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  1. Nice work, guys! Have been eagerly anticipating SoS's release. Haven't listened to it much yet, so I'll have to let you know my more-detailed opinion after some (hopefully) smooth headphone jammin'.
  2. Quite ironically, I just noticed that many of the most-viewed SFIIT HDRemix stage-music vids on YouTube don't mention a thing about where the music came from! Like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOAWFMMTwuQ
  3. Are you sure? I also thought my phone was incapable of using custom-made sounds & tones until I found (unofficial) software like BitPim that could load said files right onto my phone, without restrictions.
  4. I'd say the likelihood of that being a spam post is somewhere close to 99.9%. But indeed, the topic is still relevant. Recently, thanks to q-pa, I found out that cellphones which supposedly "can't" use custom ringtones are really just hiding their true capabilities. All my phone needed was some custom software (BitPim) and a USB data connector. In the meantime, I have discovered speakers do actually exist that sound even worse than that of laptops. Hello, cellphone ringtone speakers! I've learned that metal sounds absolutely horrible through them, while old-school video game chiptunes seem to come through the clearest. How convenient for our quaint little musical niche! Noticing that most ringtones seem to be rather frantic in pace, I tried to make mine a little more chill. No scrambling for the phone here... just a slick smooth unsheathing from the pocket... or at least that's the idea... barring the inevitable awkward execution. Here's a partial listing: Chrono Trigger - The Day the World Revived (main tone) Final Fantasy 3j - Chocobo (truly, nothing can best the Chocobo theme played by NES synths) Final Fantasy 1 - Prelude Final Fantasy 4 - The Big Whale Final Fantasy 6 - Edgar & Sabin (those who've met me ought to realize who this tone rings for) Star Fox - Controls TMNT4: Turtles in Time - Alleycat Blues Mega Man 9 - Thunder Tornado NiGHTS - Paternal Horn Xenogears - Gathering Stars in the Night Sky LotR: The Two Towers - Theme of Rohan Battlestar Galactica - Reuniting the Fleet Star Trek Insurrection - Ba'ku Village
  5. Hahaha! I frickin' hope so. Like, launching planes into the air maybe? That'd be a good start. And hope it's more of that "accomplishing" than "trying". This was more fun than I thought it would be. And I ended up with a beautiful picture to work with, too. Need better photo-editing skills, though.
  6. I notice that Mininova's upload page now mentions a free "VIPeers" service which will seed your torrents for you: http://www.mininova.org/upload
  7. Music's cute and catchy. It's almost like a teaser, though, yanked away with but a tempting taste! Where are the two-hour video game soundtracks, sir Soundscape?
  8. Are we allowed to mention that site by name? I'm honestly wondering, because looking up, it seems the name was removed as well as the actual link. Either way, awesome AnSo that you managed to distribute your music there. Took me for a surprise, that's for sure. First time a composer has released their own work on the site! May it be the first generous act of many for them. Also, despite the bad image they may project, I have to thank sites like them. Without such services, my video game music collection would be much smaller -- yes, even my imported CD collection. Buying CDs in Yen and having them shipped overseas is an expensive investment I wouldn't have made without being able to hear what I'm getting first.
  9. To steal your name, sir: Ascendancy, a classic old-school PC game with great music for its time.
  10. Happy SAD! On a tangentially-related note, Wikipedia claims Valentine's Day does have historical significance, i.e. it was not invented by Hallmark or any mass-producer of greeting cards. Truth? Distortion? Information sabotage by the commercial establishment? You decide!
  11. Good stuff. Also, I notice recently you've been trying to make the game pictures more consistent, aiming toward grabbing the title screen it appears. I appreciate that.
  12. I love the graphical layout of the website. That's superb, not a thing I'd change. I do have a few suggestions in other areas, though. For one, the "purchase" link breaks the interface consistency that was present in every other link on that bar. Suddenly, clicking "Protagonist Records" does not send someone back to the home page. Actually, I don't see *any* link from the store back to the home site. But what I mean to say is that the store should probably look something akin to this: http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c21/starskies/_misc/ProtRecsExample.jpg Also, the "artists" page looks a little sparse at the moment. The sidebar pulls more attention than the actual page content. Perhaps a small portrait next to each artist could help alleviate that? Gotta say again, though, the graphics and the site theme look professional. Good work on that.
  13. Yeah, I understand where you're coming from on Sakuraba's orchestrations. When he first started using a orchestral sample library, in Star Ocean 3, I thought it actually sounded quite nice. And it's still my favorite recent Sakuraba soundtrack. But ever since then, I haven't been able to get into his orchestral pieces. Heck, I enjoy the synth "orchestrations" from his VP, SO2, and SO:BS Arrange albums more! Though, on a hopeful note, Sakuraba seems to have improved his scoring when composing Infinite Undiscovery. And as far as his battle themes... the best ones all seem to be from the days of old, or based on them (like SO3's Cutting Edge of Notion, heavily based on SO:BS's Hand to Hand & SO2's Stab the Sword of Justice). You have to love the Engrish song titles on Sakuraba soundtracks, though. "Let's Creation !!" Just classic.
  14. They don't bend on the filesize limit, unfortunately. Just play around with LAME VBR encoding until you get as close to a full 6MB as you can. (And you should be able to get it right on the dot, considering the latest LAME allows decimal VBR-quality settings, like "-V 6.29".) Then host the song at better quality elsewhere, and as soon as the review thread comes up, post a link to the higher quality version. It's been done with plenty of precedent. EDIT: LOL, like all the previous Cantata mixes, I see. By the way, I just discovered those revised HQ versions of the first two Cantatas. Awesome goodness!
  15. I know this is an old topic, but I am just amazed at this game. While it's had its share of attention, it seems it ought've garnered more, being one of the most thought-provoking games of the year. In addition, the worlds bear a unique impressionist painting art style. For those who've never seen the game, its beauty is clear in this (EDIT: Is there no way to make a simple link to YouTube? This embedded version is nowhere near the HD resolution of the version on the actual site.)The soundtrack too is one of the best & the most atmospheric I've heard in any recent game. For that reason, it's a damned shame that it's all ineligible to be remixed on OCR. As the game's creator revealed in his blog, all the music was licensed from artists on Magnatune.com. I've never used games as means of music discovery before, but I so enjoyed Jami Sieber's work that I paid the maximum price allowed for all her albums on the site. And now I have a sort-of "extended" Braid soundtrack. I'm just heavily impressed with the amount of artistic care that went into Braid, in all aspects.
  16. Yeah. While I don't feel too strongly about this really, roman numerals seem to be overly aesthetic. For example, you'll get FF IX coming before FF V. And many things sort by tags (media player's media libraries, iPods). And the original FF songs get thrown everywhere, between & around the numbered games depending on the title. I guess that last issue could be solved by seperating the game name from the track title by a ": " or " - ", but then I've noticed older tracks seem to treat the game name as part of the remix title. Not sure there's any perfect solution here. Arg, are you serious? Can you not manually make the iPod sort by title name inside an album? If not, it seems it would be extremely cumbersome to find a specific OCR song on your iPod. Maybe there is no place in the ID3 tags for the mix ID after all. *facepalm* Concerning album art, there was a recent topic that seems a pretty good candidate. That is, unless Dave has a graphical idea of his own. Larry, as far as additional ID3 fields that OCR should use, I think we've got 'em all covered so far. That's why you're not seeing any more posts on that issue.
  17. Cool, thanks. Curious to see if I could find the embedded numbers, I just used Winamp, Foobar2000, and a free tagger program... and none of them saw any ID3 field containing the mix number. It isn't easy to find, that's for certain. o.o
  18. One thing that I'm surprised has never been done, especially considering how all of OCR is tagged as one album: How about putting the remix ID number as the track number, so we can sort the remixes in the order they were posted on the site? I believe Dave has stated before that OCR's URL will not be moved out of the album field. Discovering an MP3 with a website listed as its album (how often do you seen that?) is going to drive a lot more people to discover this place than a URL buried deep within the ID3 details. Although I understand your sentiments. Personally, all the OC ReMixes I download have their album changed to "Game Name OC ReMix", "OC ReMix" is stripped out of the title (since I put it in the album), and "http://www.ocremix.org" goes into the publisher field.
  19. Wait, really? The composer for Cloud was there & I didn't know about it? Dangit. With so much going on at MAGFest anymore, it has the side effect of making it easy to miss things! I'll no doubt have more thoughts to post later, but for now I just gotta say it was a really fantastic time. Oh and bLiNd, I never knew you could make dance mix sets so freakin' well! It was almost enough to vault me over my anxiety and get my feet movin' on the dance floor. Almost. o.o
  20. Just download 40 More from the 40s and Another 40 More to add a total of 80 new vinyl swing tunes to Galaxy News Radio's playlist. And coincidentally, La Vie En Rose is one of the tunes included in Another 40 More.
  21. I remember reading the news about Avien on OCR years ago. And after hearing about it, I did my own small remembrance, marking all of his remixes with a little "rest in peace" comment. He really did make some touching music, and I fully support this endeavor. As for mixing software, REAPER is a good one to try out. Not only does it give a full-functionality trial period (and will only display a nag-screen if you let it "expire"), but getting a license for non-commercial use is a darn cheap $50. And with its MIDI sequencer, and with the SFZ Player VST-plugin and some good soundfonts, you can build your own library of free instrument patches!
  22. I guess us PC gamers take for granted the ability to transfer, send, and even edit save games. o.o
  23. LOL. Perhaps this would be a bad time to point out that both superheroes featured in the article had wives at one point?
  24. Ah, that's right. There were no horses or fast travel in Morrowind, just the boats, silt striders, and Mage's Guild teleporters. Oh, and it's funny you mention Tamriel Rebuilt, as I just stumbled across it a few minutes ago. Surprisingly, the project is alive and well. Its second finished realm was released just last month. Evidently Morrowind modding is still going strong, even though the game is over 6 years old! Also, I came across Morrowind Graphics Extender, which seems a better solution than Morroblivion. Maybe it's not quite Oblivion-level graphics, but it's darn close. And unlike Morroblivion, you still have a fully-playable game. Man, now I'm getting a strong urge to install Morrowind again. ^.^
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