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  1. I play trumpet. Not sure I can get access to a studio, but I could look into it if you're interested.
  2. I bought it a week or so ago. I've enjoyed playign it but it really hasn't been anything special. I like the characters. And i think most of them are really well done. Liek someone else mentioned, i've laugehd out loud at some of the dialogue. The battle system is excellent. its different but a lot of fun. The premise for the story is also great on the downside, the story doesn't really seem well executed. You spend long lengths of time with no idea why you're doing things. Or you feel like you don't have enough information to actually get into the game. With the music. It certainly isn't bad. With the exception of the title screen theme though, none of it seems particularly good either. In my opinion it doesn thodl a candle to any other soundtrack mitsuda has done. that said though, this is all my opinion and i'm only 13 hours in, so it may change. Its been enjoyable and interesting enough. It won't be on your list of favorites i don't think. but you wont regret having spent the time playing it.
  3. Well, I'm impressed. I wasn't expecting anything that sounds this nice. I agree with Moseph, that oboe/english horn sounds just a bit edgy. As a whole it sounds just a bit rushed. I feel like if it slowed down a hair, and you could have notes held for just a fraction of a beat longer it'd really flesh out the sound. And lastly, if you were planning on submitting to OCR, just a forewarning, this is still very close to the source, I'd wager a bit too close. great job so far. I can't wait to hear where you take this.
  4. Props for getting involved, man. Good Luck! -Brain cancer survivor
  5. Salluz, thats a pretty useful method (assuming I understand you correctly). When I'm learning, and making stuff up, I have a mental image of myself dancing. If you can picture yourself doing it in your head, its a lot easier to make it happen in the real world. Martial arts use that technique of learning extensively. Having a mirror helps alot with this too, because you have a way to make sure you're matching what you're picturing. It also keeps you from falling into the bad habit of looking at your feet or hands all the time.
  6. woo a dancing topic on ocr! I'm a locker. It is definitely a lot of fun. I've been trying to find some battles, but there isn't much in my area of the country. Unfortunately locking isn't really popular in the US except on the west coast. But yeah, to anyone that's interested in picking up a dance style, look around at whats out there.; Find one that fits your personality and what you want to do with it. And thats not to say you can't make up your own, or combine elements from diff styles together. in fact thats where the term "pop and lock" comes from. Popping and locking are two distinct and different dance styles People have combined elements of both. Unfortunately that's led to the misconception that they are the same style, but there isn't actually any such style as "pop and lock" Its two separate dances. Their origins are pretty closely related though. as is bboying (breaking)
  7. I think I'm echoing a lot of what as already been said at this point. It think it comes down to how much time we had on our hands. I beat a lot of these games (never played battletoads believe it or not),by virtue of the fact that i was a little kid and had nothing better to do with my time. I could sit there and work on them, get the muscle memory down, and memorize the patterns the games were built around. The last of those probably being the most important. Now, I usually feel cheated by most games becasue they aren't challenging enough (with a number of notable exceptions). though, to this day Spelunker continues to be the bane of my existance
  8. I am really liking this. I'd agree that the arrangement is on the conservative side, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. I'm actually going jump onto the other side of the discussion here and say I'd leave it without the bass. A lot of acoustic music like this is light on bass. And i feel like adding any more instruments to it may take away from what you already have (which is a pretty great start on a solo guitar arrangement). Of course, what direction you take it is up to you. this really remind me , style-wise of something you'd hear from andy mckee that said, one thing I think would help this out a lot, would be to think about adding percussive effects from the guitar, (i.e. that video ). I think that would add another degree of depth to your mix without detracting from it the way additional instruments might. best of luck
  9. Well MJ certainly seems a more plausible alien doesn't he? It's very sad to lose anyone. Especially when it seems like they might have lived longer. MJ is particularly notable case because he had such a huge impact on pop culture. His music and dancing have survived the test of time and perhaps even more impressively, his personal life. While I do think Michael Jackson was to a certain degree ...WACKED, I have always been a big fan of his music and his dancing, and I'm confident thatyears down the road his music will be his biggest contribution and the memory of his eccentricities will be largley limited to "oh his music great, I heard he was kind of a nutjob too. had tons of plastic surgery or something like that". MJ is certainly not the first (nor last) influential artist in history to be a bit crazy. And while that probably wont ever go away it'll probably end up as a footnote to what he did in pop music. As far as the pedophile accusations go. I honestly don't have enough info to say for sure one way or the other, but i suspect that he never did anything wrong. He strikes me as someone who in his mind was still living his childhood his whole life. Some people are just like that, and some people just love children. A far less extravagant example than MJ would be J.M. Barrie, a man who also never let go of his childhood, loved spending time with children, and once after his death our society became what it is now, was wrongly accused of being a pedophile. my thoughts and prayers are with the jackson family. I hope he rests in peace *memorial moonwalk*
  10. TSori

    Japanese Dancers

    Wow a VG popping thread showing up only a few days after my VG breaking thread. Quick someone find a VG locking video! Actually this has me wondering now. How many poppers, lockers, and bboy/bgirls do we have on OCR? I'm a locker myself.
  11. Beautiful work. I enjoy this more each time I listen to it. I really enjoy the harmonies in your vocals, as well as the lyrics themselves. The small variations you throw in throughout the remix really add a lot to the artistry of it. Your choice of instrumentation is excellent too. Initially I thought a solo violin would be a very nice addition, but now I'm thinking it would likely detract from the rest of the mix I'm also very impressed that you played and recorded all of the instrumental parts yourself. It always great to see more and more recorded instruments instead of samples on OCR. Its nice to see a remixer with such a range of instrument and vocal talent. I'm looking forward to seeing some more of your remixes on here, as well as hearing your original work.
  12. I like the start you have, though I think its still lacking a bit on arrangement. another suggestion for the samples would be switching this over to collab and getting some people to record the parts live for you. There are definately a few violinists around here, and more than a few truimpet players. I cant say I've heard too many live trumpet recordings on website, but if i can get still get access to the recording studio here, I might even be willing to try it. best of luck finishing it up, good to see golden sun getting some attention
  13. TSori

    8 bit Breakin'

    Just ran across this tonight. Kaiten Ninja is a japanese bboy crew (break dancing). This is their routine at Battle of the Year Asia. Thought you'd all appreciate it as its done to a bunch of classic VG music, megaman, mario, castlevania, and pacman among others. I can't identify all of them, though I'm sure someone can. And yeah the title is not really accurate.
  14. TSori

    Star Trek

    my two cents on why kirk gets the credit. Yeah its a little bit odd. The charcaters in star trek bring an array of unique abilities. Even looking at the original series you have to ask where kirk is supposed to fit in. Hes not the engineer..thats scotty. hes not the dr., nor the scientist, the pilo, etc. no the skill kirk brings to the table is the ability to lead. He can coordinate those people to form a working team that can accomplish great things that is what he did in this movie yeah old spock gave him the idea. to take the ship, but hes the one that actually went back up there and did it. he's the one who got himself into a position where he could piece together everyone elses idea's. And then did it, resulting in a team of people using their individual abilities to solve a larger problem. you make the guy who can transport at warp speed an engineer, you put a great pilot at the helm. you put a rational and contolled mind in an advisory roll. you put the guy who can pull them all together in charge. so in the end. I agree with everyone else. actions and ideas came fom the others, but you have to have someone to pull it all together
  15. Yes it has a very good soundtrack. Excellent use of sound to create an atmosphere and mood. This is one of my favorites from the soundtrack. Still waiting for it all to show up on itunes http://www.imeem.com/carenhill/music/uYqPAcWb/bear-mccreary-sarah-connors-theme-from-pilot/
  16. TSori


    Seeing all these names again sparked my curiosity. So i did a very quick (skimmed the first page only) google search on those names. I got nothing recent for graylightning/gray alexander, a whole ton of irrelevant results for firedrake, an amusing wikipedia entry for cuddly pyramid head (albeit nothing useful), and a myspace profile for xsr388x (last login was yesterday). So, xsr338x, at least didn't completely fall off the face of the earth, just OCR. Of course its entirely possible that some of them are still around here just under diff names. I've been on the forums since 02, but I've used a couple different names.
  17. For any who are still wondering when the clck runs out. Its very close to or exactly at midnight on the 23 in the eastern US. I didnt bother to convert fractional hours back to seconds.
  18. People have already mentioned Finale and Sibelius, which are great but will cost you a fair amount of money. Hunt down noteworthy composer through google. Similar program (though not quite as good) You can get a free demo for a pretty long time as I recall. And I don't think buying the actualy program was very pricey either. Though I'll forewarn you its been a number of year since i used it. So I may not be exactly right.
  19. Man, I thought he was going to live forever.
  20. to pick just one I was playing through link to the past for the first time at the ripe old age of, oh about 5 years old. I got to the armos knight at the end of the first real dungeon. Shot my arrows into the first five of them, only to have the last one turn red and start chasing me. You want to give a fiv eyear old an anxiety attack...thats how. Still that was nothing compared to the realization that I was out of arrows and down to my last heart. Being a little kid and pretty much petrified of the last knight it never occured to me to get close enough to use my sword. No no no. instead I spent what felt like hours running around the little room chucking the level one boomerang at it trying not to get hit. Eventually it finished him off though. Definately one of the most stressful and as a result rewarding early game experiences I had.
  21. I echo everybody that has said there is no specific sound fitting of a rogue. Its all in how you write and deliver the sounds that give the peice the character you're looking for. And also when i think of a rogue i dont think sneaky stealthy hiding in the shadows, necessarily. I think of a rogue as someone who is completely alone whose enemys are everywhere, if not everyone. He (or she) is fighting his own battle for his own reasons usually whiel a much more powerful group is trying to stop him. stealth may be necessary for survival but i wouldn't think of it as the primary characteristic. Thats my two cents on the definition I also agree that a spanish sounding peice (fandango maybe) would work well. It'd be very distinct from the other pieces, and it can certainlylend itself well to conveying the rogue type character for whichever aspect(s) you choose to emphasize.
  22. Hahaha Fantastic This community is all about taking something and turning it into something unique of your own, and you've hit the nail right on the head. This was increidbly entertaining listen. Love the Thriller, and Never Gonna Give You Up nods.
  23. I'm pretty impressed by this. Its a VERY different take on theme, which is always nice to see. Unique as far as ocr as a whole goes too. My only two negative comments are: The brass sounds really thin. There's no real substance to it. There's a guitar ( I think ) that plays hits that kind of kill the feel of remix. They don't seem to fit. Admittedly though thats a matter of opinion. Anyway its first entrance is at 0:54. on the subject of the brass, if you'd like, I can probably record it live on a trumpet when I get back to school in mid Januray (long wait i know) keep up the good work. I'm interested to hear how this one turns out
  24. Haha, My bad Animae. I actually missed your post when i was reading through. Didn't realize you had already mentioned that video.
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