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  1. You are the worst. Ever. Somebody get me his phone number.
  2. This fucking rules, man. It's too good to reductionistly analyze.
  3. You can't call a track from here on in without a WIP that I or Malcos have aproved as being in the correct genre and of an acceptable level of quality; you've just got to make, submit and hope. We've had problems in the past regarding that issue and they will not be repeated. And, yes, Joker and Txai, this applies to you. Additionally, Character Select is now open; Kung Fu Chicken missed his WIP deadline.
  4. I cannot, in my mind's eye, accept that Pixie Tricks's spider-silk powerful voice comes out of little, tiny, Jilly. Taucer, Shonnen and D-lux comprise a panalopy of modestly capable, shall we say "character," vocalists who belt out a mush-mouth of mliky-safe puppy-love tripe which lends the piece an Americanized and sanitized Saturday-morning-anime-opening quality. The stock-rock overdrive guitar also contributes. I know that sounds harsh, but it's endearing in the same way as a clumsy baby. Besides, it all comes together well and everyone contributes something of real value. It's a fine addition to the OCR library on its own merit as an arrangement, but is memorable for its--to use an overly grandious term--"historic" signifigance moreso than its musicality. As an aside that will be of no interest to anyone, I, myself, actually recorded--I suppose you could say I engineered--Shonnen's vocals in what some people claim passes for my home studio, two days after the event. They were later sent to Zircon who mixed them in. I'm proud to have had a small hand in its creation.
  5. OK, Nesper is the mystery man who did a WIP of and is now finishing Zangief.
  6. I think my dream is to get the mysterious Black Person to mix Ken's Ending. Does anyone know how to contact him? Truely he is an enigma.
  7. We got Damien Kraus on for Bonus Stage. I'm a big fan on his Ending Credits arrangement, although I know a few of you don't dig it. The style he gravitates towards is extremely well suited for certain tracks and comepletely inapropriate for others, and I think we've made the right choice putting him on Bonus Stage; he's gonna tear it up.
  8. I deleted the one that was spelled correctly, to spite you. Me and Kung Fu Chicken have burried the hatchet. He's going to be taking Character Select, an iconic track, nearly as recognizable as the stage themes. I'm a little scared because Kung Fu Chicken is pretty much totally fucking crazy, but hopefully he'll channel that into some truely inspired sequencing, shredding and/or rhymes. Welcome aboard, bro.
  9. As of Monday, March 13th 2006, we have: Blind vs. Leifo - Sagat (Finished) Akumajobelmonot and Braincells - Ryu (WIP) Malcos - Balrong (Finished) Malcos - Dhalsim (WIP) Red Tailed Fox - Chun Li (WIP) Myth Naz - Cammmy's Ending (WIP) SOMEONE WHO DID NOT CREDIT THEMSELVES IN THEIR FILENAME AND IS NOT LISTED OUR PROJECT TRACKLIST - Zangief (WIP) (Entitled (Communist Jungle) Damien Kraus - Ending Credits SOMEONE WHO DID NOT CREDIT THEMSELVES IN THEIR FILENAME AND IS NOT LISTED OUR PROJECT TRACKLIST - E. Honda (WIP) Zircon - Fei Long (WIP) Aeuthurius - Guile's Ending (WIP) Shael Riley and Richter - Guile's Ending (Finished) Trenthian - Guile (WIP) Jivemaster - Title Screen (WIP) DJ Sammy G - Sound FX Mix (Finished) Shael Riley - High Score (Finished) Rob Bishop - Akuma (Finished) Richter - Blanka (WIP) Jose the Bronx Rican - Vega/Vega's Ending (WIP) Sixto Sounds - Ken (WIP) Vurez - T. Hawk Jose the Bronx Rican - Dee Jay (WIP) Hella-tite MC Fukkaslut - Tournament Mode Begins (WIP) Dan Baronowsky - Ryu's Ending That's it. If you have a WIP and it isn't on this list, it isn't on my hard drive, and you need to get it to me pronto. All other tracks, except for M. Bison, are hereby opened up again. What you need to to do: 1) Finish your WIP. Final tracks are due April 25th. This project ends in May, whether that means a full or partial release. 2) Bug AE (AKA A. Rival). He promised me he would do M. Bison for us well over six months ago without yet having produced a WIP and he's my all-time favorite remixer, ever. Ever. His Band's MySpace is ; let's all leave "encouraging" comments. Of note: Malcos joins me as project co-director. I'm excited about wrapping this up and I trust his judgement implicitly. With Malcos's help, I think getting solid representation for at least all of the stage themes and all of the endings is a reasonable goal. With that in mind, I'm giving him just as much control of the project as he's comfortable with taking; whatever he says goes. In the case of a disagreement, we'll fight to the death.
  10. Woe. VGF is the only thing that's kept me connected to the scene during the past six months. I'll miss every aspect of you, Larry, except the aspect that acts in the capacity of a judge! L - O - L! *rimshot* JKJKJK! I love your judgework; I just had to get in one last one. I'm sorry to see you go. You've provided an indispensible service to the community for so long now that I've come to take it for granted and, in light of that, you will be more missed than just about anything since McVaffe when you're gone. Here's hoping to much success and prosperity in your new place of residencey. If it's really in the DC area I'm gonna come and give you a wedgie when you don't expect it, which, realistically, will be ever.
  11. Yeah. I'm lazy about that. The mirror isn't intended to reprsent the project in any semblance of completion; it's just a log of music has been submitted, updated or out of date, excepted or rejected. It doesn't contain nearly all of the songs I have received as submissions either. Anyway, I think the feedback project members get from posting their songs in this thread is more valuable than the surprise of keeping the songs secret from listeners until their release. It's not a big secret; it's not a big deal. The final product will be an organic one. So keep posting your songs here. And, Sammy, you have "finished" that track, like, six times.
  12. I love it. Very smart interpretation, Darangen. You never cease to impress me with your impecable playing and perpetually reinventive arrangement. Somebody tell Uwe Bowl to make an awful Final Fantasy One movie and use this as the end credits theme; surely it would be the film's high point, for more than one reason. Upon subsequent listenings, the intro's been reminding me of Today by Smashing Pumpkins.
  13. Yes. I did. It actually made my songs quieter.
  14. I know, but I don't want to be the one song in a playlist that makes the user turn up the volume. That's just wicked lame. Especially if I'm the user who has to turn up the volume. I hate that shit.
  15. I've long known that I never seem to get my songs' overall volume quite up to the staandard. It's always just a bit too soft, or it clips. I use Reason 2.5 and an old version of Cooledit, and I usually normalize my songs to 100% and then hard-limit away any clipping, but that does nothing to offsent my song's internal dynamics, leaving the song's overall volume too soft, with only the loudest part being up the standard, and that's no good. So, I'm looking for a quick, dirty and free way to get music to comply with volume standards. Any suggestions? I hope I don't need a *ahem* "monitor,* something who's function I have only the vaguest inclination of. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
  16. Blind and Leifo's Sagat is, indeed, finished, and awesome. One more track down.
  17. Nesper's track is sexual. I'm going to have to overhaul the initial post--rewrite it completely and update the track list, plus keep a list of finished tracks. Ya'll doing good?
  18. Feedback on Jose's WIPs: Dee Jay: Overall a tight beat that will suit some vocals well. The strings, though, are ugly as sin; you might try a new sample and/or some effect processing. The syncopated synths stabs work at times but are distracting at others. The piano could benefit from a more loose, improvisational interpreation of the melody, including more trills and grace notes. I know it sounds like a lot, but if I pointed out all the WIPs strong points, I'd be filling up three times as much space. Looking forward to the finished product, and to seeing you on Friday with the rest of those crazy kids. Vega's Ending: Again, I wasn't feeling the dry strings in the intro, but once the beats, bass and tense piano came in, I was bouncing my head like whoa! I'm really feeling this as a rap beat. Shit, it's an exciting prospect; the strings even work once the rest of the instruments come in to compliment them. If matched with powerful vocals and finished with care, this could be one of the best tracks on the album.
  19. Hey! I appreciate you posting WIPs, Jose. I've been real busy--sorry I haven't gotten to them yet but I'll post feedback soon. Prolly tommorow.
  20. Ranagazoo, let's have at you, And when I count three... I promised my girlfriend I'd... the violin! The Avalanches aside, just posting to let anyone who may have been wondering know that the project is still progressing, slowly but surely, the front page is still (largely) accurate, and there's still room for more remixers. Inquire within.
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