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  1. It's been a while since I saw someone miss the point as hard, and as thoroughly as Jack. Well done.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, gameinformer
  3. There are so many things wrong with this thread. Let's look at two: 1) There's the "plagiarism is cool now" part for a song that was popular 13 years ago. 2) There's the fact that Sting, who wrote the original song, gets 100% of the royalties from the "new" song. You'd almost think that "I'll be missing you" was a loose cover with changed lyrics, released with full permission from the original artist as a tribute to an important friend who had recently died. I'm sure that's never happened before..
  4. If you want OLD vgmix (version 1) there are a bunch here. As for version 2, there are probably several people who have most of the songs. It's just a matter of finding them and getting the songs all into one place. Hosting is cheap nowadays, so it shouldn't be an issue.
  5. It was sort of terrible, but worth watching for the nostalgia factor. I think the fight scenes were good but the constant, relentless shaky cam really detracted from them.
  6. Have you used it lately? It just keeps getting better and better..
  7. Her first hit sounded original. Everything following sounded like her first hit.
  8. There's really no risk to grabbing legally available files via torrent. Nevertheless... here ya go
  9. He asked to use my vhost a loooooooooooooong time ago, so this would be a dead end. Sorry D=
  10. I don't know, they're not that bad! Given time and exposure I'm sure you'll get used to them!
  11. Do we really need yet another electronic artist?
  12. You know, when I started watching the Let's Play for Phantasmagoria 2 I was NOT a fan. by about halfway through the 2nd video, though, it really started to get good and it got even better with the 3rd and 4th iterations. The 5th was pretty bad but I still go back once in a while.
  13. It's because people like me don't show up D=
  14. Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Sainte-Exupéry I'm through the four semesters of general French now and would like to make that leap to the next level. My next book will be Le Comte de Monte-Cristo.
  15. Regardless of how massive of a douche zeality is (and he is; I used to know him pretty well) you're right. It makes no sense that he would do something like this. If anything he's getting bsed by someone else. Edit: yeah dave already said it.
  16. Site works well in firefox but the song charts do not show up in google chrome. Good luck with your endeavors! EDIT: also: ridiculous!Second EDIT: why do my posts always land on the beginning of the next page?? weird
  17. While it's a good game in the first place, nostalgia is a big factor. As soon as I saw this thread memories started to stream back. I remember the first time I reached the end of time and foolishly tried to fight lavos right away. Good times...
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