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  1. The two things that stand out to me are that the kick is really thin...the bass guitar is way heavier. You could probably have the kick borrow a little bit of the low end from the bass, at least from 0:19 to 1:15, when the bass part is played by that organ. The kick could also use a little more mids/highs as well. The vinyl crackle effect is also a little loud for how much upper mids/highs you have your filter settings at, and it's a bit distracting, especially at the start and end.

    It's actually pretty good otherwise though. The delay at 0:27 is a cool one-off. Your reverbs are mostly good. Nice tempo, too.

  2. Thanks for your great compliments, truly.  I think the stark contrasts between higher and lower frequencies, a lot of details in panning, and the consistent momentum/pulse throughout are the 3 things that make this one work despite it being fairly lo-fi. Plus, the original was pretty different for being in a Zelda game, so I only had to meet it half-way in terms of doing something experimental.

  3. Whoa, I thought I was seeing things...this is one of my favorite tracks from my early teenage years and I'm working on a remix of it at this very moment. Love all the Mendelson stuff from TS, and I wish he did more game OSTs. 

    I like how you just went all-out with the panning, and the added bass melody. The one thing I'll critique is that you have a lot of buzz/grit in your bass, and I think if you filter that down a little, a whole lot of the midrange from other instruments will shine through much brighter.

    I like the "ahhhs" a lot....I usually find synth choirs to be kinda cheesy but this one sounds cool. 

    Always great to see love for this OST, and this track in particular. Nice job. 

  4. I'm not familiar with the original song but I could've taken another 2 minutes of that, at least! I love the section at around 1:40 especially. 

    Really digging the balance struck between playing the melody cutting loose with breaks. There's a lot going on but the big change-ups feel very natural and not cut-and-pastey. Killer use of tape warp throughout the whole piece. 

  5. Whooo boy, those orch hits indeed ("what about their legs...they don't need those..."). It's so funny to think they were cutting edge at one time because nowadays they instantly date the music they're in. There's some New Order stuff from ~'86 that has them. Must've sounded like the future at the time.

    Anyhow, I don't know Terranigma, but this ReMix is slathered in so much cheese that I can't help but...stick my finger in it. Or something.

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