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  1. That is standard for torrent clients. What I meant by "robust" is something where you could filter the files by a term you type in a search box.
  2. I can't think of a single bittorrent client that has really robust file selection capabilities. The use case is so small and so specific. If you really want to do this my suggestion would be to instead download everything and then maybe write some kind of script that deletes any file that's not in your text file. But then you're also missing out on like...3000+ other remixes that you might also like?
  3. I think this track needs a second pass on the mixing. Tambourine is cutting through, and the accordion is dominating. Coming back and listening again, I have less of a problem with the transitions (or lack thereof). It'll take a little work but I don't think anything needs to be resequenced or rerecorded. Just really take a look at the levels and EQ. I'm with the youngbloods on this. NO (pls resub)
  4. For stuff like NES, SNES, and PSX mini, I pretty much passed. But this seems like it's right up my alley. Wily Wars is huge.
  5. Love the flute. Really great texture juxtaposing it with the electric guitar. Odd choice but it's not bad. Nice arrangement. A little conservative but a YES
  6. Yes that's correct. We haven't posted any Crisis Core remixes. This just sounds more like an oblique way of making a request for Crisis Core remixes, so I'm moving the thread.
  7. This drum kit is not working. I'm not sure if it's the kit samples themselves or how it's mixed but the crash, hi-hats, and snare especially really stick out in a bad way. An arrangement with instrumentation like this calls for a snappier, lighter touch on the percussion. Think about the "band" that's playing here. It's all pretty light stuff: piano, bass, violins. But then you have this guy sitting in the back just wailing on these drums; heavy snare, tons of crashes. It's overpowering and it's stealing focus. The drum writing and sequencing is great, but the sounds and mixing don't fit. Needs work. NO
  8. This is a little too straightforward of an arrangement. Very short as well. All of the horn section sounds very mechanical and honestly those samples aren't doing you any favors. The piano solo is great though. I hate to compare but OC ReMix honestly already has a live big band version of this song that we posted 17 years ago that brings a lot more to the table in terms of arrangement and production quality. This needs a lot of work. Greg's right in that the piano here is a HUGE strength. Focus in on that. NO
  9. I mean, that thread is nearly 4 years old and references FLStudio 11. I'm on 20 and it works. Join me in my parallel universe dude.
  10. I have 64-bit FLStudio running right now and my SF2 soundfonts are working. I don't think there's an issue with SF2 support in FLStudio.
  11. Am I missing something? I'm fairly certain FLStudio supports SF2 in the Fruity Soundfont Player. Did support change recently? I still have a lot of projects that use SF2s that still work.
  12. Hey man, what are you doing? What's going on? Everyone in this topic is discussing DAWs that use sheet music and you're posting strange off-topic complaints. Do you have something to contribute in this topic with regards to DAWs that use staff notation as a way of writing the MIDI data or what?
  13. I totally get what Deia is saying but I think structurally the ostinato pattern is really anchoring the piece while everything swirls around it. Really delicate work, especially in the upper register. A piece like this could really drown in reverb, but you've managed to keep the clarity. Nice work. YES
  14. Really nice take on the source tunes. Never heard this OST before, it's pretty good. Live performances are great and as a result, I feel like the sequenced strings are being exposed, especially the lower marcato stuff. I think you'd have done better to lean on your wind players in that regard. Either way, it's still way above the bar. I like it! YES
  15. Great take on a great source. The syncopated section around 1:40 really makes you sit up and pay attention. Nice contrast to the straightforward style of the original. Really clean sounding. Love it. YES
  16. Really good. Good soundscape and texture. Nice take on the source. YES
  17. Performance is a little loose, but not in a bad way. A pretty straightforward folksy medley of snowy Mario songs. I think that transitions are missing though. Going from source to source is a pretty sudden shift each time. Tambourine really cuts through the soundscape. Hard to pin this one down. I'll come back to it after other Js vote.
  18. Love the textures and soundscape here. Really beautiful. YES
  19. I never played this game as a kid but I know a ton of people love it. I feel like those people are going to lose their shit when they hear this remix. This is really good! Really dense, but things balance out nicely. I don't feel like anything is getting lost, and nothing feels too exposed. You gotta be careful when doing the sleigh bells thing, but these sit in the mix really nicely. Killer performance. Great solo. Very uplifting. YES!
  20. Really nice development throughout. Love those low tremolo strings. Lots of tension. Ys
  21. Really straightforward, lots of presence. Good performances. YES
  22. The mix on this track is really hot. Wish the bass was a little meatier. I think the sample-usage here is too much of an issue, and I don't think it's a simple matter of just pulling out the voice clips. Like Justin pointed out, some of the sections here really rely on the voice clips. More than just removing voice clips, there needs to be some trimming. It also sounds like the source track is directly sampled; that's a big issue. I feel bad saying NO on this because there are some baller-ass breakdowns that I am 100% on board for, and overall I love the whole texture and vibe of the track. I don't mind the fakey-sounding samples; I think it just contributes to the synthetic sound of the whole thing. But I gotta say no on the sample usage grounds. It's an issue that we just can't get around. NO
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