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  1. This would have been nice three years ago. So... Hawaii meetup?
  2. What's with the lack of mp3 support? Do people even use aac audio??
  3. A good example of that would be scientific tools such as InsightII, a molecular modeling application. This application is not expected to be used outside of research, which is where I started using it. The school has a 2 client license which costs them somewhere around $10,000 along with $5,000/yr. in maintenaince and tech support. However, it is a very cool app and I would like to have the opportunity to use it for less formal purposes, such as studying or making a couple models for a lab report outside of actual research. There is not a fairly priced app that will do the same thing as Insight and I do not think it is unreasonable to conclude that no one would buy such a program for the purpose of making a couple models. I don't find it unethical to use because the company is losing no money from it. Additionally, as I have decided to use this app for school it also means I have decided to use it instead of competing molecular modeling programs, so in the end it will more likely make money for the makers of Insight, as I will be required to use this program over others in the professional field.
  4. You asked for examples besides laziness and etc, yet your response still relies on the persons laziness. The (very true) observation that having free access to music will diminish the overall tendency for people to go out and buy the stuff that they just got does not serve to combat my argument that not all people who pirate are doing it wrongly. Your argument just serves to condemn those who I specifically excluded. The theft of a candy bar is a tangible theft. If you're including all pirates in your argument then stealing a candy bar is not analogous because if every person stole a candy bar the loss would be far from miniscule. Perhaps you should make up your mind about who your argument applies to.
  5. RoooooooFL Pirating, for me at least, is a victimless crime. I grab things that I would never buy. If there's something I pirate that I like enough to buy (recently a Pendulum album) I'll buy it anyway, but I listen to the copy I pirated because the person who ripped it did a better job ripping it than I'm willing to do. This is not a justification for all piracy, mind you, just my own.
  6. ...not sure how I never commented on this mix, as it's one of my favorites, and that's about all I have to say.
  7. Two gripes: 1) No repository 2) Can't continue to listen to music while restarting on account of new plugins (right?) Otherwise cool! I've been using Amarok for a while but if this connects with my shuffle I'll probably switch permanently. Thanks.
  8. Shanx Aubrey! Bummer about the tracker being down, though..
  9. Dugg! 11 albums now, ehh? This is something I pray will never die down. Good job, peoples
  10. Okay, totally forgot about this thread... Didn't forget about exercising, though Currently I'm going to the gym 5 days a week, doing Judo 2 days a week, and trying to take my bike instead of driving whenever possible. I'm not sure how much of a difference it has made, but I'm constantly sore and tired so it's probably working! In terms of food, I'm currently in the habit of eating a large breakfast, a small lunch, and a slightly bigger dinner. Yay for updates!
  11. Okay he deleted most of them, but the remaining videos are totally worth watching. Also, seconded on the Muse recommendation
  12. ...Just wanted to chime in and say that I'm still enjoying this album. Great stuff, Malcos
  13. Dunno about everyone else, but this took forever to download so I put another copy up here. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Will do so later.
  14. Okay, I'm in, though not until may 16th (end of semester). When I first moved to hawaii I would go everywhere on foot and lived in off-campus student housing, which means every weekend there would be some sort of beach activity. I'd get to the beach with friends about four times a week. I also did judo and was in wicked good shape at the time. As of now, I haven't been to the beach (san francisco doesn't count) since August. I sleep 4 days a week and pretty much live at school (apparently one can make a bed out of 4 office chairs, a blanket, and a backpack). As for judo, I do it 2 hours a week at school, so no judo really. Currently 5'8" and 195lbs, though I have a considerable amount of muscle. The fat is definitely there, though. Will start reporting in regularly after finals.
  15. Well, to be fair, his point wasn't that goofy games no longer exist, but that they are now an exception to the rule when they used to be the rule. As for the actual video- good points, but like most nerd rants the profanity was unnecessary and felt forced. Visuals reminded me of the zero punctuation guy (who I'm not especially fond of) but they essentially worked. It's not so much that he uncovered any previously untouched information. Rather, he put it in a nice, concise package. And yeah, what's with the "white men with stubble" trend??
  16. Oh awesome! Okay, I can't help with the music making but will definitely provide a mirror and/or hosting.
  17. herograw

    MP3 or AAC

    mp3 V0 or V2 should be sufficient. aac, on the other hand, is superfluous.
  18. This got me all choked up. What an awesome person. TOTALLY rocking the sweater. In hawaii, no less.
  19. hey, some songs just seem to net that kind of eternal gratitude! !~soc
  20. This is very enjoyable to listen to, much like the original. Also: that bass feels goooooooooood
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