melodies and almost always played on Windows) on OCRemix (note that Touhou remixes are abundant on Youtube) and that bothers me. So I've decided to do a remix of "Sepette for the Dead Princess" (AKA Remilia Scarlet's theme) from Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and the composer is known simply as Zun. I'm going for a Gothic party feel (if that makes sense) and I'm calling it "Bloody Party" (because she's a vampire). Original track (possibly)
  24. I know I'm weird and haven't gotten a remix on the site yet, but I'm probably going to try my hands at a Donkey Kong 64 remix. I'm planning on a mix that's Gothic and Halloween styled. I'm thinking Frantic Factory but Gloomy Galleon would work too. What do you think?
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