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  1. Hahaha! Bored at work, are we?
  2. The map is really cool. Like, plug your arm into some thingy and get the map and reveal areas you didn't know were even there, and then try to find a way to get there because the map didn't tell you how. I also like the X-ray, little secrets you don't find unless you stop and look carefully.
  3. As your brother already pointed out, yeah. Regardless, Super Metroid was a fast platformer (though a very scary and atmospheric one), and I missed that kind of gameplay in Metroid Prime. Annoying controls helped break the suspension of disbelief, too. I dunno about high and low points in Metroid history. Super Metroid was the first one I played, and I loved it to bits, and never really got along with any of the other games I tried. To me the first 2 games were technologically inferior, slow and ugly compared to Super Metroid, and whatever came after were misinterpretations that deviated from its unique atmosphere. I used to blame Gunpei Yokoi's death for the turn the series took with Prime, but I don't really think he had much to do with either anymore. Lots of people love the Prime series, but I sure don't.
  4. I recall some very frustrating platform-game-but-FPS-with-gamepad areas of the game that nearly made me bald.
  5. I never liked the gamecube ones. Going from the super-smooth controls of Super Metroid (which is my favorite, too) to the bulky, stiff, gamepad-controlled FPS controls of the Prime series was a nightmare, imo. I was also struck by that bug where I had to play the game all over from the start after not receiving that item after killing that boss, which made the nightmare unbearable. I never beat the game. Not saying Metroid won't work as an FPS, btw, I just prefer playing FPS games with a mouse and keyboard.
  6. Plus, New Vegas isn't really Fallout 4, it's its own, weird, thing. Kinda like Majora's Mask.
  7. The idea, though, is that bios should be written to be true years after the bio is written. Sweeping generalizations like in the above quote shouldn't really be in the bios, although it's really hard to avoid sometimes. I mean, before New Vegas came out, it didn't seem like there would ever be a Fallout game where this fact was no longer true, but I wonder if it would be a good idea to write stuff like: "As of the third installment, each Fallout game follows a lone descendant of the original vault dwellers, [...]" However - regarding mascots being featured in games that came out after the article was written, I welcome you all to tell us about those new games in these cases (expanding on what the first post says): The mascot has very few games in its list The game has OCReMixes The game is a huge bestseller or otherwise important somehow Also, if any game already in a mascot's game list has OCReMixes, it should always be a link to that game's page here on OCR. Please let us know if this is ever not the case.
  8. I collected all the episodes a long time ago, and, as it happened, they had Dutch subtitles. I learned a few useful words, like "kicker" (frog) and "pronkstuk" (showpiece (crown jewel, in this case)).

    "Dafydd", by the way, is a Welsh name. I'm a man of mystery. Yeah.

  9. In the vein of spelling crits: supposed, right? Anyway, I gotta ask - am I the only one who thinks the guitar is out of tune some of the time? Like, badly out of tune? I'm guessing it doesn't bother most people. Will gets this complaint from me all the time, I just wanna know if anyone else is hearing it. Like I said before though, cool soundscapes overall, and I really like the flute parts.
  10. Perfect for a rainy day like this. Could have been longer, but thanks anyway. I believe another thanks is in order.
  11. It might be a saucy thing to do, but I would think this is kind of important, so I'm quoting myself in case this got overlooked somehow.
  12. I found the post I meant to quote and edited my above post accordingly.
  13. The lead melody sounds really tired. Try some vibrato on those long notes - I think that would help a great deal. No useful advice on production though, I'm afraid.
  14. That's a terrible album title. Where can I find the OST? EDIT: Wait, is this the Genesis game? In that case, nm about the ost.
  15. I read the rest of the thread, Neblix, thank you. I was trying to hijack the thread for a theoretical discussion unrelated to its original purpose. I guess I should have quoted the post where an HD remake was mentioned.
  16. From what I've seen, most projects like this fail because the programmers drop out (or were never there). It's actually kind of heartwarming to see someone try to recruit new ones. For Game Maker, no less. Seriously, does anyone think an HD version of Super Metroid would even be fun to play? I have a hard time imagining the feel of the original could be captured in higher resolutions or with higher-quality sound. Of course, it would be kinda awesome to play another platformer with Super Metroid physics. EDIT: Added the apparently necessary quote.
  17. I'd say this is really overcompressed. And I don't like how the kick is playing the same rhythm as the bass. Nice textures though.
  18. Aye, this was a pretty awesome take on the source.
  19. This little snippet needs work everywhere, but maybe someone will like it anyway. Word of warning though - it's pretty loud. Sorry about that. www.dafydd.se/musik/sadbeat.mp3
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