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  1. Silverpool

    MnP 97: Ninja Gaiden - Stage 4-2

    I haven't started yet.
  2. Silverpool

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

  3. Silverpool

    MnP 97: Ninja Gaiden - Stage 4-2

    I was a little confused when I first saw the poll. My answer is still the same, I'd love to have more time to work on entries.
  4. I'm rendering my entry, it should be up in a few minutes! Submitted!
  5. I like it, especially the saxophone! Was that a real saxophone or samples? And how did you process the vocals? I've been trying to figure out how to get that effect. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  6. I have something in the works, but I have a busy weekend, so we'll see if it gets finished.
  7. Silverpool

    PRC382 - In A Spooky Mansion (Sonic Heroes)

    I love the music for the Sonic games! I may participate in this round!
  8. I have a project that requires all of my time until the 31st. If you extend the round to November 4th, I might be able to come up with something. I understand that's a tall order, but at least you'd get an entry!
  9. Maybe, since nobody submitted last time. I want to participate, but I've be busy as of late.
  10. Silverpool

    MnP 83: Yoshi's Island - Mini Boss theme

    Here you go! Much.mp3?dl=0
  11. Agh! Sorry I missed the deadline, here's my bonus ReMix.[BONUS] Start Your Shrooms!.mp3?dl=0
  12. I loved the drum sounds, what did you use?. I liked the dark feeling of the track. I've been playing Mario Kart recently and this would fit in a Bowser's Castle stage. What sound did you use at 1:57. I really enjoyed it.
  13. You're welcome, and thank you for the feedback!
  14. Submitted! Thanks for letting me participate in this round, as well as for the extension!
  15. Does my entry need to be a bonus entry because I picked the source tune, even though I didn't win the last round? Either way, an extension would be very much appreciated.