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  1. I remember when Darkesword first put up a 2 min version of this in the WIP forum. Listened to it then and Go thooked. I think i asked him about finishing it everytime he put up a topic too (oh well sorry abotu being excessive). So when he finally did finish this and post it I abotu had a heart attack. I was again amazed by this remix. Its just increibdle. It is without a doubt one of if not my favorite remix on this site. Increidble job Darke sword. this is amazing!
  2. This is one of my favorites fromt he game. I personally think it could have been done much better. However not to sell this short it is still a nicely put togetehr and arranged remix. Sadly though not exactly the remix i woudl have wanted of this song. will still make the next cd burn though well done
  3. I started listening to this , not havgin read any of Djpretzels input on the song. Needless to say the italian lyics surprised me. But not as much as the quality of the song. This is amazing work. Everything fits perfectly together. Just beautiful work. And My compliments to N-Joy's wife on her incredible voice.
  4. This is an excellent arrangement. Maybe its just me but i'm hearing bits and peices of several themes in here... I really like the tempo changes, very atypical. The way it flows from one style to another is great though i definately have to say I like the begining best. I oculd go with 4 minutes of just that!. The ending isnt a problem to me. The only criticism i have of htis mix is the trumpet. Its not very far above a midi. It just doesnt do the instrument justice t all.. A shame its already been submitted, I wouldd have enjoyed the chance to record the part. Overall, though, this is a fantastic mix. keep up the good work.
  5. This is excellent. Easily one of the best zelda remixes o nthe site. The feel captured in this remix fits the game perfectly. The Wind Waker music fits perfectly. surprised t ehck out of me when it came in. Wind waker hasd a few good songs in it, nice to see anothe ronf the m getting some attention.
  6. So i didnt even pay attention to what this was from. Heard it and i let out a "HOLY CRAP." haha this is one of my fav. songs form the sonic series. I hadn't hear dit in years though. Good stuff all the way around
  7. Personally, I liek the ice theme best. trumept solo is NICE. I'm really looking forward to hearing part 2. whenever it gets finished
  8. Amen, the womb. good point. I really liek this. not what i had expected but a pleasent surprise to be sure. very well done. One of my favorites of winglesses' stuff. Cant say I know anytrhign about anything else Destiny has done. the music flows very well, chords are awesome, balance is great, just all and all a great song.
  9. saw a new zelda 3 mix up and i was thilled. downloaded it immediately. listened. I really liekd the tak eonthe darkworld them at the begginning. the take on the main theme at the end was great too but that middle segment..the end credits....frankly.. it can only be described as legendary. Its flat out amazing and I love it. I oculd listen to it over and over again. and i have to tell you as i listeend to that part of this song, i felt tears well up in my eyes. It was amazing. things so rarely move me in that way, yet for some reason this one did. and I thank you for it. a permamanet edition to my inventory of favorite music. thanks McVaffe
  10. This is definatelty one of if not the best orchestral remixes i've ever heard. Thres some genious in this piece. It is pu togetehr flawlessly. Everythign fits and flows together. This piece is iuincreidbly full, never lacking. It would fit the game perfectly. Amazing i would so much rather have th etwo wind waker mixes rpelace the originals. this is maginficent. Amazing job.
  11. I liked this one alot. I went on a craze yesterday and ownloaded every wily mix i could find and this one definately ranks in as my favorite, though, from a very different kind of persepective wily's wedding is awesome too. There's definately some great stuff going on in this song. It s another great song for me to jam to in the car.
  12. Hmmmm. where to begin. This is magnificent. Its extremly well done and one of the funniest remixes I've ever heard. The percusiion is excellent. The bass in the intro is nice, though my only problem with this song, a very small one is in the intro. I would have liked to hear a bit more of thr treble. I have to really listen to hear it. But the bass is good so it makes up for that. The lyrics are grerat. I like the technique done with the voices. They're real nostalgic. The make perfect sense. I always liked seeing just how much struff like that a person can work into a song or poem. This does an excellent job of that. And suddenly i'm motivated to do a singing remix (I've done a lot of lyrics thingsa like this. never got around to making the actual music though). Well done star. This is grerat, and i expect to hear well over 100 times this afternoon.
  13. another excellent job by protricity. Very well done. everything fits together perfectly. i'd have to make this one a close second (a very close secnd) to brainsick metal. fascinating. it never ceases to amaze me, how well some of the remixes can be done.
  14. This is one of if not the absolute best remix i have ever heard. He keeps the same feel in the remix that we got I the game. The transitions are perfect, there's never a dull moment. Every time i listen to the song i get flashbacks from the game. The arrangement of all the parts is flawless. The complexity of the parts gives it a somewhat mechancial feel, but it is perfect and given the choice i would rather have an X theme with a mechanical feel than organic. Besides, trying to mimc those parts is going to keep me busy for months. It's got the rush of power that is a necesity in every megaman remix. Overall this is an amzing song. Everything was done right. It doesn't get any better than this. Astounding job by protricity. I look forward to hearing more of his stuff. I found another addition to my highway music. right up there with all the f-zero music.
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