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  1. Hahaha. I got nowhere for like a week in Bloodborne and cried like a bitch. And look at me now. Really looking forward to Dark Souls 3, even though I know it's gonna make me a bitch again.
  2. Only 4 years? You should be more excited than ever!
  3. Facebook was originally meant for university students. So like Facebook there's nothing wrong if Miitoni is used by elderly family members to keep in touch. OC ReMix was originally meant for being a webcomic!
  4. I decided to boycott Nintendo and never buy their products again, but since this app was free I checked it out. And it's actually pretty goofy for trolling and getting your character to say ridiculous things. I spent a lot of time trying to edit the voice to get it to be as funny as possible, but it's a lot of work. I've posted stuff on there I'd never post on FB because people could actually see it on facebook. So if anyone saw me on there, that explains whatever it was. Aaaaand now it's gone. Haha, it was fun for a few days. Deleted it though!
  5. Thank you friends. To help bring this to life really is special. It's the last big piece of the tri-FF experience (in hindsight that would have been a cool title for a triple-album). To work on these sibling albums for FF NES Trilogy has been a great experience and I appreciate everyone who helped create this whole thing. After losing ff9, it took working with so many brilliant artists to even give me the confidence to try doing a large album again. (FF1 and FF2 are around 20 songs each, not all that large). So in other words... gosh, thanks guys. You are an inspiration, and each WIP bri
  6. I hope we get some cool WIPs for April 15th The roster is SO BIG, and it's so many people to keep track of, I simply hope we get a lot, though I know not to expect even 1/4 of the remixers to turn in a WIP. Please ReMix responsibly!
  7. An early leak featuring a bunch of washed up artists Looking forward to the real album!
  8. The US release date for Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness
  9. Ratchet and Clank release The new game based on the movie based on the first game April 12th, 2016
  10. The release of Dark Souls III, April 12th 2016
  11. Oh man, I heard sixto's BZKR mix years ago and didn't know or at the very least did not remember that it was for this album. I think people will be in for a treat when this drop. Tracklist looks strong even with my little poot there I guess.
  12. I guess it has to come out before September 30th or I'll be a liar about it coming out sooner.... please DS
  13. I'd be satisfied if the game got delayed a year and we just got the anime, the movie, the Audi R8 (jk lol) the mini-game, to hold us over until it came out. The sheer amount of content and the fact that it's all pretty awesome is really surprising. Square did an awesome job here. Not to be a self-promoting butt, however I remixed that one song you guys might be hearing in some of these trailers, I don't think an official title has been released yet. But regardless, here is said mix. It's on the panel though it's been on there so long it's looking like they might reject it for being too l
  14. A few new trailers at the Uncovered event. Very good event. And a new demo. I already finished it. Very cool. Short but well optimized. First episode of the anime was great. And an Audi R8
  15. I got condescended to by someone at work for being on my computer, working on the song
  16. There's no need to fight really... the bottom line is that they don't put as much effort into the movies, the screenplays, whatever -- because they believe the characters and world hold enough appeal due to being part of an existing property. So then we get game movies that are, by all accounts, subpar. As if Zack Snyder saw a game trailer and was like "These people wear costumes and there's action involved? This would make a GREAT MOVIE!!" Which is my theory for what happened with Batman vs. Superman....... ...................but that's a whole 'nother thread.
  17. I'm gonna pay good money to see Michael Fassbender fall 300 feet into an assassination target, get up like he didn't even feel it, and say "requiescat in pace" I imagine in this scenario the audience would go insane, popcorn and sodas would be flying everywhere. Women would begin weeping. Three more sequels would be announced, and the blu-ray pre-orders would go platinum
  18. My last comment here was a joke..... I'm not neaaaarly that arrogant, and I haven't submitted as much music as I used to, so odds are you will hear other people's stuff a lot more often. But for the stuff I do sub, I am going to try to practice and get my skills honed up again cause over the last year or year and a half, things kind of slipped while I was sick. I gotta get the skills honed up so they'll be easier to judge of course, and maybe start including source breakdowns again as well. No guarantee on that though.
  19. Games don't always translate well to movies. BioShock could. Sly Cooper is still coming. Ratchet and Clank is coming soon. Assassin's Creed movie is coming soon, they were talking about doing a sequel. Half-life and Portal movies are coming from Jar Jar Abrams, but it'll be a while before they see the light of day. The deal for Halo fell through and became District 9, good movie. Also National Treasure was NOT made in '84
  20. Wait, did someone ask how to make dubstep? Literally look for a dubstep tutorial on youtube and downloaded the provided presets if they have them. Then just follow the video guide exactly and you'll be making wobble bass in like 30 minutes
  21. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, ignore whoever said Baby Metal, you can't do Baby Metal because it WILL end up like this and you DON'T want this as a lasting career choice:
  22. There's a lot of submissions that are over 2 months old with no movement.. the submission email says to contact if you don't get a judgement within 2 months, I think. Dunno if clarification needs sent out to everyone or if the new judges can handle the issue...
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