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  1. Yeah, you've more or less got it right. It just has to be from a video game and not be a field, town, or dungeon theme. Are you interested? What piece would you pick? Just wanted to add that as much as I love Pokemon, only battle themes from that franchise are allowed because of the abundance of town themes. I love Lavender Town as much as the next guy but it doesn't fit with the theme of the contest. That is all
  2. After I got second place in that RPG project, I did some thinking. Why can't I host a remix contest? The idea is that each member chooses a video game piece they like and create a RPG field/town theme out of it. It can be anything from an RPG boss theme like "One Winged Angel" to "Gourmet Race" (Kirby)". However it can't already be a town or field theme. Round one will be a remix of the chosen theme and Round 2 will mix that theme with an original composition/beat I will provide. Message me if you want to participate. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun. The summery will provide most of the rules but if anyone would help me with them, it'd be appreciated. I'll judge the field themes myself but would prefer a second judge. Have a good day.
  3. I haven't listened to it yet but I love the idea of "Kingdom Trial" and "Lavos" in a Jazz style. It's a clever idea and probably sounds great. I'll give it a listen.
  4. I meant at least 45% of the the remixes on the site (there are plenty of great mixes on the site already). It really is exceptional and high quality. I'd actually like some pointers on how to incorporate 3 themes so seamlessly and in such an epic way. Keep up the good work Ghetto Lee Lweis. I'm going to continue remixing and writing original music. I'm currently in a Terranigma project and remixing "Dr. Beruga".
  5. This is a great piece of Gothic orchestral music and is certainly very epic. I really like this one and hope the remixer continues to make more like it. I've never played Dark Souls or Bloodbourne but I might check it out ...
  6. As I expected, I lost but at least I gave it my best. Congratulations Ghetto Lee Lewis, I feel you deserve the win and are a truly great remixer. You should remaster "Poke And Tear" and maybe extend it (it should have all 3 sources though). I feel it's a near-masterpiece and better than about 45% of the remixes that made it on the site.
  7. My friend and I had a really good time with Metroid the Other M. I can't believe Metroid is 30 years old. Samus is still a beautiful badass.
  8. I thought it was too repetitive as well (to be fair, "Xehanort Theme" is very repetitive and loopy) and the bassline was entirely original. I'm fine with you fleshing it out but the way the three were blended perfectly. It was a near-masterpiece of remixing and deserves to be on the site. Please just be conservative with what you have (it's more than good enough). I still have a lot to learn and would like some pointers.
  9. There's a Doom 4? Do you mean the Doom reboot? Anyway I heard your entry and ... it's flat out amazing. Sounds better than a lot of registered mixes on the site and quite a few professional RPGs too. I love how you gently weaved the three pieces into something great. I don't think I stand a chance but at least I made it to the finals. Afterwards, you should submit it to the judges (I'd love to see this masterpiece on the main site). I'm not giving up on my music yet and will drive to make it even better. Also have you heard my entry? What do you think. I personally think Leliana would be a good match for Xehanort. He's a master strategist, swordsman, and manipulator with the power of darkness mastered as well.
  10. Is Leliana (Dragon Age: Origins) a total badass and/or antihero (could you explain what you mean)? I've never played said game but I'm sure it's a good RPG. Xehanort is a master manipulator and you're probably just playing into his hands. In all seriousness, good luck (I've also sent my entry) and may the better man win.
  11. Also any pieces you want mixed with it? I was thinking maybe "Sorrow" (FF4) or "Riku Theme" (Kingdom Hearts 2). I'm definitely mixing in some of my own compositions into it. What do you think?
  12. You're pretty good, Ghetto Lee Lewis. "Fransokoyo" isn't a remix though (I wrote it myself) but was an original tribute to Kingdom Hearts (I often write tributes to characters and KH) and Big Hero 6. I also checked out "Requiem For the Beerless" and like what you did. You'll definitely be a worthy opponent and I hope to be one for you as well. Good luck.
  13. I'd say "Train to Greedville" is probably my favorite and could be submitted to the judges. I understand not getting a remix on OCRemix (I've failed multiple times but I won't give up) but I think that one might be worthy (it even has a nice title). oh and your very welcome.
  14. I think you're definitely got a style and a rather nice one at that. You're Wario medley had me dancing in my seat and was insanely catchy. Your original compositions and Azalea Town remix are quite good as well. I have a low self-esteem (it's getting better) and suffer from high anxiety. I understand being depressed and it really helps to remix and compose music. Keep up the good work.
  15. I could try but I mostly specialize in weird and vaguely mysterious/dark electronic music. I could use lighter instruments and attempt a triumphant feel. I think someone should definitely make a remix of "Suspicion" (such an underrated FF tune) that emphasizes a dragoon's honor.
  16. Xenonetix, you totally should bring that to the workshop forum and keep at remixing (you're good at it). I'd love to see it as an official remix on the site. It needs some work though. To Yami, thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it and will do my absolute best. Even if I lose, I'm glad to have made it to the finals. Anyone got any critiques on my music? After all of this, I'm probably doing a remix of "Suspicion" (Final Fantasy IV/FF4) ...
  17. I'm so happy to be a finalist and even if I lose, I'll have no regrets. I will still compose electronic music and remix with all the effort and heart I can muster. I'll put up a good fight and hope you do the same, Ghetto Lee Lewis. Here's a sample of my style. Have a great day. Edit: I love the twist involving Porky (Earthbound/Mother 3). It's hilarious to imagine Xehanort working for him.
  18. So what are we doing about the 3rd villain round anyway (I noticed it hasn't been posted yet)? Also Congrats to Ghetto Lee Lewis for getting to the finals.
  19. I think I'll vote on that round soon. To my opponents (both Yami and my future opponents)
  20. While disappointed that I can't use Xehanort for the bassline, I understand your reasoning and respect your decision. I'll try to be more subtle and abide by the rules (I'll probably just mix Neclord and Dark Gaia with an original bassine). Good luck Yami and heroes ...
  21. I just wanted to tell everyone that despite my oddball style, I'm a serious remixer and hard worker (especially when it comes to music). I will not go down without a fight. That being said I hope to mix Xehanort, Dark Gaia, and Neclord into a single decent mix. Yami, what did you mean by it being "one sided"? I hope you'll put up a good fight as well.
  22. This is a good remix and I love the classical music pun (it's a pun on Bach's classic, "Air On a G String").
  23. I'm just happy to be a semi-finalist. However I'm not that happy about facing Yami again (no offense to him) but I'll give it my best shot. One question though, do I get a new theme this round? Good luck Yami ...
  24. Nice Sonic tribute (no really). I think it's also a good DnB piece in its own right. Got any tips for DnB music?
  25. Just wanted to say that it's odd to have a complete tie on the villains round but at least I didn't lose. I've never played Suikoden 2 but "Gothic Neclord" is a really cool piece (I'm happy to have gotten it). I'll try my best as always. Also Timothy William, could you do me a favor and remix both "One Winged Angel" and "Xehanort" for your entry (throw in "Lloyd" or "Let me Blow you a Kiss" if you'd live). Good luck.
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