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  1. After listening to (probably) every one of the "Shadow" remixes on OC Remix... and the VGMix archive... I am still trying to track down the artist/album for this particular one. We must have first download this as kids off the net in the late 90's (maybe early 2000's). And despite listening to the many other amazing Shadow remixes here, still keep coming back to this one. Any help or guidance on who made this is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Not one I've heard either (and I've heard a lot of Gerudo Valley... by choice... it is a favorite). This remix you linked to is real neat. If you ever get more information, make sure to post back here to share with the rest of us.
  3. Wow. A reply from DarkeSword himself. Thank you! (I don't want to fan-boy it up too much here... but earlier this morning I happened to be listening to the DarkeSword playlist I made that has all your OC Remix tunes. I made a bunch of these that feature many of the artists on OC Remix that I really enjoyed. Yours I have not listened to in some time, and listening to all your songs again was just so pleasant and relaxing.)
  4. I see there has been no response after 7 years. I would also like to know where song identification questions should be posted. (Like the OP, I have a clip of the music that can be shared to assist.) Which forum/topic/thread should we discuss song identification?
  5. Long time lurker, first time poster. Been listening to many of these remixes for a long time (some since the early days, when our family first got online and us kids started downloading free tunes from all over, running Windows 98 on the 486... oh yeah). In recent years, discovered that OC Remix was the source of many of these tunes, and have been listening to (nearly) everything the site has to offer. Fan of classic VGMs, but enjoy all sorts. Cheers!