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  1. Haha, this is djp all way. I wish you had the time to make remixes more often.
  2. Just in case. I have a question - will the tbj queue ever be empty again? There's like a hundred in there right now. Not that it helps anything when the tbp queue is another 27, but you'd at least keep fewer rejectos awaiting your verdict. I mean, yeah, you all have lives and stuff, but damn, you guys are BUSY, by the looks of that thing. Looks like djp posts new mixes more often than some of you vote on submissions.
  3. Unlike the NES games, the Game Boy games are known as "Rockman World" in Japan, which means either numeral works fine. The first, numberless game in Game Boy series in the rest of the world has the subtitle "Dr. Wily's Revenge" to distinguish it from the first, NES Mega Man game. For the sequels on both consoles though, the kind of numeral is the only way to tell which game (and console) you're talking about. That's why they have to be used consistently. Like I said, the box art is very consistent about this, but the games have only Roman numerals in the title screens - both on the NES and on the Game Boy.
  4. Hot darn. So glad someone finally covered this. Kick-ass. Especially liked the legato before the melody comes in. Beautiful. Your guitar is getting some sweet TLC here, and her moan is music to my ears.
  5. Regarding the Mega Man series, the title screens have Roman numerals on both consoles, but afaik the box art uses Roman numerals only for the Game Boy games, while the NES games have "normal" numbers. Wikipedia, mmhp.net, mobygames etc. all acknowledge that same convention.
  6. This is just too cute not to have. It's a "fuzzy" from Super Mario World. Not the best-known enemy from that game, I know. I'm including mirrors (this is the in-game animation - repeatedly mirroring the sprite) and 2 different zooms. Take your pick. I know the white eyes blend into the white background here, but they should look okay on the grey post headers. I hope. And if not: If necessary, I can put the smaller ones on green background too, but it wouldn't be as much fun. LT: We'll see how the very first one turns out on the background.
  7. No major concerns. I see you did lose the left arm though - I would have kept "androgynous" in that sentence to further emphasize NiGHTS' non-conformity (get it?). I know the same word is used in the last paragraph (which I'm not saying we should move, but which would actually work as the first paragraph as well), but still. Final nitpick - if NiGHTS and Reala are the only two 1st Level Nightmaren, we could write "as one of two 1st Level Nightmaren.". I'm surprised everytime I get to the paragraph about Reala, beacuse Nightmaren sounds like a plural form of something, and "the other 1st Level Nightmaren, Reala" sounds like Reala is more than just one person, and could refer to 1st Level Nightmaren still loyal to Wizeman (unlike NiGHTS him-/her-/itself). This feeling stays until "Reala" is followed by "is" in the next sentence. But maybe there are more than 2 (or more will be created, or Reala was created later, possibly after NiGHTS' rebellion, in which case this doesn't work).
  8. Now I'm thinking maybe "upon learning of" would be better than "after learning of". I'm a terrible person. Assuming "form" covers both appearance and abilities, I say aye. Not in favor of solution 2. We shouldn't need this long a sentence to express Mr/Ms Androgynous' ability to morph into situationally adequate things or creatures (such as into a dude when the line to the ladies' is a mile long or a girl when the foot locker is out of size 13). I like Abadoss' suggestion, but I want to run it by you too. Also, does NiGHTS change form at will, and can he/she/it take on the form of something situationally inadequate, i.e. can he/she/it morph into, say, a bobsled when underwater? Yeah... well, this project did come about as a result of my poor general knowledge about a majority of the mascots, after all. This lack of knowledge on my part still helps us today.
  9. I didn't like that tone at all, but thanks for sharing anyway
  10. Very educational, thanks a lot! I knew what you meant by Q, but not what you meant by 4. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
  11. A Q of 4, huh? Doesn't tell me much... Again, should I assume you mean on a scale from 1 to 10? Sure, there's no universal solution, but there's probably a good amount of general advice I haven't heard yet, and someone more experienced than I am in this field probably has some specific advice on this particular mix, too. Maybe heeding it doesn't give me the sound I'm after, but I'll learn something in the process anyway, and it might beat randomly turning the knobs.
  12. Thanks for letting me know I don't come off as the complete jerk I feel like a lot of the time By the way, your most recent bio was actually terrible right up until the last version you posted, which was, on the other hand, great. I was hoping not to have to tell you, because I'd feel like such a dick, but I guess now that you've proven your true ability, you don't mind my saying it. I'd almost given up on that one, to be honest, so thank YOU for coming through and doing your very best.
  13. There's some painful resonance frequencies in the filtered parts in the intro and ending here, so I guess I should check those out. I do plan on adding vocals, yes. You mean I should only cut mids in the sections with vocals though, right? Is it a good idea to compress mids with vocals as the sidechain (so the guitars cut mids only when the vocals are actually playing)? I'm going to re-record these takes anyway, I'm thinking I'll record the clean signal and then send that through a bunch of different amp settings (I use a line 6 pod). But yeah, good idea to keep the whole recording and mess with eq in the DAW. I found boosting at 3kHz or so helped open this up (haven't done it in this version). You've been a big inspiration to me in the past, Darangen. Just wanted to let that out.
  14. Yes, this is a lot less ambiguous. I doubt it will cause to any confusion. No need for special symbols here. I don't really mind, but in this case, they'd be gratuitous. How about "NiGHTS rebelled against Wizeman after learning of his plans to take over Nightopia"? Sure. Though there's nothing here to indicate Reala isn't purple, too. I was just confused by Reala's name ending in 'a' (a typical indicator of femininity in names and Indo-European nouns in general). Sounded like Wizeman, not Reala, was NiGHTS' equal, or as if Reala would imprison herself or some fourth, hitherto unmentioned person. Again, I'm a moron. I thought I could just lump "appearance" and "abilities" together as one plural and refer to both as "those". Not so, then. I had a nice suggestion for this one, but I forgot it before I could write it down. I'll get back to you about it. We're able to save the left arm, I guess. Glad I can help. Need to feel like I'm doing SOMETHING around here, even if it rarely amounts to more than being a pain in the ass. Ironically, I think the result ends up being less shitty (no offense, Stevo, or anyone else, just making puns). I just don't want to be responsible for something I'm not happy with, and as the director, what goes into the wiki is my responsibility.
  15. http://dafydd.se/stuff/9.mp3 The performance is sloppy, I know, and the bass sounds really fake. What can be done to improve the sound here? On some speakers, this sounds crispy, but weak - on others, mumbled and heavy. General, as well as specific, advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Wait, you know something I don't? I don't remember any mention of a Tap Runner. EDIT: Wow, that was a long time ago. Haha. djproctrastination. OT: Actually, my main gripe was with confusing and ambiguous pronouns. Whenever I read "he", "him" or "his", I have to read the sentence several times over to figure out whom these words are referring to. Not sure how to fix some of it though. I'm just throwing it out there, you be the judge: - "He is a 1st Level Nightmaren: a creature created by the ruler of the realm of Nightmare, Wizeman." I want to swap the punctuation here: "He is a 1st Level Nightmaren, a creature created by the ruler of the realm of Nightmare: Wizeman." Possibly even "Nightmare - Wizeman." Hate the comma at the end. Must. Edit. *mental breakdown* - "NiGHTS rebelled against his creator after Wizeman tried to take over Nightopia" makes it sound like Wizeman and NiGHTS' creator are not the one and same. - "start to have nightmares" -> "start having nightmares" - "never questioning Wizeman's orders to imprison his equal and capture Nightopia" sounds weird because I'm wrongly assuming Reala is female. I'm a moron. And I still don't like "an androgynous being whose appearance and abilities can change depending on a given situation, such as morphing into a bobsled in a snow area and a dolphin when underwater". It rubs me the same, wrong way a tense change does, but I can't explain why. Maybe doing away with "morphing" would do the trick. And maybe replacing the "and" in the second clause with "or". Ideally "such as into those of a bobsled in a snow area or a dolphin when underwater". It's a good thing I'm not running ReMix projects, here.
  17. I still had minor issues with this, but ok then. Thanks for not giving up on this, Stevo! Polo, what's this I hear about you uploading bios for non-existing mascots?
  18. Now awaiting Stevo. ETA: <40 hours.
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