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  1. Thanks for clarifying. Wonder where the hell I got that idea, then. Also I wrote "final fantasty" and you guys didn't even notice. Lol
  2. I guess Polo gave you more pie than you could eat, eh? Really now, I'd love to see that thing finished sometime soon. Do it done.

  3. Yeah, ok. I guess it's a wrap, then. I'll go pull Stevo's beard and hope he spits gold.
  4. Then maybe I'm just full of shit. You've been around for longer than I have, you should know better than i do.
  5. I'm not sure about whether you were just QFE-ing me or actually replying to me, but I wasn't actually referring to the MP3 files when I said I browse by game. I meant I look up a specific game here on the site, maybe even a specific song from its soundtrack, and I listen to the remixes thereof, not knowing their genre beforehand, because I don't really care. As I remember it, the ID3 limitation of only one genre was not the reason for not allowing visitors to this site to search for remixes in a particular genre. It was an ideological design choice, it was one of the reasons for the VGMix exodus, and I'm pretty sure it was explained in the FAQ back in the day, along with why we weren't allowed to share favorites lists on the boards. I'm not arguing against this ideology, I'm just saying. Enter shameless other-plug: The tags are great, because even though I don't really care much about genre in general, and even though I think something like the worst thing that could happen to this place is if the front page would be transformed into a genre selection menu... sometimes you have an idea for a remix, you have a wip and that one is a certain genre, and you need inspiration or want to compare with existing remixes, and the tags help you find them. Or maybe you forgot everything about a remix you really liked (artist, game), and then you can search for an element in it, like "female vocals", thereby narrowing your search, and find the remix. Also, browsing by genre ironically helps me find great music I would normally miss out on because I typically browse by game. Maybe I'm on the lookout for anything with a banjo in it, and so I find a final fantasty (which I never played and therefore don't care much for) remix with a banjo in it and maybe I like it and start listening to other final fantasy remixes or even the OSTs. Mission accomplished, as far as djp is concerned.
  6. You know - this is much, much better. I'd like to add something about how he is not only the mascot for Vault-Tec, but for the series as well, something you mentioned earlier but that got lost on the way. Can't really think of where to put it though.
  7. I can already picture the news headlines after a murder - "the victim met his assailant on internet community 'overclocked remix'..."
  8. For the longest time, the site staff refused to add this kind of feature, arguing it would make people miss out on great music because they would only look for remixes in a certain genre (I always browse by game myself, so I miss out on tons of great music anyway). Then, at some point, these tags were introduced. I shouldn't think the search results are complete, unless there's been some big effort to tag every remix for everything, and I don't think there has been. Also, the tags amount to more than just genre labeling; many remixes have been tagged for the instruments featured in them or the nature of their lyrics etc.
  9. I really loved the intro, but was let down when the guitars came in after 40 seconds or so and the whole track seemed to lose power.
  10. Thank you. It's really one of those few projects you want to be running forever, isn't it?
  11. Wanna make some improvements to that bio or should we? Let me know! :)

  12. We don't add new mascots ourselves, and we have no idea when new ones will be added or which they will be. djp and LionTamer post them here in the thread and we write bios for them as quickly as we can. If you want to request a mascot, you should talk to djp or LionTamer, though I won't say it's any use. If you want to write a bio, you need to keep an eye on this thread. Mascots are claimed on a first come, first serve basis (no merits considered), though this is mostly to avoid having several people do the same job. Most people throw out a wip which we sometimes more or less tear apart, and everyone is welcome to help in this process, suggesting improvements, finding typos etc. Both bios currently in process are likely going to need some final brush-ups even after their next version.
  13. I'm going to let you carry out Polo's changes and then have another look, but: QFE. This doesn't really concern Vault Boy, does it? Skip most of this and tell us about Vault Boy instead. Tell us how he's featured in Vault-Tec's products and all that. Polo already pointed this out, of course.Lastly, the first thing I thought of when playing Fallout was how everything about Vault Boy seemed to be influenced by the 50's (presumably to emphasise the contrast between the American Dream that, looking back, the 50's seems to have epitomized, and the grim reality that the main character faces emerging from the vault) and the "duck and cover" instruction films. I think the influences behind Vault Boy's design deserve some mention.
  14. Thanks for sorting that out. I'm not sure about referring to NiGHTS as "he", though it certainly would be very practical. English and its pronouns were obviously based on a world where living things were always either male or female.
  15. Thanks, Polo. And yeah, Stevo, you did a good job with the overall structure, for which I forgot to commend you.
  16. There's a few issues with genitives/possessives and apostrophes, but my main gripe is with how confusing this was to read. Nightmare, Wizeman, NiGHTS. Took me 5 reads to get this sentence. I'm trying to figure out a better one that says the same thing. This sentence sounds wrong. How about something like ?And what's "Twin Seeds"? Earth? Some alternate universe? Finally, the list of "Selected game appearances" looks more like a complete list to me. It would be better to mention somewhere in the bio that besides being the main character of the NiGHTS series, he/she/it is also playable in several other SEGA (party type of game) titles, though I'm not sure how to word that in a good way. Sorry if I come off as too harsh. I blame the confusion.
  17. Would have loved an "In da club" kinda clap on the snare beats.
  18. This is unexpectedly good! Gave Life in the Mines a listen. Things sound a little off tune sometimes, but aside from that, this is pretty awesome.
  19. "Sometime this week" just turned into "sometime last week". Not that there's a deadline or anything, but we're all eagerly awaiting that bio, you know. If you're not done yet, feel free to post whatever you got so far. In the project thread, I mean.

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