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  1. Sounds good. I'll let you know as soon as I have something
  2. Darkflamewolf, I want to tentatively claim Theme of Loneliness. I have and idea for it that I think I can execute very nicely, but I'd like to spend some time hashing it out before I 100% commit to it, Give me a few days to see what I can come up with in terms of arrangement, and I'll give you a definite answer. (i'm thinking a minimalist very mournful duet of trumpet and double bass recorded live)
  3. Late to the party, but I'd like to offer my performance services on trumpet. I can do tin whistle too as long as the key is in C, D, F, or G (silly diatonic instruments). Also just FYI, despite the low post count I've been hanging around OCR since 2002 under a couple different user names. Never had a good setup for recording until a couple months ago. Anywho good luck to all, let me know if I can help!
  4. I think there's a difference between the stereo type of people that play the instrument and whether or not the instrument fits you. I play trumpet and the stereotype usually goes something like this: Energetic, show off, highly competitive, fun-loving, arrogant, and very invested in their own interests which may or may not coincide with the rest of the ensemble (ok maybe just a superiority complex). ehhh some of that fits, some of its way off for me. though I have known a lot of trumpet players who fit that description perfectly. Personally I'm extremely high energy, I love playing the "show off" kinds of parts, though i don't like getting recognition or attention for it, I'm very competitive when i think its warranted, and while i think all of the stuff our trumpet section did in college to separate itself from the rest of the band was hilarious, I really only supported it as far as the interest of good fun, and I never took it seriously. Bottom line: trumpet (instrument, not stereotype) fits my personality perfectly. I play a couple others too, but trumpet is by far my primary and I can't imagine anything else fitting as well.
  5. Charlottesville huh? I'm a VT grad, so not too far down the road. It's a cute ad. you've got my vote and good luck!
  6. Time for a repost of the SNSD Samyang Ramen commercial??
  7. I guess I should have been a bit more specific. I agree with you. It can have a little bit of funky feel to it (probably part of why i still like listenign to it), but while part of that funky sound is a broken beat, there's a lot more to it than that. I find that popping works pretty well with dubstep, but locking (my preference) doesn't. The slower tempo, repetitive nature, and the 4x4 kick pattern don't really work for me. I usually mix popping, and some slower locking which goes ok. I'm sure there are some poppers, lockers, etc for whom it is right up their alley. Its probably more of a personal taste in my case.
  8. I have heard A LOT of dubstep at clubs over th epast couple years. Its not really my cup of tea (I'm a funkstyle dancer, which doesn't work so well with dubstep), but its cool to listen to for short amounts of time (gets repetitve after a while). I was at a Reid Speed show just a couple weeks ago that was pretty cool. The bass was so intense you could feel it in every wall and on every floor of the building. She puts on a heck of a show. It seems that dubstep is making waves in the club scene here now. I'm hearing more and more of it.
  9. To play: Trumpet To listen (in no particular order) trumpet oboe french horn tin whistle and a few more
  10. From the obscure video game that taught me the true meaning of frustration (to the tune of a great soundtrack)- Spelunker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2g0n2wPyro (the whole soundtrack)
  11. Haha, that was awesome. Completely unlike anything I expected. The references were great, but my absolute favorite: Toad with the bazooka.
  12. I actually think the touch pad on the back is an excellent idea. You could easily control a cursor on the screen with your middle or ring finger. Your screen would never be smudged. And if you (like me) have ginormous hands, they wont get in the way of your view (as mine do on the ds). If nintendo rereleased the ds yet again with a touch pad on the back instead of the touch feature on the bottom screen I'd be all for it.
  13. Unfortunately my Korean is not particularly good yet. I can only pick out a few words in this one. But, samyang makes optics , camera lenses and the like I think.
  14. So after a crap day I was wandering through youtube watching music videos by the Korean group SNSD ( Girls' Generation ) (they always make me smile), when I stumbled across this : I expect you all to recognize the source..... So, has anyone else come across commercials or ads with covers of VG music?
  15. I was actually thinking the exact same thing. I'm very excited at the prospect of an orchestral score. I would assume that means a live score. so we could still end up with some live recordings of pieces that don't utilize the full orchestra. I'm also excited to not have seen a "helper" character anywhere in that trailer. Midna was an excellent character, and I really liked her role in TP. but 4 console Zeldas with a helper of some sort got old fast, probably somewhere around the eleventy billionth time Navi said "Hey, Listen!" before you made it to Death Mountain. I'm looking forward to another zelda. Visually I think this looks as close to a 3d representation of lttp as you can get. And the controls look like they'll be engaging rather than gimmicky. Now I just need a wii....
  16. I really don't think the absence of kremlings will have much any negative impact on the game at all. It also isn't like the crocs were the only baddies in the dkc games. We had vultures, mice/rats, cats, beetles, snakes, dragonflies, armadillos, and other apes to name a few spread across all three games. Not to mention the slew of underwater enemies from the three games, none of which were of the crocodilian variety. We've also seen only a very small sampling of enemies in this game. I highly recommend anyone concerned about this go back and check out the endings of each when they bring all of the enemies through. p.s. thumbs up to tensei-san's sig
  17. 7/8 is a favorite of mine, both for listening and playing. I also really like 12/4.
  18. TSori

    Party musik?

    If you are looking for trance, send a message to bLiNd. He may have a DJ set you can use.
  19. Now, if only the other tracks on the album sampled ice cap zone and terra...
  20. Lest we forget: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-_XvOAF8zk
  21. if you go search for noteworthy composer. its a small free download. you can import midis into it and it will spit score back out at you .
  22. That was intriguing. I've heard her sing without all the electronics before and I'v e seen her play piano. She's a remarkably talented artist. (though this video really raised my opinion of her singing and playing) She's also a fantastic songwriter. Whatever you think of her music now, her songs show a great deal of talent and artistry. Its funny, different as her image may be now that faster part of the video sounds just like her current stuff. That said, I actually can't stand lady gaga. While i do very much like her MUSIC, I don't like what she stands for as an artist and apparently as a person. In her case, I can't separate the two, which is why I choose not to support her. The ideas she portrays through her music and theatricality I think are awful. Moral qualms aside, Her music makes it clear that she is willing to do anything and everything for fame and reputation. She is a sellout by her own admission, and she'll do whatever it takes the emblazon her name in the music industry. I think we're seeing the product of that attitude when you compare this video to what we see and hear from her now. very impressive and interesting video.
  23. TSori


    We use the term unobtainium in engineering all the time. Though we always use it as a JOKING way of referring to some ridiculously wonderful, non-existent material that would solve all our problems. that said. the first time they said it in the movie, I about fell out of my chair laughing. I thought it was great that the joke made it in....Of course when i realized they were going to treat it like a legitimate name, it became not nearly as funny. my two cents on unobtanium. I actually really enjoyed the movie though
  24. TSori


    I never interacted him directly, but I do remember reading his posts when he was still active. I was under a different user name then, (I'm not him). The amount of mystery surrounding him is really amazing. Like a lot of people have said, its really unusual from someone to vanish completely, without leaving any traces at all. I bet the ads idea would work, if hes willing to be found. And the theory that he may have been someone famous going for anonymity is interesting (though who know show plausible) Suffice it to say, this whole unsolved mystery is really fascinating, and I always check this topic when it comes up to see if anyone has discovered anything. ...could be an alien...
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