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  1. I meant doing it as a joke, whistling something completely random, improvising, just to see if it's similar enough to something else for someone to recognize it.
  2. That's funny. I was just listening to this song yesterday for the first time in forever.
  3. Pretty sure I'll be in town then regardless, so that would work.
  4. Just about any weekend works for me, I would think... as long as I get to hear about it a few weeks in advance. Oh, and I'm busy on Valborg, obviously.
  5. I think you made up you made that up. You can make up for it later. Anyway, the rsn is pretty nice. Thanks for the tip!
  6. LOL! I think I'm going to start a new thread and post a link to a recording of me whistling some random tune and have people guess what it is. I'm amazed anyone got even close
  7. For someone super-fly, sure. And yes, I'm talking about Larrybot.
  8. Still, sometimes you may want to make a big deal out of using certain presets BECAUSE they are familiar. I don't know if that was the idea here, but http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01416/ took a lot of flak for using a certain sample.
  9. Sweden is "Spaghetti-Western Europe" now? Anyway, Mokie, about the "lovely ladies of Scandinavian descent"... go anyplace they serve beer (this is where they hang out, also most of them are a lot more fun when they're drunk), make sure to let them know you're from anywhere in Western Europe (including current or former colonies thereof, such as Australia or the USA), spaghetti or not, and they'll be like moths to a flame. Anyway, I'm down. I'll even pay for my own ticket, unlike some.
  10. I think Rozo sums it up pretty well. Consider someone with his view, only more extreme, and on other people's music rather than his own. To someone like that, using a preset is like putting a disclaimer on your album saying "OH HI I USED PATCH ### FROM THE ### SAMPLE PACK. ALSO I'M A NOOB". Not saying they're right, definitely not saying Rozo is like this.
  11. Yeah, that came out wrong. I meant to say some people are against presets for the same reason they're against drum loops - you didn't make the whole thing yourself, and to them, that's a bad thing, because you take credit for something you didn't do. Why people of this opinion even bother coming to a place like this is beyond me, but there you go.
  12. To some people, it's the same with using drum loops - to them, it's like taking someone else's melody or lyrics and putting your name on it, I guess. Dunno why no one ever complains about acoustic instrumentation in the same way though. "Man, you used violins in your song? You so stole that from Mozart (or whoever)." Myself, I'm a lot more bothered by how some artists always use the same presets in all of their songs.
  13. My point is that when using the online applet, I can join the #ocremix channel and see the list of people in it, but whenever I try to say something I get the message 'Not in any channel yet, please type "/join #your_channel" first.'. Typing /join #ocremix, of course, doesn't help, since I'm already there. It didn't use to be this way so I'm assuming the client is either broken or outdated. I tried joining using xchat first, and then I could see my applet user joining and then quitting, so the applet is working to some extent, but the elevator doesn't quite go all the way up.
  14. The Recuit & Collaborate subforum would probably get a lot more visitors if it was listed in the forums dropdown menu in the site header. I found it by accident a few minutes ago, before which I had no memory of ever visiting it (even though I realize now I must have since I've posted in some of the threads). I know there's a Forums Home, but my guess is I'm not the only guy who mistakes the list in the dropdown menu for an exhaustive one. The Forums Home link looks more like a list title than a link, anyway. Also, the online java client used for the irc seems to be broken. Maybe it needs an update?
  15. Thanks for clarifying, Rozo. I agree this isn't fantastic, but it's surprisingly good for being what it is. If OP has a thing for mashups, I can recommend Norwegian Recycling's Donkey Business (check the bottom of this page)
  16. k srsly If you start a thread in this subforum, does it necessarily have to be for something you intend to submit at some point (I know what OP said), or could it be for something you just made for fun, something you are aware will never pass the panel? Because I get the feeling people are focusing a lot on whether a mix will pass the panel or not, whether a mix follows the submission standards, and very little on the music itself, not just in this thread, but in general. Is there a rule that says you can't post stuff like this here?
  17. Haha, sorry about that. I can post the same thing tomorrow if you want.
  18. It would be great to hear this stuff played with real instruments, because right now it sounds like you just took some songs off vgmusic.com and changed the patches. Not saying you did, but there's really no way to tell.
  19. This is kind of cool at times, but there's a ton of weird note clashes.
  20. So apparently I possess "a certain irreverent gaiety and ease of manner", according to reliable sources and your previous post. Eye I can roll with that. I'd much rather be called saucy than cheesy, at any rate. Anyway, I noticed Polo was offered the same position. Can't think of a better person for the job, as the two of us have a record of excellent teamwork. Fixing those counters would probably help, yeah, but I still wonder about Bubble Bobble. There's a song for the NES version, named 'Main Theme (Hurry Up!) - Skull Monster Appears', but that's not the one listed as the source tune for any of the ReMixes. Any good reason to keep it this way? Why is the arcade version even in the game database to begin with? Speaking of the IRC, I can't seem to connect to it right now. Something about the channel not existing, despite being able to see the list of people logged in. Maybe it's only an issue with the online client.
  21. This is a list of all games on the site, sorted by number of remixes, in ascending order. http://ocremix.org/games/?&offset=0&sort=mixcountasc There's 74 of them with no mixes at all. Some of them are left in the database after all of their remixes were removed during the removal processes/holocausts (good thinking, btw). Some (e.g. Guild Wars) are listed as having no mixes because they are a secondary source; covered only in ReMixes primarily of some other game (World of Warcraft, in this case). A few games are ported to several consoles but only have mixes listed for one of them. I guess this makes sense if a soundtrack is not identical on all ported versions. The strange thing is - while e.g. the Arcade version of Bubble Bobble is listed as having no ReMixes, its game page lists 4, each of which in turn list the NES version as their source, never the Arcade version. However, each of these ReMixes are listed to cover the 'Main Theme'. Clicking this song name takes you to that song's page, which lists the Arcade version as its source. An incredibly minor issue, but it makes me wonder how this database is set up. Finally, there's a few here that actually do have ReMixes (though fairly recently added) on their game page, but are still listed as having no mixes in the list I linked to above (The Ninja Warriors, The Curse of Monkey Island, Crush, among others) despite existing on only one console. How long does it take for the database to update itself so it shows the correct number of ReMixes? I'm assuming it's not being done manually and that someone's just been sloppy. Either it doesn't update itself often enough or there's a bug somewhere.
  22. I'm interested in having this answered, too, just out of curiosity. I'm not good with "terms of use" stuff.
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